Friday, May 04, 2012

The Wind Through the Keyhole

Page 154 – 178

“…vomited his supper into the hole the Covenant Man had been digging with his bootheel. / “‘There!’ the man in the black cloak said in a tone of hearty self-congratulation. ‘I thought that might come in handy.’”

Like King himself often idly digging holes for our sick. Even Ironwoods can think, I hear. And like the Gods’ water-surface in Jason & The Argonauts – or, if I recall correctly, like an earlier Dark Tower hag’s water-surface - that in the Man’s basin bears unbearable visions of what may or may not be happening on the ‘internet’ of Tim’s maternal scrying and crying. And not a Dragon-kill after all but a body-corse beneath the paternal mirror like Millais’ Ophelia? The Man in a Black Suit by another Stephen King as the Covenant Man, where I once foretold this part of the story via another real-time review? “Tim watched the bugs eating each other, revolted but fascinated. Would they go on until only one – the strongest – was left.” Weirdmonger or King in that black cloak? Not the King and Oy, but the King and I, at last. (4 May 12 – 3.25 pm bst)

Extract from my Real-Time Review of the whole book HERE

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UK said...

"The Wind Through the Keyhole" is a nice entry in the very over-bloated Dark Tower series, and I am one of those who thinks Stephen King incorporating himself, and all his multi-verse counterparts, as major characters in the last two Dark Tower books was a BIG mistake. Fortunately, this novel fits in between books IV and V, just before things started getting... convoluted and even outright silly. The three-level story frame worked, although having the major character tell a story about his younger self, then his younger self in that story tells another story to an even younger character about an even younger character, is a risky feat that, if successful, might inspire Professor Lisa Zunshine to write a follow-up to her intriguing "Why We Read Fiction: Theory of Mind and the Novel (Theory Interpretation Narrativee)". Well, Mr. King was successful, so, Professor, start your follow up research!