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Only Sleeping

Excerpt from review here::

Only Sleeping
“Full-faced, however, her beauty was seriously flawed by an odd asymmetry of features.”

…describing a Russian woman as another form of iconostasis… but I am leaping ahead of myself: this is a spooky tale, sometimes self-consciously so or even satirically so, like ‘Lamia’, with all the trappings of a ghost story that would please MRJ fans (and the boy who is haunted in an Isle of Man guesthouse by the long corridor leading alongside his non-ensuite room surely deserves being spooked by reading MRJ stories just before going to sleep!) – but, artfully transcending that feeling of mine, the story is genuinely scary. And the ambiance of Douglas, the Russian woman’s ‘Don’t Look Now’-type bereavement, the decor of the guest house, with shreds of Robert Aickman or Elizabeth Bowen… Mentions of the River Mersey, of beams in the rafters as well as beams from a lighthouse, of a “screen” of sycamore and privet, all lend to the symmetry/asymmetry of this book, enhanced by Lowe’s excellent drawings, one with what I saw as a confessional screen like a barred cell or railings around gravestones (here “caged-in tombs“) ….and the dreaded “unconsecrated ground” ie unscreened by God? And the millennium ball toing and froing upon these tides of fiction. This book, I recommend to any reader wanting to be scared. No facelift can relieve that threat, I suggest, from the twisted visage within you or represented by the mask you hide under the normal face, a mask that upstages any talisman of self even if only by dint of ‘superstitious awe’. I wonder if this book is the prime example of what I call ‘ghorror’ (a word I coined recently as a result of a typo, pronounced ‘gore-or’) where ghost story trappings are accompanied by gory upstagings of one’s very soul. But that is just me idly rambling from the other side of the page. Or foolhardily rambling like Bell’s protagonists … to seek some oxymoron of destiny. A fate that is only sleeping. Or slanting from the vandalised past toward you with some mixed hope and despair for the future. (26 Jun 12: 12.05 pm bst)

A Certain Slant of Light
The reviewer in Ely Cathedral:

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Big Brother - Summer 2012 (2)


(24 June) Marion wrote: and Lauren , although willing, not particularly impressed by his efforts to massage.
She seemed to go the extra mile, though, in her willingness!
A great report, Marion. Nothing else to add or subtract.
With all the excitement of England versus Italy last night, BB took a bit of a backseat. But I did note one birthday party versus another birthday party to become the Platonic Form of Birthday Party. The rude awakening regarding life's penalty shoot-off is that any Platonic Form is infiltrated by fallible humanity and Clockwork eye-decor. Even Fallibility itself is not what it was.
We go through life with eyes wide shut.
Thanks, again, Marion, for your infallible reports keeping me up to speed. (BTW I believe it's Conor not Connor)
Marion wrote:  "gender insults abounded [...] We're right, Des - this is not a likeable house."
The only feasible likeables are Deana and Luke A, I feel. And perhaps Sara. Otherwise, not a good crowd, and mostly boring people, too (other than Lydia). So I don't know what BB is going to do to make this a likeable season in the weeks ahead. My spirit drops.
Agree that Conor is not only short of something vital in the intelligence stakes but also showed a very ugly side yesterday and BB should have evicted him. However did he pass the original audition?
Only glad that race doesn't seem to have come into it. On the surface anyway, with this factor having been drummed into all HMs, no doubt, following the Shilpa Shetty matter. But endemic 'genderism' has come into it and BB should deal appropriately with all such attitudes.
Well, another big beast is liable to go on Friday: Lydia; Dislikeable yet interesting. A future politician on the centre right.
Caroline listed out the city venues for her Romantic 'Grand Tour' of Europe when she eventually meets the man who wants to care and service her. A highlight of the season so far. Luke A suggested St Petersburg would be better than Moscow in her list. I agree. 
Marion wrote: "hashing"
A new technical term for applying internet social media methods to real life situations, situations like Reality TV, even Reality itself!
Lydia was hashing hard last night in the diary room in a ploy to stay in the house. See the sparkle in her eye, see the metaphorical moustache of mischief being preened and then tagged?
Caroline - no doubt my favourite housemate from day one (even before she said anything) - who nevertheless goes up and down in my estimation day by day - is today's H. Rider Haggard 'She' or Mrs Bennett in the making (even Lady Catherine de Burgh) or an EM Forster heroine who yearns interechangeably for a room with a view and a passage to India. Travel by sedan chair or rickshaw (who's he) if not by motorised hash tag.
Marion wrote: "Oops! BB's nerve was struck and Caroline was summoned to the Diary Room and given a formal warning about what she had said. For a moment I thought BB was referring to her remark about his having no sanitation (her grammar is execrable) but no, he hinted tentatively about racism and then threatened her with removal from the house. Is she racist? I really don't know - there's no art to find the mind's construction in a word - but I find it odd that she can be threatened with removal for a single word while Conor can contemplate beating a woman and raping her with a hairbrush and only be gently chided."
Indeed, Marion.
And love Caroline or hate her, she certainly has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about her. A talking point so much more credible than Benedict.
Deana to go tonight, I say.
Marion wrote: "So. The game is all over bar th shouting, isn't it. Luke S's group outnumber the outsider group by a wide margin. Next week, either Deana, Scott, Adam or Lauren goes...and the others will soon follow."
I think you and I should go in there as wild cards: Marion of Diamonds and Des of Spades.
Lydia was supposed to have a famous boy friend but when she got out, I didn't recognise him. Who is he? Who is he?
I agree with what you say about Ashleigh's behaviour. Being an Essex boy through and through, I assure you she is not typical. But Essex is getting infamous... When I was young, it was simply another county.
(1 July): Thanks for another excellent report, Marion.
Scott is actually quite shrewd, amid his posh accentuation of vowels and consonants, describing the 'presence' or lack of it with the then potential of Lydia or Deana going. He is pontifical, strangely with his hair (that Marion once described as his brain bursting through the top of his skull) now shaped into a kippah-like eruption of orange-knitted lava. Also his kamikaze belittling of the Conor-'purchased' table (almost its phenomenological conception as the essence of Table) was like watching the Martyrdom of St Sebastian...stuck all over with toy-footballers on spinning stakes.
Becky's internal thigh slapping - after Deana describing her as possessiing the Wonder of being comfortable in her own skin - was something that martyred us viewers...
I agree Deana was the star in 'calling' the Luke S and Ashleigh fauxmance. But she, too, is perhaps operating her own moral sting... A fauxmance between two chancers (or one chancer and one gullible individual) and a crusade (such as Deana's) on an unprovable point are both game-ploys that have grown up with BB over the years.
I think I'd keep a cool ployless, plotless head ... like Caroline?
I'm glad you didn't divulge tonight's nominations here ahead of time, Marion. BB's Reality should not become real-time! I look forward to their gradual 'evolution' tonight.
Caroline's stony-faced assurance about who had not talked to her in the last three days begs the question of why she had not talked to them. Ever the mirror reflected back, that lady.
Although I think Deana is playing a game, I'm glad Luke S is rattled. Don't like him.
The Shievonne task was indeed brilliant and natuarlly flowed from her earlier Clownophobia (is there a more psychologically technical expression for that? Like the Stephen King Red Nose and Custard Pie Syndrome?)
Coulrophobia, apparently!
(4 July) Scott Gyrning
I continue to find Marion's reports invaluable for many reasons, e.g. because of the way the Housemates' gyrning and making Pinteresque absurdisms, rolling their eyes up into whites (particularly Caroline) and generally blocking sense with veils of misgotten telepathy-with-grunts-grins-and-gawps. But Marion miraculously seems to be able to transcend all this with her TTA Forum reports. The masque that rolls beneath the Geordie chanting of the Marcus over-voice that seems merely to achieve punctuating further diversions of sense.
An interesting foursome up for grabs this week. I hope Conor goes (he must have conned the auditioners for BB about his true nature). But I fear that Marion may be right about the fulsome current of the Beck flowing ineluctably back to source upon a wave of the TV audience's tactile voting.
Today is Higgs boson day - finding the dirty Diamond in the Cern Zoo. Seems somehow to be running parallel with BB.
Marion wrote: "Is the world ready for yet another fauxmance?"
Or grosmance (pronounced growmance) where a fauxmance becomes real and/or gross with mass or dark matter -- or grows or morphs into something other than faux, if only in the self-deceived minds of the participants of whatever 'mance' it is.
Becky in trousers; I had to laugh at Big Brother saying he couldn't see her legs as they were in army camouflage trousers.
There is a lot of physical and mental gurning going on: even the furniture going green and blue with its own camouflage of 'genius loci'. (Sorry I mispelt gurning as gyrning yesterday: it was almost as if the word itself had started gurning: a vexed texture of text).
The world may have discovered the Higgs boson (or at least its lookalike) and Reality itself (as an extrapolation of Reality TV) has effectively started its gurning process: almost the opening of a Pandora's Box by the discovery of the 'God particle'; the next step will be Avian Flu passing human to human, I fear.
The Big Brother House: the ultimate CERN Zoo.
Meanwhile, I pray (not too strong a word) that Conor is gurnt off on Friday, the scorched earth of his designer stubble on his extended chin and all.
(From Wikipedia: "A typical gurn might involve projecting the lower jaw as far forward and up as possible, and covering the upper lip with the lower lip, though there are other possibilities.")
Marion wrote: "It's coming to something when a man who has spent time in one of America's prisons can be shocked by the behaviour of Britain's youth."
Proof that BB isn't just silly games but a Morailty Tale, too.
But the HMs' heads acting as green or blue loo-brushes was a real 'Happening'! A bit too bitty last night, though. We all know who we hope is going tonight. Becky is shaping up better, so I hope it's not her at least.
Marion wrote: "A lesson must surely have been learned here - you cannot make people see things your way; there is such a thing as objective reality. He tried to drown out their protests by talking over them (he's what my Gran used to refer to as a wee yap o' hell)..."
A lesson for us all, indeed, as this Morality Tale - with Classical Horror's Hubris and Nemesis - Shakesperean even - perspicaciously rolls on. During the live streaming on 5* between cup and interview's lip, it became Continental Art Cinema of the Sixties with close-ups dwelling on faces, almost in dreamy slow-motion as emotions flickered between expressions that escaped involuntarily or were poised deliberately before slipping away again: a true revelation, brilliant TV as only Reality TV of this nature can achieve.
Marion is spot on with her epithet about the interviewee: "prize prat". And about everything else she says above. It turned out perfectly for justice, leaving Conor marooned in his own Sophoclean Tragedy, with Marion and I -- and other members of the audience with whom I'm in touch osmotically -- the Greek Chorus.
(8 July) Marion wrote: "On this board, we talk a great deal about how HMs true characters are revealed in the house but so, it must be said, are the characters of commentators."
We reflect back from the stagings of others in the march of life. And by watching Reality TV we can perhaps fathom even more our own motivations for better or worse.
"It is a dark and opaque side to ourselves, one that we leave untreated at our own peril, but it is also a source of endless humour and amazement, so that we can also enjoy the subject as we suffer it." Robert Trivers
And thus gratifying to see grizzled Conor blubbing in the arms of Luke S. But, meanwhile, we tell ourselves that we were born to love and be loved, even Conor...
The enduring image for me last night was the blue towelling of a mountainous Sultan from Sinbad's days attempting to mimick another religion in the shape of a Buddha with the disarming drawback of speaking from Caroline's face.
Marion said: "She reminded me of that blue caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland!"

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way –"
My highlight was Scott reciting that in his articulate poshese from beneath his kippah of orange brain-hair.
Yes, the Shievonne jape is to turn seeeerious... Adam, watch out.
That is brilliant, Marion, your blue caterpillar Caroline.
My original conceit above was a merging of these two:

And this is the current Diary Room chair:

Marion wrote: "Conor is a man of few words - so he just keeps repeating them."
Indeed. And when a love-circle was proposed he probably first thought of something else.
Seriously, I think BB stepped over the mark with the entrapment of Adam. Made it more into a voyeuristic hothouse psychological investigation into human behaviour when taken to extremes of personal interaction rather than a Reality TV game which often borders on that 'hothouse', true, but hopefully doesn't cross the line into deliberate manipulative cruelty.
Marion wrote re Shievonne: "She flapped them at BB, threw them up in the air, then from side to side, even circled her own head with them - a magician making magic passes. She said she'll be carried out of the house on a stretcher and duly crossed her arms over her chest to symbolise a corpse."
In all the years I've been watching and commenting piecemeal on BB seasons, I don't think I've ever thought to compare the DR to a religious Confessional, with a priest (here BB) on the other side of the grille. With Scott's lengthy meticulous pickings out at his thoughts. Shievonne's eschatology described above. [I coined the word eschairtology recenty, as it happens (HERE in connection with a Reggie Oliver story)!] And I could go on with this analogy!
Like Marion, I have no idea re the unseen backstory of Sara and Luke A.
I think Caroline at one point said that Scott would win this BB season. I'm beginning to think she's right.
Yes, I forgot Sara is an ultra-Royalist. Ashleigh looks like a frail flower of an innocent abroad, as you imply, Marion, but in nobody else has there been an innocence so subsumed by an inner archetypal Essexisation...and, meanwhile, even I knew that the Queen's dogs are corgis.
I still depend on your reports to set me straight, Marion. Until I read it this morning, I thought last night's show was confusing, mostly inaudible and boring, and I see I was right on the first two but not, retrocausally, on the third!
Conor to go tomorrow night!


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Fugue for Black Thursday – George Berguño

Excerpt from my real-time reveiw HERE.

“Time grows in all directions, sprouting new limbs and branches.”
I was opportunely listening to Mozart’s Piano Sonata K333 (just finished being broadcast on BBC Radio 3) while I was reading this story. You will know why opportune when you read it. Also the story today has another opportune synchronicity with the Ukraine-Poland Euro Football Tournament with references in this story to Drohobycz (and the England footballers being taken to visit Auschwitz in the last few days) – and synchronicity with the evil things today going on in Syria. Do I dare belittle the story by calling it Whovian? Still, this truly great story has variations on the theme of Time’s Arrow concerning Bruno the Jew and his three pictorial sketches: following a quote from ‘Tempus Incognitum: a small town in Ukraine’ - Berguño’s story being narrated from the ostensible POV of a first person singular Gestapo officer in 1942 and 1983. Fascinating, intriguing, devastating. “…man or woman or child, old or young, just kill for the sake of killing.” (12 June 2012 - 10.05 a.m. bst)

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Big Brother - Summer 2012

Continued from HERE
Copied and pasted from the discussion with Marion HERE

[Adam Kelly, Arron Lowe, Ashleigh Hughes, Benedict Garret, CarolineWharram, Chris James, Conor McIntyre, Deana Uppal, Lauren Carre, Luke Anderson, Luke Scrase, Lydia Louisa, Sara McLean, Scott Mason, Shievonne Robinson, Victoria Eisermann] [Later: Becky Hannon]

Hey, I've just realised it's started tonight!!! I'll have to catch up - hoping that Marion does her usual aide memoire. Seriously, I may not have much time this season to watch it regularly.
I've just had a quick look. They all seem like model men and women of a similar age (all good looking) out to get a career in show business. A bit of a talent show rather than the old-fashioned Big Brother...
I saw some of last night. A crowd of people growing on me. Some interesting individuals. I hope we're not going to have Shilpa Shetty type trouble surrounding Deana! A charming woman. Not sure about my fellow Essex-mate, though (Ashleigh?). Quite like Lydia's eventual attitude to her nomination. Hopes she doesn't go.
The usual sex talk gets a bit boring, though. And was that someone with a sock tattooed to his foot and calf? i.e a real tattoo looking as if it is a sock!? Seems a symbol for our times.
I got fed up with the Luke A's 'backstory'. Loved the way Chris brought his chipmunk voice into the sexual spectrum vis a vis this backstory. I couldn't concentrate at all well last night, because I think there are too many people and I get confused. I shall hopefully come into my own once the population has reached ten.
Who is the one with the tattooed sock? I've forgotten. I really think this 'sock' is a symbol for our times and for this population of shuttling counters on the ludo board of mock-celebrity amid theatrically projected intention and misintention.
There was a storm outside making the eviction's process within the studio. Later there was another storm - a sudden squawking tornado - now inside the House itself. Becky Hannon. Only 19 but looks like an unwrinkled middle-ager. The hot tub overflowed when her first action was getting into it. But that fulsome gushing was caused by the tornado's lamina flows rather than the water's meniscus displacement. Mustn't be ungallant.
Victoria was rather engaging in her interview. A sad loss.
Lauren is developing as a interesting face.
Must take a closer look at Caroline...I hadn't really noticed her before her tub-side chat with the Becky-in-eruption-eructation.
Yes, Chris entered my radar with an accreting splurge like (the title is an ink blot) by Gahan Wilson - for all the reasons Marion gives HERE. This show is shaping up with grotesque promise. Not sure I can stand the pace!
(I'm not sure why - but I think Caroline is one for my radar to watch out for.)
(11 June) I've been spending all day wondering what to add to Marion's wonderful report of last night's programme. The housemates are promising a classic BB season, and my worst fears on day one are not being borne out. Worst fears about humanity however are being borne out by this series, but in the interests of a case study constructively derived from Reality TV. Best hopes don't always give us best food for thought ... about life, the universe, everything.
LATER: Well, tonight's episode provides an interesting psychological dilemma or conundrum regarding Becky's special mission via-a-vis Deana, and her reaction, and then Becky's counter-reaction. The ladies here are quite complex, as is Sara (with her Royalism and her under-the blanket chat with Becky, although this has vibes of the school playground) and Lydia claiming she is "being fed to a pack of wolves like a slab of meat". I'm sure there are hidden depths to Caroline, too - but we are never allowed see her to test this theory out. And Lauren is interesting, too, with a vague pouting 'clown' face that resonates with Caroline's.
Marion wrote HERE: ... His stiff gelled hair looks as if his brains are seeping through his skull - Thanks for the apt description of Scott, Marion.
Day by day, we are ever being entrammelled by the collective guile and naivety of this whole group. I can't believe Becky is only 19. That bit about the moon, wasn't she talking about mooning rather than being a moon.
Benedict: his talk of 'pleasuring' in the bath and the way he said it to camera plus his whole persona and backstory - he is the only real sore thumb. The sooner he goes the better.
But of the two up for nomination, I prefer Arron to go.
And we got a better view of Caroline last night. She is a half-garbled throwaway line in the collectivity but often throwaway lines are important.
One of the best BB tasks ever - the prevent-yourself-laughing-or-grinning task in the face of clowns (both funny and Shievonnesque) - stilted and pie-chucking ... and in face of the natural tendency for mankind to laugh or grin when amused, emabrrassed, scared and simply 'at sea' in life's interactions. They even had the real Keith Harris and Orville turn up to ignite laughter.
The HMs were like Frankenstein's monsters trying (and often failing) to mould their faces by gyrning or gawping or yawning towards a serious expression without their fragile humanity also cracking - cracking in mirth and/or the general entrropy of self-made monsters. Arron's costumes he was made to wear by BB were just one ingredient in this thought-provoking as well as hilarious task.  And Caroline's and Benedict's imperviously straight faces.
If one takes Chris at face value, he is out of his depth on the show - cracking up in a way that is painful to watch - and he should go tomorrow for his own sake.
(15 June) Marion wrote: In the end, he came across as a multifaith atheist.
Well, however much we dislike the persona presented on BB by Benedict, he has created a new term in the Philosophy of Religion! Breaking new ground even on Google! Thanks, Marion.
Chris and Caroline are interesting characters, and I agree that the latter showed her dark side yesterday, but there is something attractively intractable or inscrutable about her - and her hair.
Isn't Sara tall? Ostensibly, the younger man's eye candy of this BB season. I can't talk for old men yet! But her slavish Monarchism of the UK kind seems both complex and simple-minded. Which goes back to my idea of this BB Collectivity of Guile and Naivety, not something simply cross-sectioning at times the group piecemeal (i.e. individual 1 (being guileful), individual 2 (being naive)) but often cross-sectioning each discrete individual within the group.
To add to Marion's report - we saw Benedict struggling against himself naturally defaulting towards being the group's 'Daddy' or alpha male.
In many ways, sorry to see Chris go. He had so much more to give. A self-proclaimed alpha male, but within an imaginary alphabet with only one letter: not omega, but helium.
Marion wrote: The other day, Benedict established himself as a multi-faith atheist. Tonight he has declared himself a multi-sexual heterosexual. [...]Talk about trying to please all of the people all of the time...
I am grateful for your reports, Marion, not only for their scintillating shafts of wisdom, wit and sharp observation (I mean that genuinely), but also because I often can't hear what the HMs are saying to each other. It may be my TV's sound or my aging ears, but whatver the case, you clear up many mysteries for me, Marion.
I said to watch Caroline even before she said anything on our screens, I think the records will show. Her blood is acid. Her hair an unruly hedge.
Marion wrote: And it is surely better to aspire to Mr Darcy than Mr Casaubon!
Better Tom Jones than Joseph Andrews? In fact, with my real-time reviewing, I myself have, I fear, the Casaubon Delusion.
Big Brother is today's Gulliver's Travels or Modest Proposal or Rape of the Lock, today's Alexander Pope masquerading as Jonathan Swift and vice versa. We learn so much from BB.
Hilarious, tonight. Benedict's Cult of Onanism. The expression "getting his point across" was used by the Announcer. And Benedict (with his deadpan face) mentioned to Caroline about trying to get her to see "where he was coming from." Straight up.
Lydia worrying about the group now being seen as part of Benedict's sexual safety-valve evangelism was spot on.
Caroline attempting to eat a fish-eye was another highlight!
As I said earlier, I agree with Lydia's point of view on Benedict's sexual evangelism. Marion's view, too, spoken later.
Benedict is serious (hilarious in his deadpan seriousness) in trying to acclimatise anyone (who thinks otherwise) that onanism should be a socially acceptable safety-valve ("just like brushing one's teeth," he said) to prevent possible repercussions of forced/unwise actions beyond one's self....and sincerely believes his blatant showiness in the shower will reduce the ostensible self-shame or stigma of such an act. I don't think his theory-in-practice (a theory taken for argument's sake on its own terms) has worked in the context of BB.
Benedict is indeed a strange cove. His mouth expresses the ultimate passive/aggressive knowingness - with a Chinese Wall beyond which we can only guess at his inner emotions, emotions pulling the strings of his clinical, socially-minded, hard-faced, hard-core porn underpinned by his multi-tentacled heterosexuality and his multifaith atheism and his schoolteacherly postures.
I am at a loss about Lauren's nomination. She seems to be the group's collective-unconscious offering of a sacrificial lamb towards some vaguely disinterested God who has created Benedict almost as a hobby or experiment to while away Eternity.
And, yes, Marion, I prefer BB when the HMs are not allowed to discuss was mostly the case in the past.
(21 June) I have to disagree with Marion. I found the lab-rats task quite boring, especially when compared to the 'non-laughter' task last week. Some good moments that Marion draws out above, though. I go through a phase - at least once in every series - where I think all the HMs are chancers and unreal. But that's life I suppose.
I'm coming round to wanting Lauren to leave this week and the 'interesting' Benedict to stay.
Marion wrote: Hooray! Nomination talk has been banned!
Fresh from my increasing success with Portugal on the TTA Forum Euro Football thread/sweepstake, I am also pleased that the BB Authorities seem to have read our comments here, Marion, about the HMs' boring nomination-natter.
Lydia is quite a gal. Her weaselly elfin face is sleek and hints at whisker preening as ploys and steely stances fleet through her over-active Machiavellian brain. One to watch. So different from the bushy-tailed Caroline...who seems to be infected by Lauren's understated bird-flu of the spirit.
Becky's inner robot coming to the surface of the puppy-stuffing in prone, frozen moon-walking was another highlight.
Meanwhile, Benedict is shaping up to be the ultimate conspirator, conniver, with that down-turned trapezium mouth in mock passive/aggressivenes to conceal the power of the intellect suppling up its muscles within, emerging now and again like a series of verbal-materialized orcs to defend him against any imaginary inner-robots peeling off sporadically from communal psycho-cages or temporary alliances of other HMs' simple minds and machinations, paradoxically more important now that nomination-natter has been still-birthed in its tracks.
Re Benedict, I mean all those things, Marion. Obnoxious behaviour. I am sorry I supported him at any stage. I bet the BB/ch.5 were also worried when he took that heavy chair up to the top of the stairs leading out, ready to throw it into the crowd in a violent tantrum...?
I think they should make a film called Caroline's hair...
Her obsequious reaction to Benedict following his diatribe... well, she hasn't got acid in her veins as I thought...or maybe it was some sort of 'scorched earth' strategy with as yet mysterious outcome........building on a new 'tabula rasa' of self??
I'm finding myself rethinking the whole set of people. I don't think I like any of them. Maybe Adam and Deana are OK.