Monday, January 26, 2009


Entry Two:

Entry Three

I've been accused - off piste - with playing with words. But when you've got a new world leader whose name resonates with other names-in-frames in more than one perceptibly sinister way, I feel entitled to do so.

And when an important oath is repeated in private to replace a public one, you are also entitled, I'd say, to speculate weirdly on an increasingly weird world.

But the world and those in it have always been weird. Yes, but in the days of my Nineteen Fifties childhood, via a hindsight from an even weirder world (i.e. now), those cloystered animals we once were are animals no longer but multi-connected 'gods' in our own right and, by such connections, can monger weirds as well as words.... and everyone's word is everyone else's weird.

This mongered 'diary' has been so far described in words of 'mongered connection' here and elsewhere, viz:
"Reading this was like listening to William Blake comment on a typical 15 minutes of CNN and YouTube"
"I love this Des. Especially this line "I am a drunk, though. But drunk on words, not drink. Drunk on death. Drunk on dream. Drunk on despair. Drunk on description of all of these things." Hopefully you continue this. Possibly a future novella or in progress?"
and others...

But is this a diary or a fiction? I say it is neither. It is certainly not a mixture of both! But what do I know? Meanwhile, Only Connect...


Entry Four HERE.


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