Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Amore Furentium

Today's quoted passage from 'Hidden Faces' (1944) a novel by Salvador Dali, as translated, in the same year and in the author's presence, by Haakon Chevalier: "As he made all these reflections, the Count's eyes lingered in the contemplation of a great lead-coloured cloud whose contours resembled the outline of an ancient sarcophagus. Then Grandsailles indulged in the fancy of imagining, engraved in roman letters in the centre of this cloud, so appropriate as an epitaph of his liaison with Lady Chidester-Ames, the famous Latin inscription: CADAVERIBUS AMORE FURENTIUM MISERABUNDIS POLYANDRIEN which means CEMETERY OF THE WRETCHED BODIES THAT THROUGH LOVE HAVE FALLEN INTO MADNESS."

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