Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Metaphysica Morum by Thomas Ligotti

I have now read 'Metaphysica Morum', but not yet read 'The Small People'. I don't think it's any accident that Olan is an anagram of Loan, a loan being a two way 'deal', infecting and benefiting both ways, just as 'demoralise' is, in its modern sense, to make someone lose hope but, in its archaic sense, to strip someone of morals. This story is of the infinitesimal and the immeasurable, both ironic and non-ironic, about futility, where fighting in this literary way for futility is a purpose that outlasts and immortalises the fighter but also this fighter is fighting WITH futility thus landing him back in that bus station toilet where he began. I am indeed "open to 'delightful possibilities and interpretations'" but also believing "nothing really meant anything", like Dr. O. The story has its own "magnificent symphony" as its 'all-new context' for a 'metaphysical mutant'. Borrow or lend, which comes first? A fascinating tantalisation. Am I 'uniquely defective' in thus interpreting this work?

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