Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nemonymous One

The first issue of Nemonymous appeared in November 2001. The missing bylines below were announced six months later, in Nemonymous Two. This anthology was arguably the world's very first self-contained anonymous collection of multi-authored stories.

"A Smile in the Sky", Gary Couzens
"The Friends of Mike Santini", Terry Gates-Grimwood
"The Quiet House", Allen Ashley
"With Arms Outstretched", Daniel Pearlman
"Breaking Rules", Avital Gad-Cykman
"The Gravedigger", Lawrence Dyer
"Alone", Shawn James
"The Idiot Whistled Dead", Simon Clark
"The Unmiraculous Life of Jackie Mendoza", Tamar Yellin
"Across the Hills", Tony Mileman
"All for Nothing", Rhys Hughes
"Double Zero for Emptiness", Mike O'Driscoll
"Strobe", Paul Kane
"Balafer de Vie", Lida Broadhurst
"Mansions of the Moon", Jeff VanderMeer
"Gamlingay Churchyard", A. D. Harvey

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Shawn J. Pollett said...

Yes, I accidently revealed myself as a participant in the first Nemo, something for which I never quite forgave myself. No matter how hard I try, the memory of that horrific error continues to haunt me. My life is a mockery *SOB* [crying sound, not an acronym for son-of-a-bitch, which, tee-hee, fits as well!].

But enough of tears. I stumbled upon this write-up and just had to say hello . . . or something appropriate. I LOVED participating in NEMO--a great idea from top to bottom, despite certain authors'--who shall remain nameless (sort of)--failure to abide by the anonymity rule. Since Nemo I have been working on a trilogy set during the persecutions of Christians in the mid-third century Roman Empire. The first two novels in the trilogy--CHRISTIANUS SUM and WHAT ROUGH BEAST--have been published and are available through Chapters, Coles, Christian Book Stores, and on-line at the usual outlets. The third book in the trilogy--COMES THE HORSEMEN--is a work in progress. Health "challenges" have interrupted the process, but I am plugging away at it VERY slowly. Other than that, I continue to live my life goining left when my wife says "go right," and going right when my wife says "go left." It works for us.

Well, time for another two hours of self-flagellation (my hopeless attempt to atone for accidently and prematurely revealing my participation in NEMO 1. If you wish to add insult to injury, you can contact me--Shawn James, now known as Shawn J. Pollett--at golvalnor@hotmail.com.