Friday, April 11, 2014

A Stern Lesson in Logopandocy

One For The Album
"...hotpants isn't just her middle name it's her first and last..."
Now, with this substantive story, we enter a more concupiscent realm that I feel I have been tempted, enticed into by the book's foregoing intellectual 'challenge and response' and quantitative easing...A tale of June who yearns for a life of fine clothes from the perspective of her humdrum office job and -- via a very intriguing tucked away shop that later vanishes, an Axletree that no longer exists unless I look back in this book -- she herself is tempted, enticed, into being locked, captured to ease a subsequent unlocking, an uncapturing by captivating... A S&M dreamcatcher captcha of coded storywords... Or a stern lesson in Logopandocy?
We've been promised that we shall meet her again later in this book, thus the tempting enticement leads me on into this book. Not that I really needed tempting, enticing.

An extract from my review of EVERY SHORT STORY (1951-2012) by Alasdair Gray HERE.

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