Friday, June 09, 2006

Classical Music

I feel that Classical Music - in all its forms and times - is fiction injected straight into the vein.

For much music bracketed under the term, 'Classical' is not really the right word.

I know nothing about it technically but it is a continuous comfort and non-definable inspiration to me and my work.

This is an article I wrote about six years ago: HERE.

My favourite composers (among many) include: Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Mahler, Shostakovich, Philip Glass and, in particular, any number of modern composers to whose music I acclimatise myself by repeated listenings.

My personal definition of Classical Music:
A formless area (defaulting towards an aspirationally cultural & predominantly exact art form) within the universal, uncompartmentalised, wholly accessible language of sound commonly known as music: encouraging spirituality and/or various permutations of all human emotions -- centring on and radiating from the serious deployment of an ostensibly organised pattern of acoustic sounds as produced by orchestral instruments and voices (performed normally by established or qualified interpreters/musicians, from one to very many). The question of taste and the unknowable relativities of disharmony and harmony are no part of this description, because such affective considerations differ from individual to individual. I shall tailgate any preconceptions...


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