Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Upper Dreamland

--> Page 328
I listen to Richard Strauss's Oboe Concerto as I read this section, sinuous as a dreamland riverrun or a gentle bleating of pipers as Gugs, ghasts and ghouls hop and machinate around them. I wonder about other contemporaries of HPL, wherein a dream-quest to unknown Kadath might figure, unknown because not overt, indeed hidden beneath their works. Evelyn Waugh. Patrick Hamilton. Lord Dunsany. James Joyce. WB Yeats. Howard Carter. LP Hartley. Richard Upton Pickman, the painter, himself a named ghoul in this HPL tract of travelling back to 'upper dreamland' - another 'approximate human being', "naked and rubbery, and had acquired so much of the ghoulish physiognomy that its human origin was already obscure."
Stephen King's Dark Tower series (the whole of which I real-time reviewed here) has levels of dreamland, some pecking order of reality close to the waking worlds, with characters changing as a result like Susannah-Detta, as they travel through the Todash doors. This Dark Tower series is also full of ostensible 'nonsense' words gradually assuming meaning like that of Todash, KA-teT etc etc: another close shave with Finnegans Wake.
HPL in this section of KAdaTh pages: "...in abysses nearer the waking world." -- "...for he knew nothing of the way from Leng to Ooth-Nargai, and was likewise reluctant to awake lest he forget all he had so far gained in this dream."-- "...grotesque fragments of monuments..." -- "There was no living denizen about, for Zoogs shun the mysterious door in fear,..."

Extract from my real-time review of 'The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath' by HP Lovecraft HERE

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