Sunday, January 13, 2013

Group Alterations

My working life Sep 1970 - Nov 1992:
Randomly: Legal & General Assurance Society Limited, Kingswood House, St. Monicas, Temple Court, Windmill House, David Ware, Gerry Roberts, Peter Gregory, Mike Loader, Barry Layton, Richard Squibbs, Roy Jones, Stella ?, Sauer Sundstrand, Ken Alder, Peter Horsman, Zoe Reynolds, Tony Williams, Jim Wright, John Raby, Pam Maskell, Colin Pilbeam, John Morgan, Ron Spill, Paul Conroy, Peter Cadman, Ken Winchester, Terry Mortimer, BAG Cooper, Alan Twydell, Vic Allen, Dave Ingham, Brian Shepherd, Robert Spurgeon, David Powley, David Barley, Bob Tyler, Adrian Boulding, Tony Filbin, Brian Hildred, Alan Forbes, Brian Alldread, Karen Hickmore, Dick Pretlove, Barry Walker, Peter Hammond, Roger Jones, Norman Rudge, Bob Standring, Chris Cox, John Ogdon, John Weir, Chris Robinson, Edwin Fox, Jean Aarons, Dave Adams, David Benton, Bob Russell, Mike Barnes, Ray Howell, Willis Faber & Dumas, Tony LeCras, KG Williams, Graham West, Dick Jones, MDM Smith, Peter Smith, John Pretlove, Brian Tout, Dave Hackett, John Robinson, Paul Harford, Don Holloway, Alan Firth, Bill Simon, Chris Hatry, Robin Phipps, John Elbourne, John Norman, Randle Williams, Bob Anderson, John Randall, Mike Knapper, Brian Hart, Brian Hanson, Roger Diplock, Barry Francis, Stewart Wrightson, Jack Harrison, Gill Hawkings, Dudley Baker, Barry Young, Bob Byles, Hamish Spence, John O'Leary, John Lockyer, Mike Cowley, Norman Loveday, Patrick Mills, Terry Blackmore, Derek Bristow, Jardine Matheson, David Hunt, Tony Krishna, Chris Chiu, Neville Otty, Patrick Lunt, John Hose, Jim Hazzard, Norman Butcher & Jones, Mike Christopherson, Blake & Marston, John Arnold, Nigel Cobb, Len Nieuwenhuis, Vic Durrant, Hartley Cooper, Noble Lowndes, MPA, Mike Niblett, Gulf International Bank, Keith Insole, Tim Bauckham, Carlsberg Brewery, Frank Wright Feeds, Bill Cleaver, Lambert Engineering, Martin Williams, John Alder, Bayer UK, Stenhouse, Eric Ferebee, Geoff Hunt, Hutchinson Ltd, John Mottram, De Beers, Sandie Bell, Andy Thornton Architectural Antiques, Southtrim Autoclaves, biwo, wops, lab, erpp, final salary, recognition, gmp, contracted out, Personal Pension, EAP, RPP, AF80, AF2, MP3, small self-administered pension scheme, PHI, SERPS, HP3, free limit, evidence of health, coping and caring...
Many good memories. Apologies to those inadvertently missed or those with unforgiveably forgotten names.

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