Sunday, May 29, 2016

After The Fall

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AFTER THE FALL by Jeffrey Thomas

This is an important story, not necessarily for a nephew's funeral wake as a Halloween Autumn tale (including the resonance with Fall and the concept of humans gathering to celebrate one of their own dead), but for the amazing vision that arrives in the world's sky after a strange storm, like a Sistine Chapel ceiling, like fossils of elder gods, or something far more intrinsic. That vision in the text is extended and quite awesome - and the feat of describing it and its "maybe-faces" is staggering. Above all, its potentiality. A seminal work, I feel, with many implications for this type of literature and, dare I say, for our world at large.

"How fragile, humans. Like bugs crushed in an instant under the steps of vast, unthinking forces... neither of which could really see nor fathom each other."

“Hey, they’re the only gods we have evidence of. Maybe that’s how they died… fighting over who was going to be our god.”


Scott Nicolay quotably said recently: "Lovecraft is the fossil fuel industry of Weird Fiction."
I said in reply: "Maybe Lovecraft is Azathoth still lurking at the Earth's Core, I wonder."
I think we may be both wrong.

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