Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Name in a Story's Title from 'Nemonymous Two' 2002

...and the title of a 1910 novel:

Also, the name of a famous opera by Handel,

an equally famous play by Jean Racine,

an iconic story by Edgar Allan Poe,

the Empress and University in 'The Warriors of Love' novels,

the daughter of King Herod Agrippa,

an Ancient Egyptian Queen,

an increasingly famous actress surnamed Bejo,

another actress who once played a Bond girl,

a famous photographer who died in 1991,

a novel by Emily Pierpont De Lesdernier,

a novel by Johannes Themelis,

a character in a Jilly Cooper novel,

and, with her hair, a constellation of stars - a name as a pattern of infinity.

A name literally meaning THE BRINGER OF VICTORY.



Weirdmonger said...

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Weirdmonger said...

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