Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alas, Dare Tristram Shandy...

Extract from my real-time review of EVERY SHORT STORY by Alasdair Gray HERE:

I forgot to mention that the writer in the previous story is also linked by birth to the rivets of the quiet people's boiler room and electric wiring so forth regarding what was earlier called the 'casualty class' and that in turn literally by casualty's bodily hurt and deliberate outrage by pleasurable (?) discipline brings us to the next story, as well as to a class in a school with cane and headmistress...

Class Party
"She knows that willing a clock to go faster is the worst way to pass the time, but cannot stop straining to see movement in the hour and minute hands while seeing nothing but torture in the slowly sweeping second hand."
...where we reach the culmination of the earlier story of June and her physical and emotional and proprietorial despoilment by Senga and Donalda in her own flat. It is as the asterisks are the new electric current as well as a reference to the typographical tricks of 'Tristram Shandy' the whole of which I real-time reviewed here as a book of anti-Natalism, digression as a form of delaying time's clockhands towards death and of personal grooming toward a sexual end as now happens on the Internet... Grooming as a historical challenge and response that this book is ineluctably becoming, and if this author is endeavouring to have his way with us, the time has finally come to have our way with him!! Irony.

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