2 thoughts on “Poems by Charles Wilkinson

    Turmans and Turnips.
    “All words are stripped of meaning;
    Bodies are less than clay,
    Pale and pointless as ghosts
    An exorcist forgot to lay.”
    Just read this whole book and I am sure that those who enjoy the writer’s fiction will cherish them (see my reviews of his fiction linked above).
  2. IMG_2659.JPGAg & Au
    “re-shape and pull away with
    the slow tide, down to the deep-
    er book below,…”
    This is an amazing chapbook, full of wonderful artwork by different artists for each poem. A publication to cherish.
    While there were at least a few references to ironing or iron in the Iron Press booklet, this one has rarefied gems of poetry with, inter alios, silver references in the first half of the book and gold in the second half. I shall now read the poet’s explanatory notes at the end for the first time to see what I have missed.