Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Gestalt Real-Time Reviews

The WEIRD – Ann & Jeff VanderMeer
The world’s first detailed review of all the published fiction works of FRANCES OLIVER 
My Chômu Press Real-Time Reviews
 Ex Occidente Press – My Real-Time Reviews
Ash Tree Press – My Real-Time Reviews
 Real-Time Reviews of Ebooks
My Real-Time Reviews of Stephen King (The Dark Tower etc)
Gray Friar Press – My Real-Time Reviews
TTA Press – My Real Time Reviews
 Elastic Press – My Real-Time Reviews
Glen Hirshberg
Rhys Hughes
Gary Fry & Gary McMahon – My Real-Time Reviews
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My real-time reviews of Steve Rasnic Tem fiction included here: Black Static #12Cinnabar’s GnosisNull ImmortalisBlack Static #19Ghosts (Crimewave Eleven)The Far Side of the LakeInterzone #239
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Mark Valentine: The NightfarersCinnabar’s GnosisThe Mascarons of the Late Empire & Other StudiesNull ImmortalisThe Peacock EscritoireThe Master in Café MorphineTHE HA OF HASecret Europe
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“DFL DVD-Director-type commentaries” (hot recommended!):-
“Real-Time Review of ‘Weirdmonger’ by DF Lewis” by DF Lewis – Writer’s Commentary
CERN Zoo – the original DFL ‘Editor’s Commentary’ – the Collider made me do it!
Null Immortalis – the Editor’s Commentary (bonus feature)
The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies

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