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Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014 (2)


A recent skyline I took near where I live:

I quite like George and Stephanie, well, like them better than the others.
I know Stephanie is connected with the Speidi brats or was that prats, but I do not remember much about them nor why Claire of Steps recently said she doesn't like Stephanie because of that very connection.
I don't know exactly why, but it seems appropriate that this Midsummer season of BB and CBB should include a marathon dose of Morris Dancing.

Yes, it was a good decision for the first eviction.
I still rather like George and Stephanie and their TV world's first example of a faux-fauxmance!
And the no-win situation in the role-roleplaying of the Gary balloon task. I think someone actually would have a phobia of balloons after reading some Stephen King...

I agree with Marion about Audley via-a-vis Kellie. I feel uncomfortable around those who deem the word 'uncomfortable' uncomfortable.
I also agree with her about her inferences and observations about James. But he is not up for eviction! How did that happen?

Marion wrote: ...looking more and more like Whistler's moth [...] Kellie flew at him -
There's more truth to that than any typo will ever conceal.
Meanwhile, I, too, was surprised at Leslie's eviction. And at the contrariness of the voting public.
I guess I am due to discover even darker truths about that voting public, living where I do (see just to the left HERE under the avatar).

I'd only add that I spotted a glimpse of genuine affection from Edele towards Ricci - the sign of a real fauxmance to contrast with the once engaging faux-fauxmance of G and S? Or, even, a REAL budding romance between E and R with nothing faux about it? If so, is it a first for reality TV?

A cynical use of a dome as a task as they are currently advertising the drama series 'Beneath the Dome' during CBB commercial breaks. However, Gary's acronym for DOME seemed very Illuminati to me...
Meanwhile, James remains a pent up ball of mutant chipped shoulders and Frenchie a loose cannon with strange lips whence the balls shoot out.

Marion wrote: Later, the pair sat and barked like dogs, she a yappy terrier, he a deep chested big dog.  I don't know why I laughed.
I held my breath for another rant from James about educating Gary etc ec
I laughed, too, and held my breath. And I wondered if James is just a Peter Brough in this Educating Archie exercise; nobbut equivalent to a ventriloquist on sound radio.
The HMs seemed pretty muted (Stephanie particularly) as if they are in defensively static attrition yearning towards the end of their TV reality lives, like some of us do in real life when in self perceived 'old age'. Only the nominations later ignited Lauren (negatively) and Dee vis-à-vis Ricci...

I think that Kellie and James are right to hate each other.
(A wonderful report, btw, Marion, to follow all those other wonderful reports. So many witty and revealing observations. I still feel sad that you do not receive explicit reactions on the thread itself from other people, despite there being over 31,000 views since the Summer season began.)
Marion wrote: In the DR, Gary performed for BB a song about eviction he had composed. It was utterly tuneless but he did perform some useful syncopation and ended the song with a goose honk.
Highlight of the show, but that's not saying much as not much was shown other than a predictable interview with Frenchie. I think Gary is the certain eventual winner. I can't think of anyone I would currently prefer to him.
I wonder if it was a diplomatic illness by Claire (on her part or CBB's) to avoid further perception or lack of perception of her 'dead from the neck up Ricci rictus' type character depletion.

Marion wrote: In the DR, Gary was feeling exceptional, balanced, and even which is a good place to be. The DR is like the confessinal and BB teases and tricks like a parent so it's all part of growing up.
If he gets evicted, he will leave with honour and pride and won't really have left as his spirit of hope, truth and love will remain and BB will always be in his heart.

I almost believed that Gary almost believed all that. It was almost stirring and inspiring to someone almost his age, as I am.
Edele is an interesting case of an ostensibly nice woman with not enough CBB profile but sufficient profile to be nominated heavily by other HMs because of her otherwise lack of profile but insufficient profile to be saved by the voting public, at least in Clacton.

Marion wrote: George stood accused of too much drinking and clowning to hide from himself and disguise a cry for help. Audley claimed ownership. Quite profound, that comment.
Another word Audley used in this context was 'aloofness', which I thought was spot on. I infer he meant a sort of designer aloofness.
I still can't think of anyone I would rather win than Gary. I write this as I try to gurn at my computer screen as he would.
Did Stephanie mention the dreaded word 'pact' at the end of her interview - with Emma then abruptly finishing it with her best bits? There is nothing more counteractive to audience belief than realising that James and Audley have a pact to be nasty to each other, probably pre-rehearsed for added wit.

Marion wrote:
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
An entertaining night thanks to Mr. Gary Busey. If he doesn't win after tonight it will be an even bigger scandal than the Helen win.
BB appointed Gary as counsellor to the house. He was the perfect picture of a Californian guru as I imagine them to be. Dressed in a bright, striped poncho, decked with love beats, the tools of his trade around him, he was magnificent.
...he gave her one of his acronyms = P.A.S. T., (which stands for Preoccupation With Time Spent) which stops her moving forward.
Gary ROARED at him. 'You live in a conflict zone and can't get out of your own way.'
This gary was an entirely different one from what we've been saying - perfectly lucid, no trouble hearing, and right in all he said even if it was dressed up in pyschobabble.
Loved it.
He finished by blessing the public and saying he loved them.
You know what? We love you too, Gary.
Cunning old devil!

Say no more.

Without trying to be mouthest, have you noticed visually what a mean mouth James has got? That stab wound you mention?
What a report, Marion! Another tour de force. Lauren and James really are both media marionettes with tangled strings...
More sporadic roars from Gary bursting through - from his mouth that gurns with teethy love.

8.9.14 (later)
Marion wrote: Yes. I turned down the volume for a minute to watch Ricci's mouth which is a tiny pursed thing with odd tics to the side even when he's not speaking. James was there too and his mouth was a slash , welded tight shut to hold back the volcanic furies seething deep inside him. Gary's loopy radiant smile is refreshing.
That's a brilliant observation of Ricci's mouth, Marion!
(By the way, for the record, please replace my 'mouthest' above with 'mouthist'.)

Marion wrote: Gary thinks he gets nominated because he's likely to win.
Gary may lose some votes because of saying that, but he still should win, I hope. I have no preference for 2nd and 3rd. None of them deserve it.
The incident with the trousers was a hilarious Chaucerian cock and bull story.
And to James and Dee - get a life!

Thanks for explaining all that about Ricci and Lauren, Marion.
I think you began this CBB series by liking Dee, and I think I did, too. But I hope she goes tonight. Along with James. Still maybe Lauren and Ricci should go as they are less entertaining! The rest going on Friday, leaving Gary the winner.
Des and Marion, not to be confused with Dee and Marlon, will be going on Friday, too. :cry:

I think Gary lost a few more votes with the Edele argument and when harping on about the respect due to him because he is 70 years old and his experience of life. I still hope he wins, not that I ever demand respect because of my age. But I think George or Edele may win. James, even!
Goosey Goosey Gander where shall I wander,
Upstairs, downstairs and in my lady's chamber
There I met an old man who wouldn't say his prayers,
I took him by the left leg and threw him down the stairs.

Marion wrote:
In the garden, a lone goose flew overheard causing great excitement in Gary, Lauren and Audley. Gary honked a greeting. 'They finally found me,' he said. Audley thought the lone goose was symbolic, he wan't sure what it represented but it must mean something. Gary reckoned the goose represented staying power and/or a message saying 'I love you.'

So CBB this summer ends with an explicit reference by the HMs to "Goose symbolism", while the BB earlier this season ended with Swan symbolism:

DFL: "Following on from that, I've had a sudden revelation. The BB-historical double top for women as embodied by Ashleigh-Helen is simply a symbol of the Black Swan / White Swan syndrome or struggle in 'Swan Lake' (cf the film 'Black Swan'). Everything falls into place..."

Rudeness was playing on Gary's mind. he gave Edele one of his acronyms - Riding Upon Defaming Energy = RUDE. He had to explain what defaming meant to Edele (he really s wasted on the HMs). Yup, Gary gets called rude, but others in the house are worse that he and 'there ain't nothin' said in church about that'
(Great phrase!)

I think that is the third such Illuminati acronym from Gary. Mine today: GARY: Great Age Running Young.
Goosey Goosey Gander, Climb those blessed stairs.
Hope he wins tonight. See you in January, Marion, and thanks again for the wonderful reports. =D>

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