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Big Brother - Summer 2009


These are DFL's comments taken from a conversation here:


Siavash and Angel - truly weird. Rodrigo. Yes, I did think. That's the winner. I don't know whether it will matter that he usually goes to Church every day. But what about the scandal of Noiron's Eyebrows? And why did Davina keep calling Marcus a 'Wolverine'?

Halfwit seems (inadvisedly!) to be taking a leaf out of that lady's book who used to croon jazz songs on a previous BB. What was her name? I sense the three who passed the SAS tests simply knew they would not be subjected to something dangerous (however dangerous it looked). I simply admire their opportunism, not their bravery.

But there is much open-ended meaning in incomprehensibility.
she was less than happy to have it pointed out that her elevated Double FFs had a plastic seam.

Oh, wll, you can't have everything.This phenomenon is probably the most telling of our bizarre (often cyborgnine) society. BB is SF in action. 'Dhalgren' theatricalised and extemporised.

What a pitch Sree made in the Diary Room - that tremulous break in the voice, that tearless crying,that passionate declaration of love for EVERYONE

Sree was Soreeee! But now he is SO REEELIEVED!

And there were echoes of last year - Siavash is having trouble with his identity since he does not have his own clothes. He knows not who he is

Again and again BB fits into the Nemonymous template. Cf: Halfwit and Dog face. And that entity called Nothingness who sits at the bus stop when the camera is not on it. A ghost? If so, of a past BB HM?

I had one wish come true - Angel stays. I had one wish not come true - Siavash stays. Such is life.

Me. too, Marion. Benazir was not abe to come out from under her name. She was brave: a Shakesperean tragedy. A soliloquy on an otherwise empty London bus that nobody heard. Not even our old friend Nothingness.

I think Halfwit has an interesting view of his new BB existence, whereby real life is now fading as if controlled by a dimmer-switch and the HMs are puppets.

The chemistry between Sophia and Saffia is fizzy and with more than a whiff of sulphur on Sophia's part.

This chemisty is more like mutually induced alchemy to create gold from the dross, i.e. feisty personalities for themselves. An unspoken pact through a mock antipathy.

WEEEE-EEED! But you were right about open ended convos, Des - no matter that what they say is incomprehensible , there is no doubt of the chemistry between them

Yes, another form of symbiosis (this time Cairon and Siavash). But often with such things (as in insects) one often dies as a result of the symbiosis. And sooner or later, a husk will topple down the eviction steps towards a new Zombification of Davina.

Angel is having a problem with Siavash's language ( I was RIGHT to like her!)

Angel, right on! Serendipitously, I'm reading a wonderful novel called 'The Angel's Game' at the moment by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Siavash's wardrobe is every bit as colourful as his mouth. It is a Frankenstein chemistry experiment gone wrong, what with feathers and beaks and bandsman uniforms

Sergeant Pepper in a mutant dream of Venice. He is all contraptions, tags, pieces, masks - a Caliban (not Tallyban) at the Masque of the Red Death. I like Noiron and the lightly-stylised moustache and glasses suit her.

Vignette upon vignette tonight:

And the vinaigrette on Halfwit's salad. Plus Noiron's lorgnettes.

Siavash in the bath attended by handmaiden Cairon - what was all that about?

Yes, Vereeee strange. In fact I'm finding this BB experience stranger than most. Reality skewed a notch or two. Full of mignonettes and obliquities and Marion's observations shimmering in some hothouse of odalisques & lizards.

...the evolution of language tonight:sentence order got all mixed up ... singing opera, and murdering 'Summertime'...

Who was that lady who broke into songs in a previous BB?

Lisa is turning into House Mother

Lisa is an archetype HM. She is the Platonic Form of an interchangeable modern creature who just is, so simply confident and brash.

Kris says he's an annoying little bugger. Marcus thinks he;s immature. Cairon thinks he;s a pimple.

Sree is a self-incubated plant of delicate immaturity but one that will grow into a triffid from the seedbed mulch stirred by BB's searing searchlight beams

I find myself more in tune with the Russian Soul but alerted now, by Marion, to Rodrigo's proximity to a shop window mannequin, I find this an even more interesting contrast. Mannequins and Marionettes, Lizards and Odalisques, Egyptian tomb-effigy or walking Tea-Cosy, I am glad I'm watching BB, simply to enjoy Marion's observations to the full! Dogface is a charm-catalyst that is like an open flower that only can respond passively to Nature's stimuli - and here in 2009, Nature is made of many teasing tentacles of modern instincts quite alien to life as I remember it, say, in the Fifties. I don't know why Charlie seems to be the current favourite to win. I think Noiron is a dark horse. A doodled-upon icon. And sensible and nice, too. I, too, hope Sophia goes on Friday.

I love the twirling moustache motif, which also fits in with Noiron's real mock-up (if that's not a contradiction in terms) of a moustachio. Two memorable phrases were said yesterday: 'Zero tolerance' by Sree. And 'Lost in Translation' by Noiron. In an oblique way, each is very telling, and potentially devastating to the way we think BB works as both a Reality TV show and a cultural breakthrough in Art and Aesthetics. If others reading this thread enjoy Marion's wonderful BB reports, you should read her fiction works, and I'd suggest her book 'Sleepwalkers' (a collection of stories), which I reviewed here:

Huzzah! Sophia is first Housemate to be evicted, but really second evictee and third preson to leave the house, after Benazir and Saffia (who left to see her children after getting in a Benny with Sophia) and Sree had a Benny with Cairon while trying to exercise zero tolerance (on the face of it the first BB HM to try to maintain a zero tolerance regime on swearing etc) but perhaps all this is lost in translation while Cairon gets on a course for anger management and Lisa tries to make up for not intervening in the first Benny...while Charlie acts as a counsellor and ... more later

Sophia's interview went well. I like the three interviewer approach and i even began to like Sophia. This shows you that people are not really people unless seen in the round of the many habitats that they pass through (including the BB House and any web presence).

Some more bite on the screw of one-on-one relationships, following Cairon and Sree, now Dogaface and Kris, Halfwit and Lisa, Siavash and a giant pierrot hat.

Good on BB calling the fake romance of Kris and Dogface. Marcus and Lisa - what's the betting on them having a romance before BB s finished? I'd have a menage-a-trois any time with those two. Sree and Noiron - another romance? Some of the others seem like an audience - wide-eyed - as if they can't believe what is going on. Angel is quite mad no doubt, but she seems sane in there. Karly the hard cynic. Not sure about her. She must wonder what she's got herself into! You can see the hate she looks at Marcus with. That slithy tove of a wolverine. Rodrigo seems to have gone low-key. Halfwit is someone I'd dread meeting on a BTCV holiday. Cairon and Skiavash - another fake romance? Charlie is just plain street-ready. An ordinary lad.

Lisa is perhaps Sycorax, Angel Ariel and most of the rest are a single gestalt of Caliban and/or Trinculo & Stefano. Big Brother is Prospero. Noirin is Miranda. Sree /Noirin - I thought this was beautifully enacted by both parties, and whether they each have the emotions attributed to them by Marion, we perhaps shall never know when they become the next celebrity couple. I think Noirin's doodled face is fast becoming an icon, after all. She should be thankful for it. She should also be thankful for her own sweet nature. The flower dance was another pure BB 'Happening' that becomes an Art installation of the mind.

There are some genuinely interesting characters this year, some blossoming before our eyes. And difficult to tell posing from positioning from positivity of personality. After all, these 'cats' have walked the decade-old BB earth - having learnt for most of their 'sensible' lives how to play the game.

Very strange goings on indeed. It's as if the world has entered a new phase, Angel's phase, Angel's dream, sometimes Angel's nightmare. Cleansed only to dirty herself time and time again with other people. Absorb them, let them be your parasite. The Foggy Day in London Town is just anothe Bleak House. And there was Skiavash picking nits from Cairon's hair. Or was it more sexual than nursing care? Parts of Angel made manifest by incarnation? If so, how can Ariel's soul bear any body weight whatsoever? How can Rasputin reach Heaven - by telling Sree that Noirin was wanting him in the bedroom? No, by transmuting a-trinketed Trinculo to Tallyban via Kaliban out of Sycorax. It's strange that someone's Heaven is someone else's Hell. Marcus is cool. He is so cool, he can even shit cool. Apparently. A speech in the Diary Room that was seriously cool. Sleek wolverine within a body's weight.


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