Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Pirate Radio Snippets

posted Tuesday, 11 December 2007

First published in 'Eastern Rainbow' 1993

Spotting something about Pirate Radio in the last issue of ‘Eastern Rainbow’ has spurred me to mention that, living in Colchester in the mid-sixties enabled me to listen to he famous stations off the Essex coast. Simon Dee opening Radio Caroline (Easter 64?). Radio Atlanta--->Radio London – Tony Withers/Windsor (“See you around like a record”), Ed Stewart, Keith Skues, Kenny Everett leaning the ropes from Tony Windsor. Dave Lee Travis. Robbie ‘The Admiral’ Dale. Mike Aherne. Emperor Roscoe. John Peel (Perfumed Garden). Combined boat (Britain Radio/Radio England). Johnny Walker (Percy Sledge record and flashing from courting couples on cliffs). Screaming Lord Sutch station – Radio Sutch--->Radio City. Tom Edwards. Radio Essex. Radio Tower (which you could only hear in Walotn-on-Naze!). Medium Wave reception from the sea. Storms, breeches buoy and customs raids. Radio 390. Radio Caroline travelling round to Liverpool broadcasting as it went and became Caroline North (Tom Lodge). Spangles Muldoon. Tony Blackburn!

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