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Mat and Hilda were a couple who did a lot of role-playing to spice up their marriage. Often they never knew if the other one was being serious or pretending. That is the art of role-playing -- to believe in your own role and that of the other with the excitement of not knowing when one role turned into the real self and vice versa. I'm not an expert, of course. I'm only going on what Mat and Hilda told me -- but what they told me separately was often different from what they told me together.

Eventually they invited me to join in with their games. Knowing I was single, they presumably thought I was flexible enough to fit in to whatever they decided I should do. I would be so grateful for their company I would be amenable for any demeaning role, even a situation that bordered between life and death. Or so they thought.

My only experience was a Murder Dinner, one that I once attended as a gypsy girl in drag -- and I ended up being the murderer. I spent many years in prison as a result -- but that was better than being the one who was murdered. A life inside was better than a life without. But of course all those years turned out to be imaginary and here I was about to be welcomed by Mat and Hilda on the night of the ultimate role-play.

I had been told at first there would be nobody at all in the house and that I should make myself at home inside and there would be plenty of nibbles scattered about. And I was to expect the unexpected -- and I suspected that I would not recognise Mat and Hilda when they eventually arrived. This seemed a bit off because the original thought of mine was one of pleasure at being in Mat and Hilda's company. But to sit there in an empty house, listening to the clock tick, fiddling with cheesy crisps in a half-hearted fashion, sipping lukewarm Lucozade, expecting, at best, complete strangers....

None of this really seemed fair. I imagined myself back in prison - and the windows grew bars before my very eyes. But I was woken from my day-dream by the sound of steps coming down the stairs. I had earlier been upstairs but there had been nobody around. I even poked my head in the loft and the various cupboards.

The soft crump of carpet slippers, the shamble and shuffle in the hall ... then Mat and Hilda hopefully bursting into the room dressed in wonderful costumes and make-up, wanting me to enjoy playing up to the role they wanted me to play...

I watched the door slowly open --

-- and then slowly shut again. Somehow, I knew it wasn't me inside the room. It was me out in the hall not daring to come in, terrified at the thought of who may be inside the room in my place.  A gypsy girl in ghostly drag -- once called Mathilda  -- looking inside the mirror above the fireplace and seeing nobody there.

[Last night's speed-writing exercise at the Clacton Third Thursday Group.]

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Big Brother - Summer 2013

Part (2): Continued from HERE.

16/7/13 (later)
I have now looked at the footage shown last night on the TV programme. Chilling, indeed, and although I do not disagree with anything said above about Daley, I do wonder whether Hazel should have been thrown out, too.

I saw the interview, too. I think it is a Shakespearean tragedy - Daley is overtly very articulate but in many ways inarticulate and confused about his own feelings. Hazel seems still to be fulfilling her audition promise that once scared Gina* so much and I still do not exonerate Hazel from irresponsible taunting (and if a man had so forcibly and blatantly pulled down a woman's pants he would have been immediately and rightly evicted without any later opportunity to explain it to a sympathetic housemate), but she did not deserve the dark endgame in the secret room and Daley was right to apologise for his own unforgiveable actions. He should also have apologised to Hazel directly.
* “Hazel.. well, I dunno. You said that you’re going integrate into the group for two weeks, and then you’re going to s**t stir. And you said you’re evil inside,” Gina claimed.
PS: I also noticed that Hazel jumped into bed with Daley on the morning after the incident.
[There are transgressions that are worthy of immediate eviction, in descending order of objective seriousness: call them A, B, C. And similarly descending transgressions all worthy of an initial formal warning: D, E, F.
If Daley was guilty of A, Hazel was guilty of C, I feel, just on the evidence of the 15 minutes or so shown at the end of the previous night's summary programme.]

An excellent shopping task for a change and thanks, Marion, for the usual wonderful description.
Something very SF about being frozen in time and having other bodies walk around who are not frozen in time. And the Hms did very well.
I, too, believed that BB lobbed in the tennis ball. But surely not. But if it crossed the minds of us two, then, maybe it's true. It would be like playing with fire and would be reprehensible, if BB did lob it in. There was a tennis ball found before in this series left exactly where the camera could focus on the writing. Dexter found this earlier ball but didn't impart its information, I recall. This time they did not need to focus on it, as Sophie picked it up and immediately read it aloud.
Back to the Daley-Hazel incident; they were both drunk. I sense, the more I think about it, that this started off as a mutual role-playing exercise (which they possibly felt consciously or sub-consciously appropriate in the context of BB and one instinctively designed to make a buzz), one that got out of hand. Many couples, I believe, role-play in their normal life together, from which they get a kick. I saw a stage-play about this subject recently at the theatre, i.e. THE LOVER by Harold Pinter which is about just such a situation. And Hazel is arguably still play-acting about it. For her perceived actions (the blatant physical exposure of Daley, her own dubious handling of Daley's neck and play-slapping him, her audition espousal of 'evil', her getting into bed with Daley *after* the event etc), I am still convinced that Hazel should also have been thrown out. Daley was the worst offender (unforgiveably so), but that does not prevent lesser offences being properly punished, too.
I hope you don't mind me exploring this as it develops in my mind. We have always debated the possibilities when significant events occur since discussing BB from 2004. Or perhaps I should have let sleeping dogs lie with the signal break-up initially preventing me seeing the incident. :)
Marion wrote: I think we witnessed something important happening there, something that happens in domestic abuse cases - that eerie change in his manner, almost trancelike, when Jekyll disappeared and he came back to himself...
Yes, I'm sure you're right. And spot on with that description, Marion. This thread is something important happening, too, I feel.
Marion wrote: As for Hazel still playacting - hmmmm. Ther problem is ,I think, that she doesn't quite know how to react - too stunned.
I hear a rumour that she has told the other Hms that she misses Daley and wants him back on the show. But that's the Daily Star for you! (Or Daley Star!)
Marion wrote:  There was a barber's shop quartet as well singing the 'You're all fake' song and making outrageous allegations, the most outrageous being that Dan isn't really gay. .
Perhaps not so outrageous. I had already been wondering that point - this is his method of being allowed to caress and canoodle the opposite sex?
I hope the twins go tonight
(later)Marion wrote: Maybe he really is a mole in that floral vest? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Marion wrote: Hms in the secret room are not immune from nomination at all - and tomorrow thy are to select another HM to join them. This is a twist too far. Whatever happened to the clarion call to the punlic - 'You decide'?
Indeed, Marion. Sam and Sophie are, I believe, due to choose someone else for the secret room but will they know their choice, like themselves, will automatically be up for eviction? Sadly, they won't choose Hazel as they think that will bring back bad memories for her. And I am losing interest in this residual group. Gina (Nikki) will win - although Nikki in her day, didn't actually win the show but she won the fame afterwards. Perhaps Charlie as a dark horse. Dexter's cartwheel was symbolic of something, not sure of what yet, though. He is the man of many faces to face the world - more so than Callum.

Charlie seemed to get out of hand now that mum's mummed off.
And I can't imagine Sam and Sophie ever getting interesting even when they've now had their heads put above the parapet.
In fact I am losing the will to live about all of them!
But totally loved Gina's imitation of the Essex accent a night or so ago. The only HM with star potential.
Marion wrote: He and Callum indulged in a balletic amorous rivalry full of yearnings and unrealised passions, Callum to the point of being scary , what with intense facial contortions, windfarm gestures, and deeply meaningful intense stares. Dexter flitted round her like a butterfly dying to laugh. In the end, Charlie delared Dexter sweet and Dexter announced that he and Charlie were like two planets aligning themselves. I don't know that this what BB had hoped for but it served him right and it was very funny.
Funny, Marion, how your later-than-normal reports make me enjoy the whole programme for the first time - retrocausally, as it were. Thanks.
Yes, Dexter is a loose catalyst - and hard to read. Good BB-type provocation
Gina screeched a lot last night with another Nikki-like tantrum. I don't think you mentioned her much in your long report, Marion, but she is likely to win the whole show, they say.
The Love Square emerged last night. Charlie - Dexter- Dan - Callum.
Despite Marion's excellent report - I think this lot are trying too hard (to make an entertaining show), i.e. beyond their own natural personalities ... and I AM losing the will to live... As to Sophie and Sam, they are like people on a fairground ride just to keep others company. They don't try hard enough. The Twins tweedle along as ever.

Marion wrote: I am still not happy with this twist. We can laugh at HMs or criticise them but they are doing their best to entertain and don't deserve a cruelty like this. And it is cruel to let Sophie and Sam be happy thinking they've done Dan a favour and lent him some of their immunity. It is cruel to let the rest of the HMs worry for the week that they are all up for eviction.
Wise words, oh soothsayer.
The most hilarious thing last night was further evidence of the complete unsuitability of Sam and Sophie to be HMs in a BB show. I wonder how they got through the auditions

Callum was impressive last night as the therapist. However, in the old days BB did not have such artificial set-ups but proper games and tasks.
His scrying widget was however sheer genius and alone worth winning the whole show for. The synchronised spokes of random truth and fiction.
Gina has the widest margins of (i) prepared sleek and puckish beauty and (ii) non made-up gurning when just awake ... whereby you can't believe they are the same person..

Marion wrote: I'm beginning to hate BB personally.
The task was silly, too, and irritating. Callum as a Robbie Williams lookalike is the only reasonably entertaining thing at the moment. Gina was told something that Dexter said in the diary room (will the HMs ever say anything sincere and private again in the diary room, a place that should be as sacrosanct as a confessional?).
Gina speaks of 'the public' as some sort of likeable single-minded wise being like an Oracle (which is in the tradition of BB if not always its current practice) and presumably for this Oracle to call Hazel the snake of the house must have been based on their watching of the Daley and Hazel footage available to them, i.e. the two of them that made that particular tango (which is also my own view), so I am willing to go along with that judgement in the old 'You Decide' philosophy of BB. But the judgement should never have been imparted to Hazel while she is still a HM. That was cruel.

Irrespective of the game-spoiling represented by BB's gradual verifying* of the Hms' self-ranking as to the Public Oracle voting on the eventual result (how many voted and who and why bother with the final, we might as well all go home now with our tennis balls?), yes, irrespective of all that, I was surprised at the result. Why Sam and Sophie so high, for example? And Callum so low? But the Public tides are now already set in motion, and none of us can even try to be Canute.
*unless that was a 'lie', too, rather than breaking what should have remained a 'secret'?

Marion wrote: In the end, Sam, who will not get out of bed (or get into it without his sheepskin jacket) ,and smug dour little Sophie who has contributed very little to the house, won the public voters over. I canot see why, unless it was a case of the vote was split between them. At any rate, we have lost a vivid HM to a pair of mediocrities.
Indeed. And Emma Willis made no Secret of this when interviewing Dan.
Also I agree about the Twins. Intermittent visions of poopy fat that - like the thought of Kinga's wine bottle - will outlast the people themselves.
Meanwhile, Gina believes Hazel is evil because she saw evidence of Hazel claiming to be evil on film. As was later borne out by the cold evidence of two drunken people being or pretending to be 'evil', also on film, a film that Gina hasn't yet seen.

Marion wrote: I have commented before on the richness of Dexter's metaphors, far better than Callum's if that is any test of mental superiority.
Yes, but only Callum had the widget of spokes his demonstration of which has been this season's highlight for me.
Spot on, Marion, with the Dandy and Beano japes concerning the stakes, boos, brown Es etc, and an example, too, of BB's comic book cruelties that, in real comics, don't affect people but only anthropomorphised drawings of animals like Biffo the Bear. I think the HMs are getting more and more war weary with all this which is not a good recipe for flair and entertaining repartee.

Marion wrote: There were the usual caricatures of HMs and stick persons - Callum's was strange though. In it he bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, resisting the force of a central explosion, and there was a long dark tunnel at the end of a straight road through which he swore there was light. The odd thing was that he was the only HM in the picture. The Twins think he needs therapy - that may well be true.
Most geniuses need therapy! Callum is the only original in the house. Well, Gina, too. For that alone, he or she should win.
It seemed somehow symbolic that Gina bears out Hazel's own opinion of herself by seeing evil in her eyes. The camera shots are not close enough for viewers to judge, but I am prepared to believe Gina sees evil in them. And then Charlie tries to gouge Hazel's eyes out with a cucumber! Only on BB!
Still, in the main, the haunting figures in the BB sponsored advert for 'S*perc*sino' (asterisks because this forum does not allow you to post the full name of this company), -- i.e. the blonde woman striding toward the table, the cool laconic guy with untidy hair but handsome face etc and the spinning chip and the no. 17 or the no. 20 -- are far more interesting than this set of HMs in general!

Callum nominated Dexter, saying that he should be in prison because talking such utter crap for so long is surely against the law.
If that were true, our prisons would be even more overcrowded and most of us would have to be allowed to stay at home to continue our illegal ways unpunished. That sounds like a good SF plot to write...
Marion wrote:
Sam the Sleeper resides in the house, pristine and free of nominations. So does Sophie. And we are at risk of losing Callum, Dexter or Hazel if the Ghastly Twins aren't kicked out. And if there are two evictions this week, even if the Twins go, we will lose another big character while Sam snoozes and Sophie scowls.
Many still live under the radar in real life. I'm beginning to think that is a good idea. I'm intending to slip away from interaction on the internet. As a start, I left Facebook nearly two months ago and fiddled with Twitter for a day or so only to abandon it for good. 'Horror Without Victims' is my last book and I feel in my heart that I am heading toward the end of my pretentious real-time reviewing. And this will probably be my last season of BB commentating. And then I shall be like those old people who used to sit at home listening to 'Have A Go, Joe' with Wilfred Pickles on the steam wireless and pottering around the house or garden as long as their legs don't give out, with very few remembering they are still there, still alive, till they are dead. Ah bliss.

You know, after the recorded revelation of HMs making their nominations while they are still HMs not only prevents BB from asking these particular HMs for frank nominations in the diary room again but also prevents BB from asking any HMs in future BBs from doing the same. The cat is finally out of the bag. And BB is finished.

A much more interesting programme last night, one that was truly on the uncomfortable edge of truth - where BB excels and where nothing can equal it, nothing dramatic (theatrical or fictional) or real (the news, real life). It started off with a remarkably articulate real wrestler (looking a bit like Michael the 'postman' now physically beefed up) who also was genuinely frightening in arranging the task - as Callum was frightening later with his purple mist echoing the vision in his earlier painting -
(Daley and Hazel had some sort of mutual mist, too, earlier in the series. Perhaps it's in the air there?)
Dexter, in his own way, was also frightening as his reaction to Callum developed cumulatively.
Gina and Hazel (despite the latter's reputed 'evil') were kittens, by comparison.
This is the first time for ages I've left a BB programme still thinking about it constructively as well as anxiously. And Sam gained some mist points too via his passionate words to Dexter about Dexter's own pre-fight trash talk with Callum. Sophie, too, with her appraisal of the situation in the DR. Why DID Callum bring his own family into the argument?

Marion wrote:
All I hope for is the eviction of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Me, too. And, if two evictions, Hazel along with them.
The Dexllum feud is too priceless to lose from Wonderland.
Feuds are a fact of life, sadly, in this age of the Jabberwiki.

Callum's whole essence in the house was Cumulative Calumny: it started with seeing Dexter as a rival, but then his concocted duplicitous backstory for Dexter grew and grew upon itself until even Callum believed his Calumny - and now it is an obsession of overbearing bitter truth based on a lie that Dexter the real person and Dexter the game-playing Housemate are the same thing (which they *may* be but magnified out of all proportion when seen through the hothouse glass darkly). This obsession may now diminish as he gets some perspective from outside among his friends and family, just as probably Sallie, outside the house, gradually saw her sheer hatred of the equivalence of Michael the actor (the real person) with Michael the postman (the game-playing calumnious 'Housemate') was equally unsustainable or otherwise it would eat her up.
Marion wrote: I am gaining more respect for Hazel, I must say.
Yes, she is managing to 'regroup' her persona, despite sharing the mutual "mental mist" with Daley (him then being justly punished by being taken out of the game and she not).

Marion wrote:
Now, Des, we're never going to agree on that one. She didn't threaten violence and she didn't threaten death - that's why he's out and she's still in.
And she's a much more interesting HM now that he's gone.
She invited what she got, if you watch solely the evidence of the whole scene in question. And, indeed, she didn't threaten violence, but she enacted it!
I think what they both said and did to each other was unforgivable. However, his behaviour, I agree, was worse than hers, when taken at face value. We mustn't forget, meanwhile, both were taking these actions with the full knowledge that they were being filmed for public watching.
We were not chance witnesses to a private domestic situation but part of many witnesses to a television event, staged by both parties, as is borne out by the footage. Both deserved immediate eviction for crossing a line, in my view.
So it will be a travesty if she wins. And, thus, for me, she does not deserve any respect at all. It is the above introduction of the words 'more respect' into this context that I am currently finding difficult to stomach, not a reprise of an old debate on which we know we beg to differ.
Disregarding any of that, I don't actually find her an interesting housemate, either. :)
Marion  wrote:
I'm sure Daley was terrified of her! :mrgreen:
She's the only one who had the gumption to tell Callum to put a sock in it. She's a match for Gina when it comes to last words. She's got Dexter on side and sorted Charlie without actually quarrelling with her. She has never faltered in the tasks, no matter how gross. On top of all that, she has survived a week of BB bullying.
She deserves some credit for being such a tough cookie.
But she should never have been left there to prove what a tough cookie she may be.
She may win, I accept.
PS: if she is such a tough cookie, that should also now be factored retrospectively into the earlier incident with Daley.

Marion wrote:
The Twins in their flabby glory were foisted on us yet again right at the opening of the show. They they were, all a-wobble at the shower in the garden, lovingly documented by the cameras. Why, I ask myself? Why? They were not interesting, not witty, not insightful, anything but beautiful, and yet we were expected to watch. It got worse in the bedroom when in their usual hilarious fashion they romped, dropping one another on the floor and screaming with laughter. There followed a ticklefest in which other Hms joined in, encouraging the brats in hilarity and flatulence.
We are on all fours on that, Marion. :)
Sam is a strange kettle of fish, with a sporadic, slightly tormented uplift of its lid to show it's boiling.
On the whole, my winner is indeed Gina, as the least bad choice.

An excellent report, Marion. Two weeks to go! And then immediately I presume there will be a CBB to follow on? How can we cope with all these riches?
Sam's lid was rattling away last night. Out of his depth, but may receive the sympathy vote.
I felt sorry for Dexter as that was another cruel task handed out by BB to Gina, though she did it well!
And Sophie did another "I'm not bothered" speech. She is growing on me, being an Essex boy myself, although she is probably more East London than Essex, though they do blur together and I do come from East London stock as well as being born and living in Essex ... and Welsh on my father's side!

Continued HERE.

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Books with Souls

Garry Nurrish's logo throughout 'Weirdmonger' (2003)
The design (by Garry Nurrish) throughout 'Weirdmonger' (2003) by DF Lewis

“I feel that the souls of original writers — for the more original a writer is, the more powerful is the pressure of his projected soul — are real presences that have their dwelling inside the printed pages of the author’s books;…” – from ‘The Inmates’ by John Cowper Powys

 “Every book has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.” — from ‘The Shadow Of The Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

 "What we're saying is that the magazine is more than the contents: it's the physicality of product which adds to the volume something more than the words themselves. E-books have their place (I think most of my own output is available in e-book), but they do create a homogenous reading experience. As much as anything else, it's also a willingness to be different, to buck the trend. Those people with an affinity to this will be those who become our readers." -- Andrew Hook (HERE)

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HPL the Panther

HP Lovecraft Texts

I have been informed recently that the Oxford University Press has just published HPL fiction using the original magazine texts.

It’s a question of debate, in my view, as to which are the texts best used, i.e. EITHER the ones that the author approved or allowed by default into magazines etc. when he was alive and that effectively created his ‘fame’ in the first place OR his original manuscripts as revised texts that have been brought forward after he died? I suspect, with HPL, that some of the former are preferable to the latter but also vice versa, as someone was demonstrating recently on the TLO thread.

Well, if HPL complained again and again in his lifetime about the original magazine texts, and if we have hard evidence for that contention, then it would lend support to the argument that only the revised texts should apply.  But as an exponent of the age-seasoned literary theory of the Intentional Fallacy,  I also feel that this is a complicated matter and that each original magazine text and each revised text  should be treated on their individual merits and, in hindsight, if HPL could look down from where he is now, he may even agree with that!!

Caveat: I was brought up on the Panther texts of HPL fiction in the 1960s, with which I fell in love.

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Versionary Literature

I arguably coined these words and expressions: ‘zeroism, egnisomicon, egnisism’ in conjunction with PF Jeffery (1967), ‘whofage’ in conjunction with PF Jeffery (1973), ‘agra aska’ (1983), ‘weirdmonger’ (1988), use of ‘brainwright’ in modern times (1990), Salustrade (1992) use of ‘yesterfang’ in modern times (1997), ‘wordhunger’ (1999), ‘nemonymous, ‘nemonymity’, late-labelling, veils-&-piques’ (2001), ‘denemonise’ (2002), ‘megazanthus’, ‘weirdonymous’, ‘chasing the noumenon’ (2003), ‘wordonymous’, ‘wordominous’, ‘the-ominous-imagination’, revelling in vulnerability (2004), ‘a woven fire-wall of words’, ‘the synchronised shards of random truth and fiction’, ‘nemoguity’, ‘vexed texture of text’, ‘fictipathy’, ‘nemotion’, ‘the hawler’, ‘the angel megazanthus’, ‘klaxon city’, ‘horrorism’ when used as a word for the philosophy of horror fiction (2005), ‘publication-on-reading’, ‘antipodal angst’, ‘the tenacity of feathers’, ‘a writer’s mandala’, ‘wordy weird’, ‘nemophilia / nemophobia’, ‘magic fiction’ as the obverse of the more common expression ‘magic realism’, ‘weirdtongue’ as the ‘name’ of a language, ‘Glistenberry’ as an alternative name for ‘Glastonbury’, ‘tonguage’ as a ‘conscious’ language, ‘yester-eggs’ as a term for Proustian ‘selves’, ‘the parthenogenesis of reality from artifice’, ‘all is for the pest in the pest of all worlds’, ‘Baffles’ as fables with muffled morals (2006), ‘fanblade fable’, ‘abutting the if’, ‘word clones / word clowns’, ‘bumps for books’, ‘rite of review’, ‘cone zero’, ‘a basket of coinages’ (2007), ‘small press cover ark(ive), the baser pulps’ ‘orrorfaces’, ‘the wheel culture’, ‘netogenic’, the first fiction about a ‘drogulus’, ‘Innerskull’, ‘meganthus‘ (2008), ‘CERN Zoo’ in literature, ‘Real-Time Reviewing‘, ‘ligottum‘, ‘the pit and the pessimum‘, ‘ligottus‘, ‘fubbcuckle’, ‘extraneity creep’, ‘pillowghost’, ‘intowards’, ‘powderghost’, ‘nightmare’s moat’ (2009), ‘THE TENSES’, ‘scream munch’ as another word for ‘captcha’, ‘skight’ – threepenny bit, ‘invitations from within’, ‘novellatory’, ’Ress’, ‘Venn Dreams’, ‘Tearsheet Doll’, scanbuncle, A Götterdämmerung of Guts , Holistic Horror (2010), SFtopia, Salustraders / Overspacers, Novellarette, Inquel, Gaddafery, Jungian autonymity, sudracide, an impesto novel, trendbaffler, our planet as reliquary, fictionatronics, Lovecraftianisation, “To know the worst is also to know the best“, vignellarette, “Nothing is controlled by logic other than logic itself.”, nightgators, Horror Genreators, dicksplay, roman littoral, ghostalt, poltergeistalt, horrasy, Horrasy: The Horrastic and the Heuristic, srednibution, srednidipity, Lovecraftian indescriptivities, bememorise, alephantiasis, reva-menders, metapomorphic, rarifiction, neoloquism, Was the God Particle born instable? (2011), angelivalent, literal-meaning dreaming, the ‘Higgs boson’ of Horror, The Weirdonomicon, Aickmania, shortcomings harnessed are stronger than strengths unused, privacy-trawler, disarming strangeness in connection with Robert Aickman, Fiction is like currency: belief is everything, oblique concomitant / oblique contaminant, age at the edge, A writer should make clouds shine even if the world’s sun has gone, The Call of the Silly, pastilential, eschairtology, e-born, read-tangler, ghorror, the authorial cloud, grosmance, quixotiose, most placating is playacting, ‘friendly fire’ fiction, dilemmachination, absurface, aeontonomous, HobbYiSt / Hobbit, aeontonomy, Horror Without Victims, fuckerlode, Earkth, Pronoun Horror, The Ives of November, PreMonday-ition, NoV – No Victims, an amid-life crisis, God created Ground in His own image by adding ‘run’ to His name, Old boots are always better than no boots, truth is never brash, End tring, Tendring is Trending, HorNET Nest, The empty future expects our arrival soon, if you fit, wear yourself, The Worldwide Cliff (2012), quantitative kamikaze, The Ohm Resistor of Literature, Only real books can be left anonymously on chairs, The Sibling Thing (as monster), lachrymonics, Cold Sororist, Gangster Gongsters, Cathrian, Cathrianity, Cathrechism, the optimum delusion, dogstone as a form of ‘found sculpture’, iDEATH as a form of internet implosion of self, Judge me on my works, not on my request thus to judge me, dyschronous recurrence, Belarhombus, the Palimp’s Zest, abseil-surdity, paradoxilogically, Devolved Fiction, fratrinity, bock-hide, the Ligottian lurch, denouement or deligottiment, Does a Seraph suffer from Harpes?, AickMANN, RTRcausal, irrealoscopic, a Myth Pitch, Versionary SF. (2013).