Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nemonymous Two

Nemonymous Two came out in May 2002 and is the first to disclose the names of those published in the previous issue. It features a a story of roughly four and a half blank pages titled "Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds", arguably the first formal blank story ever published. There is also the now legendary 'Emmanuel Escobada' story that still remains anonymous at the request of its author.

"Climbing the Tallest Tree in the World", Rhys Hughes
"Mighty Fine Days", Antony Mann
"The Assistant to Dr Jacob", Eric Schaller
"Buffet Freud", Dawn Andrews
"Ice Age", Iain Rowan
"The Vanishing Life and Films of Emmanuel Escobada", Anonymous
"Berenice's Journal", Richard Gavin
"Showcase", Sarah Singleton
"Eyes Like Water, Like Ice", Jai Clare
"Earthworks", Simon Kewin
"Striped Pajamas", Margaret B. Simon
"The Drowned", Joel Lane
"Adult Books", Robert Morrish
"Nothing", John Travis
"The Secret", G. W. Thomas
"A Spot of Tea", Janet L. Hetherington
"White Dream", Neil Bristow
"Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds"