Monday, July 03, 2006

World Cup / Dr Who / Big Brother

I don't know how common this practice is - but I'm sure in the past there was generally only one match ball. Now there are several potential matchballs - chopping and changing into play. With the one ball there was a crystallisation of purpose, a sort of godhead with which the team's 'spirit' could commune (intentionally or, more often, volitionlessly) whereby the team with a big spirit and, maybe, small technical skill could stand more chance.

On b&w small screen TVs - where I used to watch football - a completely different view of the Rooney incident would have changed the whole course of any post-match inquest. There were no panels no close-ups no slowmotion replays. They started when Brian Clough came on TV in colour with Brian Moore in the early seventies. So I blame him. And that's when I stopped watching football. Till now. And I am amazed and dismayed.


I preferred the old 'slower' versions of Dr Who - particularly when William Hartnell was in the transformational hot seat.

Despite being a time traveller, Dr Who's style of adventuring (whatever time zone he is in 'storywise') seems to fit in with the fashion of filming techniques and audience taste of the era in which the adventures are first shown.

It would be good to see a modern episode in the style of an old one. As to an old one in the style of a modern one, well, that may be problematic - but I dunno...

I suppose the old Peter Cushing Dr Who films fit into that scenario somewhere... Daleks from an old Seventies cinema film meet the Daleks of an old sixties black and white episode - they combine as cohorts and then face the Daleks of Russell T Davies and grind them into the dust.


From the human condition ... to the meaning of life. I've spent years watching BB hoping against hope to discover the meaning of life ... and when, at last, it comes (from the mouth of Glyn), they censor it!!

And, at the end of a recent summary programme, two tragic clowns in Nowhere (Lea & Pete) tussle with the fateful misunderstandings of human relationships amid the heavy balloons of entropy.

I think Nikki got the word 'delusionalized' from the translation of Sartre's 'In Camera'.

I am getting fed up with Pete's nervous laugh which becomes entrammelled sometimes with his genuine tourette tics. A nervous laugh is, however, a common tic with many people, as is a tic to keep saying 'you know' or 'Ermmm'? Pete is an obvious character who will do well after BB. I'm not sure he knows his own proclivitics, however.

Although I enjoyed Pete's earlier 'subdued' (!) diatribes against the multinoiac jungle-jealousy that was once rife in the house, I can't help thinking that it is easy for him to be the insulated showman who has eschewed any emotional involvement with any one of the others.

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