Thursday, August 11, 2016

Donald Trump in Interzone

on the techno-erotic potential of Donald Trump under conditions of partially induced psychosis by Ken Hinckley

“…the cavernous nasal septum of Mr Trump brought on intense feelings of hopelessness and despair…”
  1. Yet, the revolting can be positive, while the attractive its opposite, as revealed by the permutations of sophisticated statistics and experiments, via the psychoses and visions (alongside his sexy assistant called Tamara, and a rag iconised after an immigrant fell to his death after window-cleaning, and much else I can’t cover here) of the protagonist Adshel (although his name keeps changing but not to this one I have just used which is a form of advertising here in Britain, and, inter alia, Brexit is mentioned in Mr Hinckley’s ‘bio’ for this ‘story’ and maybe Corbyn is our Trump and I think this author’s our Hinckley Point, too!) and I can’t keep up with myself, the sheer bravado of this text BEING the Trump phenomenon itself (DONALD TRUMP as all search engines hopefully will find here because it is seminal to what is actually happening in USA at the moment, and with Hillary, too, and what is referred to here as the triumvirate of Trump, his audience and the media)….also mention of Orlando, and more, but not the Olympics currently in Rio, as it should…
    BUT, it is much more. It taps into the Palmer team-building gestalt of this set of Interzone fictions so far, the Meteor God as impact SF, and the collective unconscious working both with and against such gargantuan archetypes to further them, a French minstrelsy with Hinckley also mentioning Charlie Hebdo. Trump is also Reader’s ‘Eye’, with all Americans sending their keepsakes by drone toward Trump’s eyes. The Eyesis State.
    But, above all, for me, and perhaps me alone, it ties together synchronously with a classic story by Katherine MacLean I read for the first time and reviewed YESTERDAY HERE, (where I mentioned Trump!), a tontine in mutual transcendence over the decades between these two stories being published: that snowball effect by dint of brainstorming. That Iceis State.

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