Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Brother Appendix


I've had a sudden revelation. The BB-historical double top for women as embodied by Ashleigh-Helen is simply a symbol of the Black Swan / White Swan syndrome or struggle in 'Swan Lake' (cf the film 'Black Swan'). Everything falls into place...including the swan shapes above.

“An angel’s face with the devil’s mouth.” –  Emma Willis in interview with Helen – about Ashleigh.
“She did it, too.” – Helen (repeatedly when previously in secret room)
“So many differences, but in the end the same.”  – Ashleigh in interview with Emma about both herself and Helen.

See also Winston Showan and Peter Quince:


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Further to my teasing out of the 'Black Swan' syndrome above with regard to Helen-Ashleigh, I make similar hopefully justifiable teasings-out in my real-time reviews (DFL Dreamcatchers) of fiction, including reviews HERE of the publications that are central to a discussion forum: i.e. that of TTA Press: Interaction: (Black Static, Interzone, etc). The discussion forum itself is HERE.

I see that Celebrity Big Brother starts tomorrow evening... Gosh!

My specific blog about the Black Swan angle: HERE
We need to know if BB planned this scenario or it accidentally arose? Nobody else so far has picked up on this.

Enough of swans, now to stags.
Someone on CBB just asked "How's your stag?", followed by secret hand signals.
Well, this is the Illuminati Stag God:
Vaguely like the BB eye?

Yet, having just checked, apparently the film 'Black Swan' was full of Illuminati symbols!!!

Thanks for the aide memoire of CBB housemates, Marion. I've not heard of any of them, except the Strictly dancer. There seems too many for four weeks?
I thought the Royal twist - Duchess of Solihull - task a bit demeaning, but there seems to be some strange cocktails of people here that may fizz off interestingly. I liked Emma's new direction in escort job description - but where is Super Cassandra?

19.8.14 (later)
Nelly Furtado ("aka Black Swan") giving the same signal as Zoe and the other housemates (including Ashleigh):


19.8.14 (later)
Marion wrote: We must watch and wait for a revelation about this triangulation. Or perhaps an intervention - strange UFOs have been sighted over Huston, Texas
And I have just finished a book I have been reading for a while (ORFEO by Richard Powers about an Avant Garde classical composer, a book longlisted for the 2014 Man Booker Prize) where I encountered this passage about a half an hour ago:

"And let him hold his fingers thus. The giant holds up his fingers in a sideways chink of V in front of his shining eye.
Shut the f**k up, Richard barks. Right. And let him hold his fingers thus, and through that cranny shall Pyramus and Thisby whisper.
If that may be,
the giant says, then all is well. Come, sit down, every mother's son, and rehearse your parts."

And, of course, the Pyramus and Thisby play was the play within a play produced by Peter Quince.
(ORFEO is stunning: Biopunk SF, tweets and musicology as chaos theory...)

Happy HPL Day.
Marion wrote: Dee told a couple of Royal tall tales. The one about accidentally killing the swan was best -I liked the bit about tossing the swan up into a tree so that Prince Philip wouldn't know what she's done.
Another swan! Was it white or black?
Actually, rough diamond Dee is quite good at role-playing Deirdre, the Duchess of Solihull, but I continue to be confused by this huge wriggling netful of 'celebrities' around her. I think I have heard of Audley Harrison and the Strictly dancer, but the rest are just people strictly to by-pass in any enclosed space, hardly noticeable in this increasingly eccentric world we all inhabit. Eccentric has always been good, but ordinary is now the new eccentric. A lesson for me.


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