2 thoughts on “House Calls – Vlatka Horvat

  1. 12 pages, my copy numbered 21/200



    “I will build you the tallest scaffolding reaching up ten, twenty, thirty metres high above the roof of your house,…”

    This is a brilliant incantatory refrain of an increasingly hellish HELLO, each with its own ‘house calls’ with wordages big and small, a refrain in serendipitously mutual synergy with a publication that turned up in the same post and left safely without undue contact with whoever delivered it (a publication just reviewed HERE).
    Chilling calls that make you and your house seem more and more unsafe, except ironically for one which is designed, inadvertently I presume, to suit the very lockdown that this refrain makes necessary! The one that is a call from a delivery driver that reminds me of what happens at my house every day. Now, insidiously so!


    One of those horror stories that will stay with you.