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BIG BROTHER - Summer 2015


Aaron Frew, Adjoa, Amy & Sally, Chloe, Cristian, Eileen Daly, Danny Wisk, Harriet Jackson, Jack The Pie Face, Joel Tory, Kieran, Nick Henderson, Sarah, Simon.

My own comments from HERE in answer to Marion's reports of Big Brother goings on shown at that link... over 720,000 hits...

May 12: I simply don't believe Big Brother has started tonight for the whole Summer! Recording it rather than staying up late, as I intend to continue doing. Apparently it's the biggest sensation ever this opening episode, with a massive twist. Never been attempted before.

May 13:  Thanks, Marion, for such a fulsome summary and aide memoire of names. In fact, most of the housemates seem like characters from a horror film to me, horrifically brash, disturbing and in your face, except, paradoxically, for Eileen Daly who is genuinely acting a part entailed by involvement in the vampire and horror genre where, I understand, she is quite well known. Indeed, I thought many of the HMs unfortunately seemed on the borderline of being in Celebrity Big Brother rather than in this commoners' version. If I had to choose anyone for immediate eviction it would have been Simon. So that's good.
May 14: Marion says - "First impressions count, they say. I have mine of the HMs and the HMs have theirs of one another."
And, off the wall, I wonder if they have their first impressions of me!
Another very useful summary again, Marion. Thanks. The pussy lady stood out for me, and strangely Jack did, too. Where have I seen him before?
I think I am going to like Nick, which is again strange, as he is someone whom I should dislike! Eileen, too.
The others, despite Marion's wonderful efforts, are still a bit of a mishmash for me.
May 15: Some encouraging comments, there, Marion, for some of the HMs. You are an empathic viewer.
I actually found most of the evening quite wearing, even obnoxious, with their half-forced confessions and their inchoate attempts at establishing themselves or pairing off.
PS: thanks for the illustrated heads-up on pie face.
May 16: Indeed, Marion, I wonder whether this group, other than perhaps Eileen, will be able actually to stand the pace and the gut-wrenching time bombs etc. Just as one example, Cristian seems mentally unstable. Harriet acted hysterically, not show, but real hysteria. And Nick indeed shrivelled before our very eyes. As a hothouse experiment of human nature, BB is digging in the knife deeper and deeper, and I am not sure I approve, even as a writer and student of the horror and literary arts - and their 'synchronised shards of random truth and fiction' that BB best and worst demonstrates.
Jack was right. His decision was a no brainer. It would have been the same for anyone.
May 17: Wonderful report, Marion. You should be writing this for a National Newspaper. I am now getting to be able to connect names with behaviours and faces.
I'm expecting Eileen to bring poltergeists into the house with her Ouija board. More tormented spirits due to arrive? And I loved the way she tried to eat her biscuit.


May 17: Marion wrote: But maybe Aileen has the cunning to be original...
She should have!
May 18: Although I am enjoying Marion's reports, I am finding most of these HMs mostly nauseating this year. Unlike in previous years, I can't envisage them improving and/or becoming interesting. The average age is far too low. Or am I becoming jaundiced? Perhaps someone other than Marion or myself will also comment on this?
The only saving grace is Eileen (with an E not an A).
May 18: Marion wrote: There is hope..
Indeed. :)
BTW, I shall have to comment on the next two shows together the day after tomorrow.

May 20: And now watched last night's... can't add anything to Marion's exhaustive report and the Judgement of Paris painting...
On which cue, I took to looking at the screenshots of each painterly tableau of characters as they arose, with green hood, mock shock, configuration of stance and counter-stance, body language, each a frozen acrylic or oil or water-colour. And I found these images very relaxing, cohesive, harmonic, sometimes provocatively clashing colour with colour, facial expression set against facial expression, garment with garment - each tableau on studied pause, without the aggravation or interruption of their silly chatter.

May 21: Although the incessant screaming gave me a headache, this was indeed a classic BB Horror task. A Ghostwatch experience in a modern TV reality show setting, laced with Ligottian dolls, one of which bled at the eyes. PS: It was a Ghostwatch *like* experience for me, although they probably didn't intend this. And, however good it was, there was, of course, no possibilty of it being in the same league as the original Ghostwatch that frightened me so much all those years ago!

May 22: Still a crowd that does little to inspire me, I'm afraid. And BB's double-dealing - with one person ending up responsible for a whole shopping task, despite all the effort that the others put into it, is despicable and not very entertaining.
But Marion's reports do compensate for any lack of inspiration or entertainment otherwise. But, frankly, these Hms and BB itself often do not warrant such attention. They need to up their game to deserve Marion.
May 23: Yes, it is beginning to shape up, Marion, not least due to your own efforts here in cohering through real-time the HM leitmotifs into a House Gestalt. But it is shaping up in itself, too, and I appreciated last night's summary and eviction. My favourites are Kieran and Eileen (her interesting face upon a strangely carved head). Joel and Nick are interesting, but not my sort in the normal course of life.
May 24:  Joel's bingo caller persona was indeed a bit embarrassing. LIke on Blue Peter, something he prepared earlier.
Interested in his earlier arguments on politics. Harriet on careworker wages had a good case but she failed to make it by swearing.
The luxury banquet that Jade was allowed to organise - staple BB stirring things up. A déjà vu of years gone by since we started watching BB for TTA forum in 2004.
Nick as Jade's teddybear? Well, Eileen took the stuffing out of that situation!
May 25: Other than the 'Ghostwatch' task all the tasks have been petty silly, and also the various youthful agonisings have been agonising for me!
Still, Nick is indeed an interesting ultra-motivational character. Without him or Eileen this series would be sad dead meat.
Where are the Illuminati? The Pyramus and Thisby of yore?
May 26:  Discussing situations about situations about situations, and thousands watching also discussing (if fleetingly) these situations somewhere along each spectrum of their inter-connecting situations. Everyone in the House seems to be talking with slowed-down drawls, as if the world is speeding past them, a world touching base with them once a night for an hour. By the time we the world get to the end we shall be hearing nothing but phonemes as groans stretching longer and longer, instead of words.
May 27: A lot of hiding, ear-wigging and scampering feet. This whole show has become a set of selfies as a social media version of a Midsummer Night's Dream. All these people, except possibly Eileen, have never had pre-Internet minds, and it shows.
Again BB shows them the supposedly secret nominations from the diary room. That makes a mockery of the whole game and has done for a number of years now.
Also, as the years have gone by, HMs have become 'knowing' contestants with a lifetime's hinterland of watching BB and its dark arts.
I do agree that Jade is probably becoming the most interesting character, but that doesn't mean I like her!
Still waiting for the dreaded showmance!
May 28: I despair, too.
But I was inspired by your 'heirloom' post, Marion. In that I am not alone. And more.
Sadly, too, the Preinternet mind is the Preterite mind...
Jade seems to be the catalyst this season. She reminds me of a blend of Helen and Ashleigh. See my post here last year: ... -or-faith/ together with its comment stream.
May 29: Yes, Marion a clean slate is needed. A new set of HMs.
Also Jack was saying things to Nick about his deadly secret that I feel warrants his eviction as BB set the strict rule against his even *hinting* at his secret: a transgression that would entail his expulsion.
May 30: What a mess, last night!
The best part was the design I spotted on their toilet door...

May 31: Not sure that it was staged more than it ever is. Marc is a genuine Horror character that I find more horrific than anything in or out of Horror Films. He's like a branded fatted-out cyborg, with cartoon-glinting teeth to match. His brain primed for Self-Termination once he's Terminated everyone else in the vicinity. Harry and Simon, his unwitting clownish cohorts arrived with him in this New Tempest thrown into the Island House by BB. Jade the jaded moll who loves and hates her man Marc. Danny the reluctant hero trying to stand his ground on behalf of Sméagol Pieface (Caliban?) and the others. Eileen as a sort of female Prospero (or Sycorax?); she needs to get her wand out and magick everything better.

June 1: I ageee that Joel was very good as an interviewer. A man to watch. A future PM?
Marc is at the other end of the spectrum. He is a phenomenon of sheer bravado acting OR of pure evil. Probably a counteractive blend of both. Not that I'm going to rerun the show to check, but I got the impression that it was a real flashing not a hand. Jade certainly believed the former. If it was the former, it is a sackable offence, so perhaps Marion is right.
We saw the vulnerable sides of Jade and Simon in the DR. I shall give them the benefit of the doubt, that they weren't *knowingly* acting, although parts of them probably were.

June 2: There is something insidious about the house now. Before it was merely naive.
Surely Marc broke the rules when telling Eileen what he thought about her being nominated. It made it obvious that he was not one of the two deciding. He should be up for eviction, now.
Nick and Harry - not so much a showmance as an innocence engulfed. Just one of the items of collateral damage in SHOWBIZ!

June 3: I agree with above, and beautifully put as a whole, Marion. You continue to spoil us as well as them.
Eileen was particularly strong last night. What a face and demeanour!
Not so keen on the Full Monty scene. When did our civilisation start having hired hard strippers at parties?

June 4: I really lost the plot last night so I am really grateful for Marion's alpha report for all beta BB viewers like me. At least I am not a gamma viewer. Yes, YOU, whoever you are, reading this as a lurker. :)

June 5:  "As time ticks by ... be prepared for very offensive language, adult themes, nudity, sexual antics and aggressive confrontations."
The recurrent voiceover (four times a day every day) will become a sound-icon for our age.
If anyone saw Marc last night in silver devil-mask and horncase will remember what I said earlier when he first walked into the BB House:
"Marc is a genuine Horror character that I find more horrific than anything in or out of Horror Films. He's like a branded fatted-out cyborg, with cartoon-glinting teeth to match. His brain primed for Self-Termination once he's Terminated everyone else in the vicinity."
I agree, meanwhile, with Marion about the Spoiler choice between Eileen and Joel. :(

June 6: Well, what a detailed report! Thanks, Marion.
I particularly agree with what you say about Simon's snakery, Eileen's striking aquiline grace and dignity, Harry's ill-advised Naturism or dangerous Health & Efficiency...
Despite Marion's wonderful efforts, I'm afraid this is, so far, the least satisfactory Big Brother ever.

June 7: I agree that last night's task was a good one. A sign that BB is not completely bereft of inspiration this year.
I also liked the cease-to-exist brown paper bag for the head. I often use one myself.
I sense Marc is another of those professional Reality TV catalyst-needles that are injected into dead bodies to awaken them. Perhaps not so intrinsically 'evil' as I first thought. Just doing a job for which he has been hired. A Big Hit Man. I still think he is half Machine, half CGI, though.
(Later)  Marion wrote: Marc is neither here nor there when we're on the verge of the Ketchup Wars. This could get messy!

Goodness, Marion. Do you know something I don't.
June 8: Time to ketchup with last night's action.
Joel's pee in the sink will come back to haunt him, I guess. But I can think of worse backstories.
Someone said last night that Marc is not a human being. They must have been reading my comments here. I'd add that whatever he is, it is even worse than a human being, and that's saying something. (So, Joel was judging him on the wrong gauge of assumed humanity when later half-praising him in the DR).
Jack is far too inchoate in his bitter intensity about being wronged for him to be a likely eventual winner, as the others seem to believe. Needs kinder ketchup on his pieface.
Simon continues to slither from one faux pas to another.

June 9: Yes, BB is getting its way. All the action is from the new HMs. And Health and Efficiency Harry is almost as nauseating as Marc. This has become a nightmare's own nightmare. I can cope with nightmares, but you have to draw a line in the mock grass lawn somewhere. BB can't keep upping the stakes each season, without the whole concept imploding.

June 10: Agree with most of that, Marion. What a forensic examination of a horror of our times.
Marc represents of course the being that IS a spreading State of Nonsense and untamed Iconoclasm and so-called Fun. But Harry, too, needs careful scrutiny, judging by her facility to inhabit a body that also becomes ugly by over-exposure, despite no doubt being a shape of classic beauty in many eyes beforehand. She actually became a zombie yesterday, and her whole face and body seemed to shrink, and all other emotions left the face, speaking mechanically as if it did not own up to any emotions, emotions negative OR positive, about BB itself, about the other HMs. It was probably the most dreadful thing ever seen on TV in the guise of being the reality of a person now drained. In fact it was a husk that went beyond depression into non-existence. The question remains: was that 'thing' something to be pitied or feared?
Nick is more her 'familiar' than a reluctant Lothario. (I spotted him last night briefly picking his nose and then putting it in his mouth.)

June 11: Yes, Harry, seems to have moved a hand down her wan empty face and, like a magician, reveals a smiling one. Good to see. And thankfully kept the rest of herself covered up. Her flaunting Naturism normally does her otherwise bodily beauty no favours.
Marc marches on. A ruthless mercenary soldier in the celebrity wars.
(Later) Marion wrote: As for covering up. perhaps BB has warned her against causing earthquakes and angering the ancestral spirits of Boreham Wood.
Well, you may joke... ;)
BTW, up to 731,000 views on this thread. There seems to be an increase of about 1000 each day at the moment.
But all lurkers seem to be wearing Sam's cease-to-exist brown paper bag.
June 12: This is how all MARCh Hares end up:
What's the betting that Marc will be voted tonight into the secret room?
Saw more of Cristian last night. He's still an also-also-ran among a house of also-rans.
Marion, you mention Harry's 'boyfriend and girlfriend'. But she refers to the latter as 'wife', someone for whom she would die, if need be, I gather.
Jade mentions knowing Marc when she was 18 and then fell in love with him. This is a small self-incubating crawling seedbed, these would-be TV reality celebrities, isn't it?

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