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Des Lewis Dreamcatcher Gestalt Real-Time Reviews Printed as Books

‘Text of Dreamcatchers Transcribed as Real Books’

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Above non-profit books are raw transcripts from internet to print – please enquire if you would like to buy signed copies from me:


I don’t normally worry about signed books myself, but it seems to me that these books are a crystallisation of internet posts, i.e. making such posts ‘unchangeable’. The text flows from page to page without human intervention. For tangible provenance you may need them signed by me on any review you’re interested in or at the front of the book or both.

Or you can order them unsigned straight from the printer: Volumes ONE and TWO and THREE and FOUR and FIVE. and SIX and SEVEN and EIGHT and NINE and TEN and ELEVEN and TWELVE and THIRTEEN and FOURTEEN and FIFTEEN and SIXTEEN and SEVENTEEN and EIGHTEEN and NINETEEN.

The first cover photograph is from the Glyptotek Museum, Copenhagen, taken by myself in October 2010. Coincidentally, my very first real-time review in November 2008 concerned a book entitled ‘Glyphotech’ by Mark Samuels.

Although these represent raw transcripts of text from the internet – they are very readable and the books themselves have turned out to be physically pleasing, in my view.

The contents are below (there are no contents lists printed in the books):

Glyphotech and Other Macabre Processes – by Mark Samuels…..3
Beneath The Surface – by Simon Strantzas…..8
Omens by Richard Gavin ….12
Divinations of the Deep – Matt Cardin ….17
Rain Dogs – Gary McMahon ….22
Teatro Grottesco – Thomas Ligotti ….24
How to Make Monsters – Gary McMahon….43
The Reach of Children – Tim Lebbon….50
The Impelled & Other Head-Trips – Gary Fry….53
World Wide Web And Other Lovecraftian Upgrades – by Gary Fry….67
Beneath The Ground – edited by Joel Lane….73
Unbecoming And Other Tales Of Horror – by Mike O’Driscoll….84
The Ephemera – by Neil Williamson….97
Somnambulists – by Allen Ashley…..108
The Villa Désirée and Other Uncanny Stories – by May Sinclair…..125
Sanity and Other Delusions – by Gary Fry…..138
Sleepwalkers – Marion Arnott…..142
Islington Crocodiles – Paul Meloy…..151
The English Soil Society – by Tim Nickels….163
The Cusp of Something – by Jai Clare…..181
Visits To The Flea Circus – by Nick Jackson…..199
Mostly Monochrome Stories – by John Travis….218
Bull Running For Girls – by Allyson Bird…..239
The Terrible Changes – by Joel Lane….261
Pictures of the Dark – by Simon Bestwick…..274
ANONthology (HarperCollins) ….294
Primeval Wood – by Richard Gavin….301
Ghosts and Grisly Things – by Ramsey Campbell…..302
The Exaggerated Man – by Terry Grimwood……317
Cold to the Touch – by Simon Strantzas…..328
The Nightfarers – by Mark Valentine….341
Black Static – issue 12…..353
The Alsiso Project…..359
Author’s Commentary on ‘Weirdmonger’….376
Extended Play (Elastic Press)……3
Different Skins – by Gary McMahon…..17
CERN Zoo – the original DFL ‘Editor’s Commentary’….23
Black Static – issue 13……43
All God’s Angels, Beware! – Quentin S Crisp…..49
Cinnabar’s Gnosis (Ex Occidente Press)….66
Dancing on Air – Frances Oliver…..84
Slight review of Slights – by Kaaron Warren…..90
Children of Epiphany – Frances Oliver…..92
Black Static – Issue 15…..101
Pieces of Midnight – by Gary McMahon…..106
The Sixth Black Book of Horror….119
Back From The Dead (Noose & Gibbet)….129
The Peacock’s Eye – Frances Oliver……146
The Tourist Season – Frances Oliver…..156
All Souls – Frances Oliver….161
Literary Remains – by R.B. Russell…..167
The Terror and the Tortoiseshell – John Travis…..177
Putting the Pieces in Place – R.B. Russell……198
Tragic Life Stories – by Steve Duffy…..202
“Remember You’re a One-Ball!” – by Quentin S. Crisp…..212
The Man Who Collected Machen & Other Stories – by Mark Samuels…..225
Where The Heart Is (Gray Friar Press)….234
Dark Awakenings – by Matt Cardin…..250
The Silver Voices – by John Howard…..258
Groaning Shadows – by Paul Finch…..265
The Mascarons of the Late Empire & Other Studies by Mark Valentine….275
Null Immortalis – the Editor’s Commentary….279
Black Static – Issue 18….300
Interzone #230 ….304
The Old Knowledge – by Rosalie Parker…..309
The Places Between – by Terry Grimwood…..315
Never Again edited by Allyson Bird & Joel Lane….323
Tenebrous Tales – by Christopher Barker…..343
An Emporium of Automata – by D.P. Watt….354
Black Static – issue 19…..370
Lost Places - by Simon Kurt Unsworth
The Wounds of Exile – by Reggie Oliver
Mindful of Phantoms – by Gary Fry
Xargos – by Frances Oliver
Oblivion’s Poppy – by Colin Insole
Occultation – by Laird Barron
The Satyr – by Stephen J. Clark
The AUTUMN MYTH – by Joel Lane
The Coanda Effect – by Rhys Hughes
Mad Matinée in Baku – by Albert Power
Northwest Passages – by Barbara Roden
‘The Sons of Ishmael’ by George Berguño
The Ghosts of Summer – by Frances Oliver
The Defeat of Grief – by John Howard
GHOSTS (Crimewave Eleven)
Black Static #20
Full Dark, No Stars – by Stephen King
War With The Newts (Karel Capek); The Best of Alan Coren (1980): The Dark Tower I (Stephen King)
BFS Journal (Winter 2010) – My Real-Time Review
War With The Newts – by Karel Capek
The Dark Tower – The Gunslinger by Stephen King
I Wonder What Human Flesh Tastes Like by Justin Isis
The Dark Tower – The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
Holiday – by M. Rickert
THE DRACULA PAPERS: Book I: The Scholar’s Tale by Reggie Oliver
THE DARK TOWER: The Waste Lands by Stephen King
The Peacock Escritoire – by Mark Valentine
Black Static #21
Amerika – by Karim Ghahwagi
A Pallid Wave on Shores of Night – by Adam S. Cantwell
The Dark Tower – WIZARD AND GLASS by Stephen King
Revenants – by Daniel Mills
DARK MINDS – including an original story by GARY McMAHON
The Dark Tower – WOLVES of the CALLA by Stephen King
The Chômu ‘Man Who Collected Machen’ by Mark Samuels
The Life of Polycrates & Other Stories for Antiquated Children by Brendan Connell
SONG OF SUSANNAH – The Dark Tower by Stephen King
The Dark Tower: THE DARK TOWER by Stephen King
The Great Lover – by Michael Cisco
the abolisher of roses by Gary Fry
The Mauve Embellishments – by Charles Schneider
Link Arms With Toads! – Rhys Hughes
Allurements of Cabochon – by John Gale
The ‘Star’ Ushak – by Louis Marvick
Dying to Read – by John Elliott
Old Albert: An Epilogue – by Brian J Showers
The Bestiary of Communion – by Stephen J Clark
‘The Exorcist’s Travelogue’ – by George Berguño
The Master in Café Morphine Edited by Dan T Ghetu
Real-Time Review of TQF #37 (Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #37)
Do Not Pass Go – by Joel Lane
Jeanette – by Joe Simpson Walker
Black Static #24
The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies
Mrs Midnight and other stories by Reggie Oliver
Quiet Houses – by Simon Kurt Unsworth
Black Static #25 – Fiction Review
The Orphan Palace – Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
The WEIRD: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer
Alcyone – Colin Insole
The Secret Life of the Panda – Nick Jackson
Black Static #26
Here Comes The Nice – Jeremy Reed
TARSHISHIM – Ron Weighell
Real-Time Review of TQF #39 (Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #39)
Morbid Tales – Quentin S. Crisp
Shrike – Quentin S. Crisp
The Far Side of the Lake – Steve Rasnic Tem (my first ebook review)
Nowhere to Go – Iain Rowan (ebook)
Black Static #27
GHOSTS – R.B. Russell
American Morons -stories by Glen Hirshberg
Nightingale Songs – Simon Strantzas
The Haunted Grove – Tim Jeffreys (ebook)
Secret Europe by John Howard and Mark Valentine
BLACK HORSE and Other Strange Stories by Jason A. Wyckoff
WILD JUSTICE – Edited by Ellen Datlow (ebook)
Sangria in the Sangraal by Rhys Hughes
The Two Sams – Glen Hirshberg (ebook)
The Janus Tree and other stories – Glen Hirshberg
The Book of Bunk – by Glen Hirshberg (ebook)
Black Static #28
Glory & Splendour – Alex Miles (ebook)
The Wind Through The Keyhole – Stephen King
Strange Epiphanies – Peter Bell
BFS Journal – Spring 2012
Real-Time Review of TQF #40 (Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #40)
Dadaoism – a new anthology (from Chômu Press)
This Hermetic Legislature (an anthology from Ex Occidente Press)
A Certain Slant of Light – Peter Bell
The Snowman’s Children – Glen Hirshberg
The Ten Dictates of Alfred Tesseller by D.P. Watt
Black Static #29
BOOK – The InkerMen
Real-Time Review of TQF #41
The Truth Spinner – Rhys Hughes
Celebrant – by Michael Cisco
Instinct – ‘poems of desire’ by Joel Lane
Peel Back The Sky – Stephen Bacon
The Brothel Creeper – Rhys Hughes
A Cage For The Nightingale – Phyllis Paul
The Screaming Book of Horror Ed. Johnny Mains
Terror Tales of East Anglia Ed. Paul Finch
January 2013: FIRST NOVEL and QUILT by Nicholas Royle (HERE.)
February 2013: DEHISCENCE by D. P. Watt
February 2013: The Last Gold of Decayed Stars by Colin Insole
February 2013: TALLEST STORIES by Rhys Hughes
February 2013: O Altítudo by Thomas STRØMSHOLT
February 2013: The Sea Change & Other Stories by Helen Grant
March 2013: THE NEW FATE by Jonathan Wood
March 2013: Rameau’s Nephew by Denis Diderot

March 2013: BFS JOURNAL Winter 2012 / 2013
March 2013: THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN – Thomas Mann
March 2013: Black Static #33 (TTA Press)
March 2013: INTERZONE #245 (TTA Press)
March 2013: ‘Onion Songs’ by Steve Rasnic Tem
April 2013: Star Kites – Mark Valentine
April 2013: The Madman of Tosterglope – Louis Marvick.
April 2013: Jacques the Fatalist – Denis Diderot
April 2013: The Inmates – John Cowper Powys
May 2013: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #43
May 2013: SPIN – by Nina Allan
May 2013: WHITSTABLE – Stephen Volk
May 2013: DEFEATED DOGS – Quentin S. Crisp
May 2013: Black Static #34
May 2013: Interzone #246
June 2013: The Quarry by Iain Banks.
June 2013: Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce.
June 2013: The Adjacent by Christopher Priest.
July 2013: Virtue in Danger by Reggie Oliver.
July 2013: Rustblind and Silverbright
July 2013: Black Static #35
July 2013: Interzone #247
July 2013: Horror Without Victims – An Editor’s Commentary
August 2013: The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange by Rhys Hughes
August 2013: The Transfiguration of Mister Punch
September 2013: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #44
September 2013: Black Static #36
September 2013: Interzone #248
September 2013: The Light is Alone – Thomas Phillips
October 2013: Aornos by Avalon Brantley
October 2013: The Emperor’s Pavement by John Howard
October 2013: Cities and Thrones and Powers by John Howard
October 2013: The Art of Ventriloquism by AJ Kirby.
October 2013: THE MERCURY ANNUAL / PILGRIMS AT THE WHITE HORIZON by Michael Wyndham Thomas.

October 2013: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton (a real-time novel taken back towards its static core)
November 2013: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #45
November 2013: The Burning Circus edited by Johnny Mains
November 2013: MEMBER by Michael Cisco
November 2013: The Young Dictator by Rhys Hughes
November 2013: Flowers of the Sea by Reggie Oliver
November 2013: Report From The Interior by Paul Auster
November 2013: Elegies & Requiems by Colin Insole
25 Nov 2013: SABBATICESS – announcement
Dec 2013: The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton (not real-time)
Dec 2013: Stoner by John Williams (not real-time)
December 2013: Transactions of the Flesh edited by D.P. Watt and Peter Holman
December 2013: Where Furnaces Burn by Joel Lane
December 2013: The Heaven Tree & Other Stories by Christopher Harman
December 2013 / January 2014: Crimewave 12: Hurts
January 2014: Black Static #37
January 2014: Interzone #249
Volume 14
January 2014: Delicate Toxins
January 2014: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #46
January 2014: Strange Tales IV
January 2014: Terror Tales of the Seaside
January 2014: Black Static #38
January 2014: Interzone #250
January 2014: Dogs With Their Eyes Shut by Paul Meloy
February 2014: MENACE by Gary Fry
February 2014: Finnegans Wake by James Joyce (to be continued?)
February 2014: BFS Journal #10
February 2014: Tales of the Grotesque by L.A. Lewis
February 2014: Flash in the Pantheon by Rhys Hughes (first part)
Volume Fifteen
Flash in The Pantheon (part two)
February 2014: THE GALAXY CLUB by Brendan Connell
February 2014: HERE WITH THE SHADOWS by Steve Rasnic Tem
March 2014: A Dead Church by Harold Billings
March 2014: Rhysop’s Fables (part one)
March 2014: Letters of Oblivion by Andrew Condous
March 2014: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath by HP Lovecraft
March 2014: TRISTRAM SHANDY by Laurence Sterne.
March 2014: Black Static #39
March 2014: Interzone #251
March 2014: Every Short Story (1951-2012) by Alasdair Gray (part one)
March 2014: The Horror Fields edited by Matt Leyshon
April 2014: The Function Room: The Kollection by Matt Leyshon
Volume Sixteen
April 2014: The Wide, Carnivorous Sky & Other Monstrous Geographies by John Langan
April 2014: Mr. Gaunt and other uneasy encounters by John Langan
April 2014: Journeys Beyond Advice – Rhys Hughes
April 2014: North American Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud
May 2014: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #47
May 2014: The Dark Return of Time by R.B. Russell
May 2014: Black Static #40
May 2014: Cold Turkey – Carole Johnstone
May 2014: Descended Suns Resuscitate by Avalon Brantley
May 2014: The Moon King – Neil Williamson
May 2014: Interzone #252
Volume 17
June- October 2014
Against the Day by Thomas Pynchon
THE SPECTRAL LINK by Thomas Ligotti
Summonings – Ron Weighell
Burnt Black Suns – Simon Strantzas
Strange Gateways – Simon Kurt Unsworth
Fearful Symmetries – Edited by Ellen Datlow
Ana Kai Tangata – Scott Nicolay
Harvesting the Moon – Ursula Pflug
Infra Noir – Zagava: Ex Occidente Press
Malingerer – Thomas Phillips
The Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies – Clark Ashton Smith
Black Static 41 & 42, Interzone 253 & 254
Captains Stupendous – Rhys Hughes
The Lunar Tickle by Rhys Hughes
The Grimscribe’s Puppets – A Season in Carcosa : two books edited by Joe Pulver
After the Fires – Stories by Ursula Pflug
Horror Uncut': Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease
The Stream & The Torrent by Brian Howell
The Monk’s Bible by Harold Billings
The Sound of White Ants by Brian Howell
The King In Yellow – by Robert W. Chambers
Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #48 & 49
Interzone 255 – Black Static 43
Year’s Best Weird Fiction – Volume One
AREA X – Jeff VanderMeer
Volume 19
In the Land of Time – Lord Dunsany
DREAMS of OURSELVES (anthology)
BFS Journal #12
BFS Journal #13
Encounters – Early Stories of Elizabeth Bowen
Wraiths by Mark Valentine
A Distillate of Heresy by Damian Murphy
Revival by Stephen King
Kafka in Brontëland by Tamar Yellin
At The Hairdresser’s – Anita Brookner
Bone Idle in the Charnel House by Rhys Hughes
Orpheus on the Underground by Rhys Hughes

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