Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrity Big Brother - Winter 2015 (2)

Marion wrote:
He is a very ugly blubberer. The sight of his swollen distorted features will haunt me.
Perez will haunt me too. And not in a good way.
The state he put Alexander in was a real shame, and he also seems to have put an evil spell on Nadia and maybe Patsy.
I wonder how many of the audience are now having bad nightmares.
Keith's nominations were so typical of him. He is in wanly confused denial; as hell breaks loose around him, he is more concerned with Kavana's lack of skill in aiming rubbish into the bin.
The two Katies will perhaps become an unlikely feisty gestalt, that will prevail against such an insidious nightmare! We can only wait and see if anyone can conquer the autonomously spreading beachhead of Perez' State of Hate.

At least Perez has a sense of the Theatre of the Absurd - putting a piece of cheese up his nose just one case in point.
Thought it mean of Katie H to bring back the alphabet as a weapon against Alicia. Mr. Ramsay in Virginia Woolf's 'To The Lighthouse' could never get past P in the alphabet.
Kavana tried to come out of the shadows yesterday by fabricating drunkenness and persecuting a bewildered Cheggers for his continually sitting on the fence.

Well, I was coming to this page, this morning, to say that I have not much more to say, as all of them continue in character toward some ill-behaved queue at the bus stop to Hell.
But then I read Marion's report. Wow! Thanks.
Nadia to go tonight.
It was like facing a glasgow audience - all jokes died at birth.
Keith was uproarious when he found out that he had been conned.

Yes, Keith was genuinely surprised at the inverse task.
Pro-biotics? Are they the opposite of anti-biotics?
I sometimes try to dream up the soul or gestalt of all current housemates. Today, a painting by Fuseli came to mind.

The Perez Hilton Tweet business is interesting. As far as I can tell, his whole career (other than being the brother of Paris Hilton?) is based on his use of Twitter with millions of followers. I assume he can't tweet from inside the house, so I guess he has appointed one or more people to tweet from his account as if it is him tweeting? If that is the case, he should assume responsibility for what comes out of his Twitter account. I thought Perez was floundering yesterday between sanity and insanity, between complete confidence and desperation.
It's all become clear tonight. It is no accident that Perez has long been referring to the Perez Show. He has been recreating a frightening retrocausal inversion of a bipolar Truman Show. CBB has finally realised this is the case and is now collaborating with him. 'The Perez Show Is Back!' The Tweet is a Plant. So is a Triffid.

Perez, in isolation, acted as if he felt he was an accomplished method actor with a tinge of the Avant Garde, soliloquising, gurning, narcissistically contorting...the Perez Show incarnate, with end to end Tourette's-like Tweets. He is, for me, however, a cynical self-publicist with an element of inchoate lunacy. Katie H's face, meanwhile, was a picture of horrified realisation that CBB has, ab initio, been using her as a stooge in The Perez Show. She is now even more angry with CBB than with Perez himself, I guess.

Thanks for your continued wonderful reports, Marion.
Whatever one thinks of Perez, his behaviour sometimes creates a memorable event for BB history, like his chasing Katie H round the room and into the garden, his tongue waggling prehensilely, with KH almost collusive in this event, despite her cries of outrage. They even clinked wine glasses together at the end.

Yes, BB has lost control of Perez. And Perez has lost control of Perez as he flounders between competing impulses and screams for escape not from the House but from himself, from that Social-Media Inchoate now made flesh before our very eyes.
Meanwhile, Cheggers plays Pop, the paternal exponent of extreme fence-sitting in the guise of letting the children find their feet.
Nadia to go tonight.

I don't know where BB can go after this one. But I said that before, and then they go another stage into mayhem and madness. Is there an end to this?
Perhaps they will go back to its original form of weekly secret nominations, weekly evictions, no surprise additions, genuine tasks...
Marion wrote:
Perez pretended to be very drunk and rambling. He said he regretted coming on BB (you're not the only one, mate). Almost everyone in the house hated him, he said wonderingly. The whole experience was more painful than when his father died (which must be the crassest thing ever said on BB). He says he was not prepared for Katie Hopkins and feels as if he's been dragged down to hell.
He then took himself off to a deserted corner, sat on the floor with his suspenders on display, and wept/
Here, he was turning his own behaviour on its head, as if others had created such crassness in him rather than the other way about. He is now, in an insidious way, behaving even more badly so as to prove that point of self-righteousness. Shakespeare couldn't have written it better.
Gross, gross, indeed, Marion. The whole show. And not even any Illuminati to leaven it.

Yes, the only possible leavening of this crass Perez Show by code or dreamcaptcha, Illuminati or not - the Kipling Code stemming from Two Impostors (Triumph and Disaster). Next will be Machen's Three Impostors.
Randomly throwing hard beans at the wall was reference to the I Ching, too.
The 'bombshell' of Emma going into the House was a damp squib. But the Cami interview was feisty enough.
I have no option but to hope Keith wins. A sad statement.

Callum did himself some credit last night in standing up to Perez and then talking about it so cogently in the DR.
I think Katie H enjoys baiting Keith to see if she can stir the dead embers of his personality. I always thought he was a bit robotic even as a youth on Multi-Coloured Swap Shop.
Perez, if nothing else, is a phenomenon. A frightening one to some degree. But I got an impression from somewhere that he is being paid by Channel 5 more than any of the others. Perhaps they knew what they were contracting to buy. Real (or role-playing?) manic obnoxiousness to take this show where others cannot reach.

Marion wrote:
He asked her [Katie H] what her husband would say was her embarrassing habit. She claimed she flashed her insignifant boobs at him as he was wetting off for work. The neighbours might see, and that was the jeopardy.
The mind boggles, but a bit of a cynical coming-out by KH. The Notice Queen, now taken over from the Notice King.
It was a bit of a surprise, all things considered, that Perez went. You know, whatever you say about him, he created discussion. And Marion seems relieved that he went out last night. But it hardly mattered anymore with only one summary programme to be shown, in which he will still appear before he was evicted!
I think we should have been told by BB, rather than by Perez after he left, that he had been given access to a doctor for two weeks, and given a prescription for sleeping pills (tranquillisers?) and whatever else doctors do over such a period.
It was ironic (suspicious?) that Perez and KH were getting along fine just before he left.

I think KH is being very clever. Tempting the voters to come on her side to see how she manages to cope with praise...try bring this hard nut to tears. She is only strong when she is insulted. So, yes, there is a reverse psychology going on here.
Not much choice. I think Callum will win. But I hope Keith wins.

Well, for me, that flop finale is a skewed result: probably because of the weight of her unquestioning fanbase. What did Katy Price actually do? Is she the first HM to win BB after coming into the house late? Anyway, Marion, despite that crazy result and Perez' nightmarish antics, I enjoyed your reports, as ever. Thanks for the Marion Show! It's been a good gig.


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