Friday, July 03, 2009

Cern Zoo


This year's ‘Guess The Author’ – and win immortality.
Free Competition

You have up to three chances between now and 31 October 2009 (EDIT: 25 Oct 09: deadline now: 31 Dec 09) to match the stories in ‘Cern Zoo’ to their correct authors. You can do this by a process of guesswork (with or without owning the book) or by careful assessment of styles, rumours etc etc. Each of your three entries will be treated separately.

After the competition's closing date, the entry with the most correct matches will earn a form of immortality. In the November Submission Guidelines for Nemonymous Ten stories (an unthemed anthology due to be published in June 2010), the authors will be asked to include a character in their stories named with that of the competition winner.

The winner’s name will be announced in January, but the actual answers to the competition will not be known until 12 March 2010 when the authors are publically assigned to their stories in accordance with their contracts.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be randomly chosen by the publisher out of a hat containing the names of those equal winners.

The Nemonymous publisher's decision is final.

By entering this competition you accept the above terms.

Please send your entries to headed CERN ZOO COMPETITION -- together with your name that will be immortalised by the stories of Nemonymous Ten and indeed hopefully incorporated somehow into the overall title of that edition.

Story Titles
Dead Speak
Artis Eterne
The Last Mermaid
The Lion’s Den
Virtual Violence
The Rude Man’s Menagerie
Window To The Soul
Salmon Widow
The Shadow’s Departure
Being Of Sound Mind
Dear Doctor
Mellie’s Zoo
Turn The Crank
The Devourer of Dreams
Just Another Day Down On The Farm
Strange Scenes From An Unfinished Film
Lion Friend
The Ozymandias Site
Cerne’s Zoo
Sloth & Forgiveness
City of Fashion
Fragment Of Life

Authors (in random order): Rosalind Barden - Gary McMahon - Amy Kinmond - Tim Nickels - Bob Lock - Lesley Corina - Jacqueline Seewald - Dominy Clements - A.J. Kirby - Brendan Connell - Daniel Ausema - Gary Fry - Mick Finlay - Robert Neilson - Steve Duffy - Geoff Lowe - Stephen Bacon - Rod Hamon - Lee Hughes - Lyn Michaud - Tony Lovell - A.C. Wise - Roy Gray - Travis K. Weltman

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