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Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014


Happy HP Lovecraft Day.
Marion wrote: Dee told a couple of Royal tall tales. The one about accidentally killing the swan was best -I liked the bit about tossing the swan up into a tree so that Prince Philip wouldn't know what she's done.
Another swan! Was it white or black?
Actually, rough diamond Dee is quite good at role-playing Deirdre, the Duchess of Solihull, but I continue to be confused by this huge wriggling netful of 'celebrities' around her. I think I have heard of Audley Harrison and the Strictly dancer, but the rest are just people strictly to by-pass in any enclosed space, hardly noticeable in this increasingly eccentric world we all inhabit. Eccentric has always been good, but ordinary is now the new eccentric. A lesson for me.

Housemates Kellie Maloney, White Dee, Audley Harrison, Edele Lynch, David McIntosh, George Gilbey, James Jordan, Claire King,  Lauren Goodger, Stephanie Pratt,  Ricci Guarnaccio, Angelique "Frenchy" Morgan, Gary Busey, Leslie Jordan.

These excerpts are taken from the long-running discussion HERE.

20.8.14 (later)
Marion: The residents of the house are unknown to me too – celebrity sub rosa.
As to the swan, another mystery. When the Duchess recounted the murder of the swan and tossing up into the air, Claire immediately asked where the other one was as swans always travel in pairs. The duchess changed the subject suspiciously quickly.
Why? Did she accidentally shoot two swans and not want to admit it on the grounds that one feathered corpse was an accident but two smacks of deliberate carnage? Or is there one lone swan, a black one, hidden somewhere awaiting a chance for vengeance?
Des: Marion, just spotted that there is a Black Dee as well as a White Dee:
Cf the black swan and white swan earlier of Helen and Ashleigh!

Yes, an interesting bunch and your report does full justice to what is going on. Thanks, Marion.
As to my earlier 'buried patterns', only Gary's 'angels' last night seem to fit.
I think I probably imagine many of these patterns, having sought them in every
aspect of my creative fiction writing and real-time reviewing hobby.
So apologies if I am seen (by others reading this) to put too much weight on
these patterns during this thread.

Paul swam in a sea of theories. Everything from the morning’s headlines
to the license plates of buses had hidden significance. But Paul’s torrent of interpretations
had something joyous to it. Buried patterns everywhere. It sounded, sometimes, almost like musicology
– from ORFEO by Richard Powers

Some worrying, irritating and entertaining aspects as documented by Marion.
I sat agog with mouth open at times at the way that this group of Celebrities - who really should join, for real, last night's 'Celebrities Anonymous' - interacted and projected themselves. Tarr and Fether without a tether.
Agog, too, at aging catamite Leslie's description of sharing a bed with Frenchie - drowning in a sea of pink bras, etc.

Wow! That about sums it up. It takes a brave viewer to watch all this. This is a template for the world as it is at the moment, a template that gives off, a template that takes in. A Way Station for our bitter divisions, a vehicle for abject professional yearnings, the crossing of personal and international borders, a public transmogrification upon tides of almost mindless acrimony. Even the dependable structural 'patterns' are fleeing us. Or being replaced with unwelcome ones we cannot resist. The universal 'we'.

Interesting doubts cast on the result of the Helen win in the BB Summer final:

There are at least five worryingly aberrant housemates simmering on and under the surface: Frenchie, Gary, Leslie, Kellie and James. Does this mean that generally over one third of all celebrities are seething loose cannons? Or that same proportion of the general public represent negative or aberrant forces in the chemical mix, because, with the Internet and multiple TV channels etc, many so-called ordinary people approach at least the nature of what, in my younger days, was once called 'celebrity'. This relates, too, with something said earlier in this thread: ordinary is the new eccentric, because eccentric is the new ordinary. Or was it always such, but now it is harder to hide?
I am afraid I, too, didn't understand the argument involving Audley, so I can't help Marion there.

When reading Dan Dare in Eagle comic at the age of 12, I remember slow tides of slime spreading over a planet. This is like what is happening to the CBB House: a physical and psychical living ectoplasm whence, I'm afraid, I can't really differentiate each shape lumping out such sticky porridge. I can't even bring myself to choose who should leave this spreading goo on Friday.

25.8.14 (later)
And I forgot to mention - a few days ago I am sure I caught a glimpse of some green swans in CBB as part of a task or something. Seriously.
Or am I going completely mad? :| BTW, swans honk as well as geese, according to google. "Never, never, never give up." - Winston Churchill
That's a truly brilliant report, Marion. Had me in stitches and wide-eyed with revelation - honking geese, comparative celebrity, reincarnation, the new religion of NGU et al.
By the way, has anyone heard of 'NGU Illuminati Theory'?
I have now chosen for the eviction tomorrow - James! At the top of his game, he said, but wasn't he recently sacked from Strictly?
I liked Leslie's 'Yes, you are right - and then walk away' method of avoiding arguments with Gary.
When I was a boy, my grandmother made me a Davy Crockett hat.

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