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Big Brother - Summer 2014



Marion's Aide Memoire of Summer 2014 Housemates:

My comments from the above thread:

Crumbs! Just watched last night's show and thanks for the comments, Marion. Pauline is quite the professional discovery - she even kept up the customary suspense by leaving a meaningful gap of silence before uttering Helen's name...just like Bruce announcing a winner on Strictly.
It will take me some time to accustom myself to the various personalities. But I find this a promising start.
You know, Marion, we have been exchanging views about BB from 2004, so this is the 10th anniversary, so taking into account the intervening CBBs, this is the 20th series illuminating the TTA forum. Let's hope we can celebrate by welcoming some other regular commentators here on this thread...
I will choose to give one of them a free signed copy of my book "Des's BIG BROTHER" of which Marion is the only other owner.

Not sure who's play-acting here. BB's beachhead for decency after years of things like Kinga's wine bottle and the late Jade's shenanigans. Go in confusion to Jale, do not collect £200.
Chris the actor? Another mole even we don't know about? A mole's mole.
Meanwhile Marion's wisdom shines out: "Helen and Tamara have teamed up. Already they are meeting up in the toilet and bitching.... [...]the Helens and Tamaras of this world bond through shared loathing of an easy target." How true.

All a bit bitty last night. These people in the main were brought up with reality TV like BB and they know what to expect and what to do and how to react and to stir things up. They see themselves as entertainers rather than people.

I'd forgotten who Dexter was and so looked up his face on google. Yes, you're right, wouldn't brag about going out with him - but the fact that she did and the fact she started swearing like a trooper, Danielle is a force to be reckoned with, especially with lipstick on, a play-acting and feisty glamnorm (Clark Kent to Superman, or in her case Superwoman).

I don't like Steven, Helen, Tamara, Winston, Pauline... The latter has not used her power wisely. I dread to think of the rest of the Summer containing Helen, come what may!
I like Kimberly, Jale, Ashleigh and Chris.
I both like and dislike Danielle!
Toya is a potential like. Christopher a potential dislike. Ambivalent about the others.

A motley crew. Marion has them spot on.
Just thought - Danielle's rumoured relationship with Dexter is not a linear faux romance in the same BB house but one that transpires across time and space in the same place, to match the Interzone ambiance that the place has now become.
All true about Pauline here. I enjoyed her self-consciously pronounced, pre-rehearsed-at-home-before-the-show-started, use of the word 'recidivists' with regard to some of the other housemates. I now feel I am a recidivist myself by watching BB year after year, and allowing myself to view certain people to whom BB has given house room.

Marion wrote: "The woman is not just a bully - she;s deranged."
I don't think there can be any doubt about that. And at least we have a new 'Power' in Chris who recognises that.
Your picture, Marion, of "Fields of Asphodel, home of the unburied dead": the place of the roaming recidivist...
Meanwhile, this melange of characters is one of the most fascinating I can remember.

Marion wrote here:
You're right, Des, thery are the most interesting HMs we've had for a while: all acting, all diminant, yet easily cowed and led by Pauline. Strange assortment...
Worrying assortment, a melting pot with weird chemicals.
Death was much on Pauline's mind tonight as she contemplated what she was sure would be Jale's eviction.:lLike a funeral, she said, and how at a funeral you don't suddenly be nice about the dead person.
Pauline has a certain fiction-work or poetic turn of phrase or word, often grotesquely conceived. A tone of expression that in turn supports and belies her dogged one-track superior mother icy outbursts.
Mark was gven a rather silly task - to be Gypsy Rose Lee and predict the futures of three HMs. He predicted a powerful blonde woman in Winston's liife but had to remind Winston that Tamara was blonde, Oh, yeah,,,He hinted that Danielle would be evicted.
I think he then came to the conclusion that Tamara would be evicted, when he compared the six of cups to the five of cups. Quite an achievement, bearing in mind that, from the HMs' internal perspective, Tamara would have been the least likely to be evicted of the three candidates.
Chris in the DR was anxious about the nomination he had to make and the effect on his position in the house. I'm beginning to think he's shrewder and more calculating than the rest of them put together.
A dramatic moment, his Shakespeareanly grappling with his position and the burden of his own clear perception through the mists of 'acting'.
Next up for a paper hankie was Winston - he wept in the DR because Tamara was gone (his showmance storyline was ruined?}
An aborted trivial fauxmance, indeed. That concocted date in the see-through attic squandered. A week is not long enough for this to outlast the audience's communal memory of them, even if they wait for each other outside the House gates. Like Dexter waiting for Danielle, along some oblique trajectory of retro mass consciousness that he has identified?
When the secret nomination was announced, people erupted in fury. Beloved cannot be...Pauline reckons the nomination is revenge. She kept nodding and saying 'Told you'.
I don't recall her telling them anything because nomination was the furthest thing from her mind.
She did say that she now realised (in her own mind, if not in reality) that Jale had trapped her into creating Jale as a victim, and her original 'told you' was in relation to the audience's chanting outside that has now migrated to an internal 'told you'.
What a wimp. What a gold plated chicken hearted wimp.
Indeed, Christopher has sold out to the negative force represented by Pauline. Her first real victim.
Roll my eyes. :roll:

The group hug was one of the most remarkable scenes ever in BB - and Steven, the hard-nosed, successful businessman with lots of his employees watching him is reduced to tears, in face of the Coming of the Goddess Saviour who, in his eyes, once might have been his penthouse flat cleaner.


The one to watch: Kimberly. Certainly my favourite, even over wise Chris.

Marion wrote: Steven paid the public a charming compliment and said he trusted us not to evict him.  We've got bigger fish to fry this week, Steven, but your turn's coming.
My immediate sights are on Steven. I think there is more mileage in Pauline's preservation for the sake of removing the filling from between frictionable fictionable surfaces.
I like the sight on this side, and the sight on that side. But do I not like any sight of Steven!

A brilliant summation, Marion. Thanks. Much within the closed system of the house can be evaluated, but BB has for many years ceased being a closed system, for one reason or another. Things leak in, like the rogue shout over the garden wall.
I also decry silly gratuitous individual tasks (like that of Winston yesterday). This has become a role-playing game rather than a closed system of human beings interacting as themselves. Or was it ever thus? Perhaps not.

I am losing faith with all of them except Kimberley and Chris. And going off Toya big time.
Steven to go tomorrow.

Marion said: The abominable Pauline was fascinating playing at being Mother Theresa.  She finds that HMs are not good at sharing and her face when she said it - oh, saintly, sorrowing, a little sad smile playing about her lips. Gone the sharp tongued Pauline, the viper ready to strike.  Does she think anyone will fall for it?
I think she may go tonight, but I still hope it is Steven Goode.
I agree about the kerfuffle arising from the Kimberly-storm-in-a-shower-tray but Kimberly's own motivations for that act remain enticingly out of reach... Impulse or subtle strategy?
Ever since I said 'watch Kimberly' a few days ago she has indeed raised her profile - cause-and-effect or synchronicity?
Kimberly Kisselovich: note no 'e' between the 'l' and 'y'.
(Around 5000 views on this thread since this new series started about two weeks ago).

Marion wrote: ...she had slept with a marrried celebrity. But it was just a job and it wasn't she who sold the stroy to the newspapers. She refused to name him, as if we didn't all know... 
Well, I don't know with whom the celebrity fling was. Helen is not someone whose backstory I have wanted to follow up. She reminds me of a younger version of Liz McDonald from Corrie.

Marion wrote:
'The last temptation is the greatest treason
To do the right thing for the wrong reason.'
Do I not like Toya. She is far worse than Pauline ever was and that's saying something!
Quote: The wine crew sat drinking the wine and mourning the loss of Pauline. Tsk! Tsk! Pauline didn't approve of people who didn't share.
Very wise. The only truly wise woman around is indeed Marion. (Only one tiny typo short of dour Marlon. So be careful.)
Ninja Kimberly: steely glam and strategic wiles, wisdom in embryo.

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