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Celebrity Big Brother - January 2016

11 Jan 16
des2 wrote:
Marion wrote:
In the DR, Angie decided she wanted to leave the house...

Since that was written about last night, we have received this morning the unexpected news about David Bowie. Angie Bowie may need to leave now anyway.

RIP David Bowie
Always great. And I found his latest song Blackstar possibly the greatest of all. I am very sad at his death from cancer at the age of 69.

Darren Day's spiritual song from Les Miserables last night seems highly appropriate in hindsight.
"Let him rest, Heaven blest
Bring him home."

Unforgettable moment in this context.

David Bowie's death:
 Also see:

13 Jan 16

With mixed feelings, I can say last night's episode (described by Marion HERE) was probably the most bizarrely preternatural, unrehearsed 'happening' ever on television. It is almost as if David Bowie's meticulous preparation for his own Requiem and obituary by means of pop videos and his Blackstar album (issued as a whole a few days before his death) also extended to pre-arranging his ex-wife's appearance on CBB in the last week or so, resulting in such a crafted (but seemingly uncrafted) Comedy of Errors!
Hilarious, and poignant.
However, there have been complaints to Ofcom about certain aspects of CBB's handling of all this. I keep my powder dry.

15 Jan 16

That was disturbing, even frightening, in a real dangerous way, unscripted, genuine human behaviour that took the passions of internet flame wars to the physical interactive level, arising from the microcosm of arguably trivial dispute and resentment to the personal aberrations equivalent to a world war or a suicide bomber, behaviour born from the internet and transposed to real life but played out in public. We are all potentially such 'celebrities' today, each with a personal hair-trigger bomb inside.
I think this was the first time BB needed to bring in security officers since the big fight night many years ago. This time for a 23 year old girl on her own. I hope they look after her.

21 Jan 16

The words 'genuinely fraught' also came to my mind about the face-to-face nominations, and I wonder if TV ever sees such 'natural' drama as here on Big Brother.
But, then, I thought - there are often rumours of who is to appear on CBB before it starts, and I wonder if they all know who is going to be with them on the show, thus allowing advance clandestine plans for such 'dramas'?
Jacksy John's reason for evicting Darren a week or so ago seemed so utterly contrived, for example.
Gemma is indeed someone easy to hate, but she seems to have a wiliness that borders on wisdom..
I think I saw a large cat last night with a lightshade as a hat. I'm pretty sure I once imagined the blue rhino.

23 Jan 16
Not only was the flock of white ducks the stars of last night, they're the biggest stars of BB EVER. Perfect synchronised gracefulness. A swan as gestalt.
When, Marion, you originally said Gemma was from the TV show called TOWIE, I had no idea what you meant. Looked it up last night and found THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX.
Despite this, I am still proud to live in Essex and to have been born and bred there. And a good title in itself, as a proverb!

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