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Big Brother - Summer 2014 (4)



Comments below extracted from discussion HERE
29.7.14 (later)
How could I have possibly forgotten till now? Amazing!!
Winston is also the name of the main protagonist in Orwell's 1984!


A good spot, Marion, in discovering Ashleigh's own sudden awakening that Chris is more than just avuncular towards her, hence Chris's hang-up with regard to Pav's own staring obsessions towards her.
Meanwhile, I was rather taken with the sight of the rainbow from the garden and the arm-linked HMs' obeisances before it. This relates to Winston (hero of 1984 and Young Churchill lookalike) earlier (accidentally?) mentioning the Illuminati and Chris's earlier reference to 'stonemasons' (freemasons?) when trying to explain the Illuminati to Winston.

Certainly vegetable and fruit anthropomorphisms are preferable to that utter bilge last night with Luisa Zissman and, however illuminating, preferable to the extraneous outside world intrusions (anathema to BB purists) upon those HMs with Beano comic question marks on their heads.
This below was a present a few days ago from my brother-in-law's allotment. I am still unsure what it is, some sort of ungulate, perhaps, wanting its toes clipped.
Unknown or unexpected dreams that find themselves entrammelled fortuitously or ominously in the butterfly net with which we set to catch them.
Or targetted dreams we actually set out to catch with our dreamcatchers.
Or dreams that set out to catch us, captcha us.

BB always used to be the first and third, not the second.

I'm really fed up with:
(a) outside audience influences leading to the labelling of HMs
(b) the Mark-Christopher 'Gert and Daisy' act
(c) Chris's agonising over Ashleigh
(d) Helen and Ash's lackadaisical killing of time till the show ends
(e) Ashleigh's and Winston's disarming, condescending smiles when praised by an outside audience.
(f) The sound of Mark's and Marcus's voices staying with me after I switch off the telly.

Marion wrote: One interesting scene was when Chris sat talking to Ashleigh while she was in the bath. He banged on and on about the 'creepy' charges. She put in the occasional word of agreement but her eyes were glazing over. Later he told her that he wanted her as a frined forever. She tried not to look less than thrilled.
Another scene was Mark regretting that he had made Christopher look weak. Then he added that if matthew had still been in the house, he wouldn't have been as close to Christopher, whch seemed an unnecessary comment.

Two significant moments, where the Focus Group's findings, well, focussed.
Did you also notice that Zoe flashed an Illuminati triangle at the camera with her hand during the interview with Emma? --- 13 seconds into the interview here:


For me, the evening belonged to Winston.
The commentary said he came to the diary room to talk about the remaining housemates, although it seemed to me that he had been dragged there by BB to give him more profile, and he sat there with half-tongue-tied opinions in his usual disarming fashion as BB force-fed him questions. But it was when he later said to someone that he once played the part of Peter Quince that everything so far fell together. The character that is Shakespeare's own comic portrait of himself melding with Winston Smith in 1984, the Young Churchill, the callow youth, the Essex beefcake, and his sudden out-of-context question to Chris about the Illuminati as if itself force-fed by preternatural forces in this our own Midsummer...

Marion wrote: Winston had to withsatnd the blandishments of a lapdancing Biannca. he did too.
The Temptations of St Anthony ....or St Winston?
Related, too, to last night's flagellation by fish etc.
A saint who carries his own flayed flesh.
A wise yet controversial view of Helen by Marion here, one that will stir all the BB forums no doubt, and also perceptive is her view of Christopher's Road to Damascus.
Mark's tears when cutting up onions assumed a new significance when looking back at an earlier discussion about anthropomorphic onions.

Some more BB bilge with the wild things task backed by a soundalike David Attenborough commentary.
Christopher later gratuitously and continuously plunged his head into some bilge in the kitchen sink. Don't blame him.

Marion wrote:
They're all tired. The show has been a song with one note. They have had to learn about BB's betrayals - notice how they mostly sing helen's praises in the DR now? For fear of what they say being played back to her? They've had to live with constant anxiety about Helen & co turning on them; they are constantly perturbed by viewers opinions and one another's opinions; they are given tasks which are juvenile and degrading ...
The only wonder is that Christopher didn't keep his head in the suds until he drowned.
I really liked Ashleigh telling BB where to go last night. It's how I feel too!

Like Ash's magic trick, I thus whisk last night's show away (great report of it, Marion) and return to quoting the whole of above from Marion the day before. Indeed, this show has more often than not dipped to such depths, and -- without the serendipities of the Illuminati, secret naïve codes from and about Winston and the interpolations of Super Cassandra, but above all Marion's reports themselves etc. -- it would have been a Summer wasted.
Nothing much to add to Marion's report. A boring night only made interesting in hindsight by that very report!
But I feel it is ironic, within this BB context, that the concept of money is power when money is the only force that requires our universal trust for it to work.
A lot of bawling and shouting, indeed. Christopher seems to have either gone mad or become very forceful and perspicacious. Probably a bit of both.
I, too, hope Mark goes tonight, but it will probably be Pav.
Winston is good for at least one more disarming unintended naivety that an ability to produce has been the highlight of this series, whatever one thinks of him as a person. As an empty vessel or medium, he has been the embodiment of symbolism, and the one I said in week two would win.

8.8.14 (later)
Your dream scenario, Marion, happened! Congratulations.
Shows you how much I know. I guess Winston's empty vessel was actually far too empty in the end.
Mark was taken to task over the money. As he should have been. He looked genuinely shaken.

As a general point, I often wonder what difference is made between voting to evict (as last night) and voting to save (or to win, as it will be from now on).
Anyway, it is what it is.
Meanwhile, I agree with Marion's "I'd like that fishwife Helen out frst, followed by Ash, followed by Pav.
Chris, Christopher, and Ashleigh should be the top three. Each of them has merit. I swither between Ashleigh and Christopher as the outright winner."

Marion wrote: And Helen said - and you couldn't make this up - 'Who do you think you're speaking to?'. As if she were royalty talking down to a clumsy servant.
[...] Helen insisted Winston hadn't gone, that he'd be back, in the tone people used for Arthur, the Once and Future King, returning from Avalon in the people's time of need.
[...] Hmmm- this isn't the first time I have suspected that Christopher is playig a very deep game indeed.
Three interesting observations, Marion, among others. Thanks.
Whatever one says about Winston, we have had reason to use more actual pictures for him than anyone else. An empty vessel for Churchill, King Arthur, Adam Weishaupt, Orwell's 1984 Winston or Peter Quince to sail to our world's rescue?
Like you, I LOVED Ashleigh's DR speech last night about Helen!

10.8.14 (later)
Some brilliantly appropriate illustrations there, Marion. You've now duly corrected the balance against Winston.

'Pauline's Recidivism' in the style of Jackson Pollock

Well, we're in some sort of coda to a strident symphony, now...
I was shocked yesterday to hear that this BB is to be closely followed by a CBB!

I found the court case last night silly. I almost felt sorry for Helen.

12.8.14 (later)
Yes, some telling hurts last night - upon Helen by BB, and upon Chris by Ashleigh. You sum it up, Marion, with true pathos.

Extreme silliness, last night. Finally lost patience with this show.
I imagined all HMs in a secret room in surveillance over one remaining HM counting teaspoons as a task - desperately trying to check his or her own skewed reflection in each tiny curved surface to check out the existence of personal identity...

13.8.14 (later)
Indeed, we need to know, Marion, how far BB this season has been staged and whether the contestants are in on the plot?
I believe it is half-staged - pre-planned by manipulation by BB - and the contestants, like Pauline choosing Helen to have a safe card and Chris being fake-fake-evicted last night, are conditioned by some form of celebrity-aspirational tele-arts osmosis. Not Illuminati, so much, as Immunity (manipulable immunity from a game of skill or even from a game of chance like the sponsoring super-casino).
Peter Quince: But, masters, here
are your parts: and I am to entreat you, request
you and desire you, to con them by to-morrow night;
and meet me in the palace wood, a mile without the
town, by moonlight; there will we rehearse, for if
we meet in the city, we shall be dogged with
company, and our devices known. In the meantime I
will draw a bill of properties, such as our play
wants. I pray you, fail me not.
(Midsummer Night's Dream)
(Speak the lovers through a wall?)

Marion wrote: Ashleigh doesn't do little girl voices. She has a harsh Irish accent full of expletives, nothing like what Helen described. Helen's Ashleigh is an imaginary creature.
Helen really needs to see somebody. Urgently.

Ashleigh and Helen are two memorable BB femfeists - and perhaps both are to be feared, the former approximating a word-filthy Alice in her own form of dangerous Wonderland, the latter an example of a Jadegoody but with relatively more intelligence beneath its wild fog of hatred or sporadically mindless releases of pent-up aggression, even madness.

14.8.14 (later)
Marion wrote: Ashleigh is a clear eyed Alice, a truth teller, a strong self which yields to none. Helen will one day go spiralling into the outer space that surrounds her and echoes with the voices of all the people who've ever wronged her, misunderstood her, and bettered her.
Can't argue with that - clear-eyed, itself.
All was finally compromised last night, with infection from some of the evicted housemates allowed back in to cloud the 'clear-eye'. And Ashleigh and Helen polluted each other with mutual affection, as they took off their masks of acrimony, masks once provided by BB's Peter Quince. So dismayed, I may not even watch the final tonight.
Bring on the old TV test card to replace the BB eye...each a moribund morphed form from or into the other.
Image Image

15.8.14 (later)
Marion wrote: We can boo and hiss and throw popcorn if Helen wins.
That seemed like a joke when I read it earlier today. But now it is so horribly true. How can it be?

Thanks, Marion, for all your reports. They were simply great.


Marion wrote: I cannot begin to describe my feelings about this but I pointed out half way thrugh the series that BB was setting Helen up for the win - you know, repenting, learning life lessons, going on a journey - but I never thought she would get past the voters. The bully NEVER wins BB, the cool gang NEVER wins. And yet she did. Who the heck voted for her?
It was an Illuminati plot!
Or Helen is really a very nice lady playing a part in a Midsummer play. A medium like the hole in the Pyramus and Thisby wall? Triangle-shaped hole?
I, too, found the Last Supper sickmaking. Christopher should have won, surviving the flaying, like St Anthony, by today's modern demons. As Emma Willis said last night, Ashleigh is "an angel's face with the devil's mouth". All part of the plot. The Temptations of the Quince. Super-Cassandra and Danielle, this Hell's odalisques.
No, probably none of that. You are right HERE, Marion. Sheer travesty.

16.8.14 (later)
Following on from that, I've had a sudden revelation. The BB-historical double top for women as embodied by Ashleigh-Helen is simply a symbol of the Black Swan / White Swan syndrome or struggle in 'Swan Lake' (cf the film 'Black Swan'). Everything falls into place.

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