Monday, June 19, 2006

Tales After Dark

Another in the series of contents lists from Small Press fiction publications of 1985-1999. Please forgive the fact that a story by DFL appears in most of these contents lists as I do have a LOT of contributor's copies!

Tales After Dark (2) (1986)
Edited and published in the UK by Garrie Hall (Garrie, where are you now?)
The front cover has a delightful goggle-eyed octopoid monster clambering over a Lovecraftian city of non-Euclidean propensities. The pages haven't been cut terribly well but the overall amateurdom is filtered through a professional dream of something quite beyond its own face value.

Into The Darkness (Editorial) - Garrie Hall

A Darker Shade Of White - Carl T Ford
Blood Atonement - Robert M Price
The Secret Of The Stanley House - John A Crow
The Last Supper - Donald R Burleson
Padgett Weggs - DF Lewis
Bearing With The Strain - Roger Johnson

Survivors - Brian Lumley
The Traveller's Tale - Roger Johnson
The Inmate - Brian Lumley
How Came The Demon? - Robert Longmuir

Why The Mythos? - Peter Jeffery
Gruesome Grimoires - Garrie Hall

Artwork: Allen Koszowski, Bill Jones, Stella Hender, Stephen Skwarek, Steve Hatherley.


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