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Big Brother 11 (2010) - part 5

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Makosi in the shower -
John's own ludicrous silent eviction - back to his own Booby (or Bristols?) -
Truly horrific Mr Snuggles scaring Nikki with a plastic hand on a stick, but Chantelle facing him down -
Nadia and UnCoolio...

This was a classic BB.

But Coolio's gone?

Brian or Ulrika to win?
Not so good tonight. I thought BB was a bit harsh on Coolio - they didn't really leave him much option but to leave. Nadia can give as good she gets.
And the rest was all a bit silly. Contrived.
Wonderful report, as ever, Marion. You often make me think and change my views.
A BB summer without Marion's writerly BBeatitudes would not be a BB summer.
The Victor / Nick alliance (instigated by the former) was a treat to watch. Well-oiled BB machinations (intentional and dis-intentional, theaitrical and real) in BB-classic evolution.

Victor is also partly gauche, partly slick, peppering his verbal sinuosities with 'you know' and 'you know what I mean'. He is both self-consciously / clumsily deliberate and briskly brash on confident auto-pilot.

Nick a mere co-pilot but finding his 'nasty' feet again.

Decolletage rampant, indeed - changing the subject to erupting breasts...
As an aside, these cricketers 'underperforming' so at to benefit finanacially from gambling bets - didn't John McC do just that in BB?
'Makosi' should be a technical term for something or other...

'The African Queen' - as dubbed by Ulrika - is certainly centre stage. I can't see her being evicted. She has such a sculptural face... and artistic curves and slopes that nobody can quite fathom, even Escher.

Something not mentioned so far was a most striking event in BB history I think, ie. Craig's hoax - it brought out so many cross-sections of emotion. It was done with such panache, too.

And could we really be seeing a *genuine* rapprochement in the strangely public love of Chantelle & Preston?
Brian's task was silly and so was his punishment for failing it.

The majorettes fell a bit flat too, although they seemed to enjoy it.

Nikki remains the most touchy - but that reminds me - her antics in the DR with the shock-suit yesterday were hilariousy catatonic and wildly body-ripping.
Ma Makosi to go!?
Heaven Forfend.

Nikki's face like playdoh? LOL. How true.
I like Nikki. She's unashamedly playing the Nikki card from BB7 but, somehow, I believe it is still the real Nikki and how she behaves in real life.

This is what I said on TTA in 2006:
Nikki is a mixture of (i) acting and (ii) self-believed-self-imposed-torment-which-isn't-con scious-acting.
Yes, Makosi's wasp sting does seem very symbolic, almost taken into ownership as cause as well as effect by its victim / perpetrator. God's gentle thorn in her side as a reminder of His presence. He reserved the Crown for His Son.
No, not Dave...

But PIE JESU !! Lord Have Mercy!

And Vanessa Felz! OMG!

Nadia found one of Ahmed's plates and blamed it on Ulrika.

And Brian danced with several Bubble surrogates.

And Kandy Floss! Chantelle should have sung it with Michael Barrymore and Pete 'round round like a record' Burns!

Sounds as if Nadia and Makosi may be going tonight judging by the boos.
Indeed, Ma makkosi hath gone to a better place. May her bodice ever RIP.

I thought Nadia was atrocious. I suspect I thought that last time, too. I'll look up to see what I said then a little later (was it BB7?)

I actually liked the performance of Pie Jesu. Not Bass but frothy Coloratura. It could be a game-winning performance for Michelle....?
Thanks, Marion.
Oh well, no accounting for taste. The only thing I can find about Nadia written by myself is:
Nadia is improving all the time.
Your vision of VF lifting her veil is vintage Marion. Wonderful!
As is your savouring of Nikki's Annunciation ... of 'discarded'.

Meanwhile, Nikki's office task with Pete Bennet was dreadful, the very depths of fabrication and post-retrocausal special effects. The ultimate abyss.
I did not buy it to read it but today's STAR on the news rack has this headline:
Thanks, Marion.
That's serious stuff.

And interesting she used the word 'discarded' in the Star article. I wonder whether it was a conscious echo of Nikki. Or whether it retrocaused Nikki to use it in the first place?
VF dealt efficiently with Nikki's made-up whining about beds. But equally we had to endure more talk of VF's gastric band as modelled by a water-bottle.

Nasty Nick was doing an Eric Cantona alone in the garden...

Dressed to mosh, but little moshing spotted at the metal party...

Ultimate Big Brother is entering its 'dying fall'.

Michelle to win. Or Victor.
Parfait, Marion.

I just wanted to add mention of our friend John Tickle in the tickle job.
Nikki's play-doh face in the DR tonight did a hilarious mime of Ulrika.

Although I thought the Feltz Show another example of how BB has gone wrong this season, I was intrigued by the pretend pretence / pretend reality / real reality -- as a trifold trope of tearfulness typical of such shows -- as represented by Chantelle's reaction within that trifold trope.
We seem to have diametric opposite views on the Feltz Show, Marion. Both in its staged and fabricated and pre-rehearsed essence (with retrocausal special effects) and the (unknowing) contribution of Chantelle.
A gem of a programme tonight.
Victor was the star - with just the right mix of humour and rudeness, passiveness and aggression. And sportsmanship with the 'vile' foods. Dressed as a tree, he was a sight to remember. He has probably won the show - with Nikki second...

Nikki's touching speech about her illness to VF (credit to VF to draw it out) was indeed memorable.

As was Nick's memory of telling an outrageous lie on BB1 (which I did not watch). Nor did I watch VF's original CBB.

But hated the bottle game.
Tonight, other than the amateurish jiggling and jabbing of limbs in a generally failed attempt to dance (Vanessa being a game old bird in this regard), the evening has been marked by Ulrika reasonlessly losing her temper over a tiny matter concerned with Preston's migraine.

But Nikki's splits went down well.

Otherwise, pretty much much of a muchness. And Chantelle blubbing over home sickness and Prestonitis.

I'll probably be missing tomorrow's show so will be depending on Marion to fill me in....
And I have hated - during this series - the 'excitement' drumbeat behind Davina and her increased screaming at the camera.

Yes, Nikki as Jimmy Savile. A weird comparison.

(BTW, I'm only pleased Brian Belo hasn't turned up in this Ulitmate BB!)
Thanks, Marion.
You are my favourite reporter of BB on TTA.

I'm sad about BB ending - and about BB Summers and Celebrity Winters here, too, ending.

I think Brian may win tonight. But Victor, just on this Ultimate Season's showing, deserves to do so. Nikki may swing it, too.
I've now come to the considered conclusion that Nikki is the one most likely to win, based on my knowledge of life, the universe, everything.

It seems that we shall be glued to the box tonight from 7.30 to 11.30!

Despite its retrocausal special effects, the funeral scene for BB I've just watched was touching and strikingly cinematic - Gosforth Park with Nikki Kidman. Barber's Adagio brought a tear to my eye, a tear shared with Davina. And maybe with Marion.
From that to another funeral - Jade's.
Touching in a different way. I'll search out what I said about Jade in the past, if I can.

In between, housemates have left to leave three still in contention: Nikki, Brian & Chantelle.

I still hold by Nikki winning. I hope so.

LOL at Jade being the 25th most influential person in the world, yet she can't pronounce or understand the word 'influential'!
Fascinated earlier by Jade's almost Shakespearean soliloquy about being in the BB House wih such a mother. She, incredibly, this Jade of yore (equally an oxymoronic phenomenon) is her own mother's mother.
Interesting dynamics between Shilpa and Jade tonight. Jade now has a strange mixture of naivety and maturity which she never had in her original BB.
Jade's dream as well as her 'free association' on eskimos - interesting as a borderline self-deception and outward conniving.
Things have taken a serious turn. Potentially damaging to those who create it, appear in it and, dare I say, those millions who watch it. We (the generic we) have become participants by complaining and affecting its course. Maybe those complaints are justified, but that's perhaps another topic thread (political correctness etc etc). And only those who watch it continuously live (as opposed to just the summaries) can even attempt to make judgements. Normal discourse of people who don't like each other or racially motivated taunts? Cultural ignorance or pointed hate?
Just anoher consideration - one that may be completely wrong ... Jade (assessed as the 25th most influential person in the world before going into this CBB) is probably not a racist as she would not have felt herself able to act like this (on class grounds) to an Indian lady if she were a racist - if you see what I mean.
But that may be granting too much intelligence to Jade. She certainly seems to have no inbuilt instinct as to possible external perceptions of her bahaviour.
I'm not trying to make excuses for her but still trying to fathom the whole phenomenon. Some may say it is a waste of time to apply one's mind to it at all - but that is escaping the influence of BB (an influence (good or bad) that has become apparent worldwide, it seems).
Jade is remarkably articulate when trying to patch things up. I hope the world is easy on her frailties. I fear it will not be.
Well, Jade was brave and, in the circumstances, relatively cool. Almost a tragic figure summoning stoicism. Yet, still culpable. Knowingly culpable. How can so much be within someone so ostensibly shallow?

I'd forgotten many of the housemates I glimpsed on the Davina tribute show - and pleased to see Pete Burns sing his one-hit wonder.

Yes, Marion, on to the grand finale. Nikki or Brian?
Nikki about to be interviewed. And Brian is to be winner.

I loved the opening to the 'Final hour' with a sort of macabre Venetian funeral procession and Davina in Widow's Weeds - and the band is great.
The backward click is recognition of some retrocausal force...

The DR Chair's angel wings a symbol of BB heaven.

The band and the fireworks...

Well done, Brian.

And thanks, Marion, for six years of your fulsome reporting that has allowed me to ricochet.

I'm sad, but feeling fulfilled.
Genuine celebration at the end. Can TV repeat such mixed emotions ever again? I doubt it.

Finger clicks on Ultimate Big Brother

posted Saturday, 11 September 2010
I have been complaining about retrocausal special effects on this year's Big Brother - i.e. tarting up the summary programme's footage with music and cinematic frills to 'retrocause' motives and meaning - and generally to over-egg the cake of entertainment from very basic ingredients.

The backward clicks and hand clicking by Brian, Victor, Nikki, Nick, Chantelle, Preston, Ulrika were intended (consciously or sub-consciously) to mark this travesty and to neutralise any ill-effects of retrocausality from their future lives as a result of this Big Brother event.

There is also a superstition attached similarly to such overt but otherwise seemingly inexplicable finger-clicking.

Please see my long-term commentary on Big Brother (with Marion) here:

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