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Big Brother - Summer 2013 (3)

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I think Hazel was particularly perturbed by Charlie's friend bringing up the Daley incident and Hazel is now thrashing around to divert attention away from it again. Until this incident, BB itself has been complicit in airbrushing away that incident - because nobody has talked about it until Charlie's friend just brought it up from such a devastating female standpoint on the outside of the house.
I feel sorry for Charlie as everything is being twisted out of proportion against her. In the long run, I think this may do her some good with the outside voters. Dexter certainly went over the top in this context by transcending his normal cool urbaneness with swearing bitterness (truly felt or not, I'm unsure).
As an aside, I was trying to imagine this extended dramatic scene (about 40 minutes?) with all the ganging up against Charlie being transcribed for actors to perform as a modern theatrical play. I think it would be revelatory. (Later) Marion wrote: I have my suspicions about Charlie's friend's outburst. She could not wait to throw the first stone. Was she prompted by BB?
You may be right to have those suspicions or she may just think she is the spokeswoman for an internet groundswell of opinion that due justice wasn't done to both participants in that incident. But I don't think it would have been prompted by BB as I get the impression, since Dan forbade the whole House to talk about it, that that act of airbrushing was first prompted by BB.

I don't know what to say about last night. It was all a bit of a muddle, even more muddling than normal. My loyalties change and my views of various housemates mix and match, but I have really no core loyalty with any of them, and the only things I can really depend on are actions I've seen (via the muddle of BB's editing) with my own eyes when certain Hms have been unguarded or drunk! If it weren't for Marion's reports I'd be in even worse of a muddle, but that does depend on Marion not being in a muddle herself! I have known and trusted Marion longer than any of these HMs (including one face to face meeting a few years ago), so my ultimate core loyalty is with her and her reports.

The bee task was like a piece of music entitled 'Attrition' as if by Morton Feldman, nothing happening except odd buzzes and endless playful stings, nothing changing to the participants in this hive of muddle, gently relaxing for us viewers it is true, but just wallowing in mock honey.

The basic fact about human existence is not that it is a tragedy, but that it is a bore. It is not so much a war as an endless standing in line.
H. L. Mencken

Marion says: But there are things to observe even when standing in line:Gina's utter selfishness; the enjoyment of the license to persecute demonstrated by both Gina and Chalie; the rebellion seething in Hazel which I cheered on because I am sick of seeing her tormented. Tragedy on the minor scale is there = be popular or be damned. And your prospects depend on accurate calculation = Hazel is not beloved but just supposing Gina has miscalculated that it is safe to persecute because of that. Not long to go ...
Yes, it is true that even minimalist music has rich textures. But the textures in this BB have been more a weave of muddled motives with only one set of jagged graph lines and we can only go on what we've been allowed to see, and that one set of jagged graph lines in this season were a single night with two people at best darkly tangoing in the secret room and at worst involved in a case of 'sexual cannibalism'.

That was a strange interview with Hazel about Daley - dealing solely with the girl friend situation (something I had forgotten about) and not with what actually went on in the room that caused the enforced and justified eviction of Daley. There was nothing discussed about Hazel's own actions in the room.
I think Emma was being deliberately disingenuous in keeping the questions solely on the girl friend situation - as some sort of diversion from BB's own actions or lack of actions that night?
The Gina and Hazel cat fight earlier felt a bit staged, in my view. Nothing compared to Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner!

Marion Arnott wrote:
- we don't actually know what happened when \bb left the room and showed the birds twittering instead.
But we do know they had a hug in bed the following morning.

I fear the Twins are now bound to win.
I certainly don't like any of the HMs after last night as this series goes into a mock climax which would be improved if it now remained unfinished like Schubert's 8th.
I think they were both confused or stunned by that stage. Hazel's confusion was a bit in hindsight, too, in how best to create a rationale for herself during last night's interview, Hazel and Daley having drawn each other into such a drunken confused web of role-playing that arguably crossed a line from acting into a perceived reality that could have offended some in the audience and also upset the advertising sponsors. The man is generally punished more than the woman as a result of such role-playing webs getting out of hand. Hazel is a tough cookie and seemed, by the evidence, unaffected by the incident. Not that that excuses his actions. Or hers! Both should have gone then rather than leaving it to a rather cruel exit for Hazel last night! Not that she seemed fazed by it.
I hope to see neither Hazel and Daley again. I don't know if she did more tendentious interviews after the Emma one.

Yes, the Twins maintained their loyalty to Hazel, but I wonder if they will maintain this loyalty when they've watched the whole season as it was shown to us?
From day one, I thought the Twins were annoying and irritating, and I still do. Gina has gone down in my estimation since I said she was my preferable winner. Marginally, now, Charlie may be the least bad choice - she is sometimes visually the famous portrait in the gallery with her frozen expressions and gypsy attractiveness, when the camera dwells on her slow motion, almost philosophical face. However, I still find it hard to stomach her garbled emotions when expressed by her speech rather than by her inscrutable looks.
Dexter is a wriggly fish and I can't like him. Sophie and Sam still grate with me and will win only by having not done much to annoy more people.
Levi Roots is famous for appearing on Dragon's Den with his Reggae Reggae Sauce for food, not for singing, I believe. He is now a very successful businessman.
Anyway, it was an interesting turn of events with the Marcus Bentley commentary of the programme causing the action rather than being caused *by* it. Only on BB can such philosophical matters of time and causality be addressed.
I am going to cut through the mess of residual housemates.
Charlie should simply win because she has the nicest smile (one she inherits from her Mum).

Marion wrote:
This outrageous man is priceless.

Indeed, Dexter is. But should an outrageous man win BB?

Marion wrote:
The other event of note was that the Twins removed their shirts again and one of them lay on the grass screaming like an extra from War Horse.

That's the funniest line in this year's Marion Reports among many other funny, witty, truthful, ironic or outrageous lines.

The Dexterity of Marionettes.
The BB report of all BB reports, Marion. Making the inscrutable scrutable.
You've nailed it, Marion. Absolutely nailed it. Nailed it supremely.

What a silly task, what silly people. All of them!
Charlie should win, if someone has to win, simply for the best winning smile.

And I was annoyed to see Gina Rio in the actual independent adverts between the parts of the show - i.e. for a gossip magazine - and this is strictly against the rules of TV advertising (like Noel Edmunds advertising something between the separate parts of Deal or No Deal).
And did she record the advert before going into the House (in which case she was already a celebrity) or was she allowed out to record it? Either case, very disturbing.

Well, last night's programme made the whole series worth viewing. In fact it has made watching BB and reporting it here since 2004, worthwhile retrocausally. Where else can you get such real but uncertain emotions, beyond drama, beyond theatre...
I'm not sure Dexter did unravel. This whole series has been called Secrets &  Lies from day one and BB has not flinched from the most significant and hurtful lies.
Sam sees BB more as a spiritual rite of passage. A strange callow self-righteous lugubrious  man-youth with some degree of sporadic intensity coupled with raw deadpan emotions and, yes, deadpan humour as shown a night or so ago. The slurred-but-rich-Welsh timbre voice conveys this persona uncannily.
BB is also a game show. And if Dexter was playing the game, then so be it. But he simply must have thought, too, at the back of his mind, that this was likely to be another Lie. The complexity of the situation (and the many erratic sums of money on the wall) - all mind-boggling and Dexter has gone up in my estimation either for raw untrammelled honesty and gameshow greed (evident in the very clever 'Deal or No Deal' that has many wild emotions and similar trickery with sums of money in interface with the 'evil' Banker) or for unbelievable counterintuitive subtlety. Or both at once!
Sam or Dexter to win!

Dexter may have unravelled but judging by his behaviour he doesn't *think* he unravelled, which is half the battle.
I wasn't surprised when Sophie went last night. Not much to her. Surprised she lasted so long.
Sam is slowly growing on me - unwelcomingly.
I fear the Twins will win. Bearing in mind their drawbacks, they have played the optimum game for who and what they are.
Celebrity Big Brother starts Thursday. :|

Marion wrote:
Dexter admitted that his life had been on the road to nowhere before BB and then came up with one of his convoluted mysterious metaphors: now that he's been on BB, he can start life afresh because hitherto his life had been confined by padlocks and chains and locks (of his own devising), but BB had broken them all one by one until he was left with only a box which he will open when he gets outside. Charlie LOVED this speech - right up her alley. She kept nodding and agreeing andd saying that this was exctly whet she felt, even to the mysterious box. She was hilarious and suggested some primal screaming.

It is as if, retrospectively, the convoluted or 'Mysterious' Dramantic Exterlie has ever been the raison d'etre of this whole rite of passage since June. Charlie was effectively offered to the house by her blood Mother (Jackie) as in the Old Religion sacrifices of Ancient Times, for the Goddess's way to work through the Rituals or Mysteries. The Eleusinian Mysteries much more powerful than the Christian Mystery Plays...
Gina and Sam, last night, were now *literally* acting out their Ancient version of the Greek Chorus which -- in hindsight, alongside the earlier 'evil' catalyst Callum (not a Love Triangle but an Illuminatus Pyramid when also taking into account the contrastively 'wrong' union of Hazel and Daley) -- they and the other housemates have ever enacted since day one as a Tragi-Comic Chorus around the Dramantic Exterlie core.
Ancient Religions, representative of the world's original soul, are now perhaps returned to our times -- the Phoenix rising just when the modern versions of Ancient countries sadly destroy themselves in more ways than one.
Anyway, the Primal Scream clinched this deal for me! :o

Marion wrote: Did they keep saying 'But not in a sexual way' during the Eleusinian Mysteries?'
Do you think that the male participants were probably quite relieved? :mrgreen:
Come to think of it, GIna's face and hair do rather resemble one of those Classical Greek actor's masks.
Primal scream did it for me too!

And the box may become clearer later. Not necessarily Pandora's.
As an aside, the Twins are grotesquely Rabelaisian... rather than cherubs or cupids, I guess. :mrgreen:
Ps: the Eleusinian Mysteries did involve a Mother-Daughter cult, but I don't think Dexter is a slip of the pen for Demeter!

Marion Arnott wrote:
Dexter responded that he had become the person he wanted to be .

The concept of going into BB as a tabula rasa or an empty box - a nemonymous clean slate - is interesting, and then building a character like a child's dress-up toy -
but the high point of the series was Callum's spoked widget and his speech about it - 
two separate but related incidents.
Char-lie meanwhile was the season's secret or 'lie' ... not that she lies herself. But she was Dexter's central 'lie'.
Meanwhile Sam did lie in bed!
Charlie to win. Though, sorry, Marion, I think the Twins are almost certain to win on a public vote.

Des wrote:
on 16 Aug 13: Sam sees BB more as a spiritual rite of passage. A strange callow self-righteous lugubrious man-youth with some degree of sporadic intensity coupled with raw deadpan emotions and, yes, deadpan humour as shown a night or so ago. The slurred-but-rich-Welsh timbre voice conveys this persona uncannily. [...] Sam or Dexter to win!

Well done, Sam.
Well done, Charlie's Smile.

Thanks for all your wonderful reports, Marion.

Marion wrote:
I have a vision of next year's house being cluttered with HMs napping all over the place, using their sheepskin jackets as pillows.

Indeed. I had a similar vision myself.
But Sam comes from Llanelli, where my late Dad came from, and Dad's own grandparents were deaf, by all accounts.
Dexter did look very sinister last night, as you say. I think he should get together with Hazel. :|

I hope to watch CBB but circumstances may prevent me. If so, enjoy it, Marion. And thanks again.
And here's to the Cheshire cat.


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