Thursday, June 01, 2006

Adrian Fry / D Harlan Wilson


Every writer's life is either pre-Nemo or post-Nemo.

Nemo's Ark

For those appearing here in pairs as the current post-Nemo Bios, I'm suggesting that each pair (as shown already or in the future) write a story collaboration! As Tony Mileman was the first bio in, his prize is collaborating with me! :-)

Not a commission, but a suggestion!

Actually, the pairings happen purely on the timing of the bios appearing in my in-box. So they are random.
Interesting exercise? Maybe. But no pressure, of course!

Random literary catalysms?



Determining The Extent (Nemo 4)

The Nemonymous experience was a good one for me. I had several positive reactions to DETERMINING THE EXTENT by email and some perplexed reactions from friends who felt the story didn't seem like mine at all. Though I continue to have occasional competition pieces published in The Spectator, New Statesman and The Oldie, my 'serious' output has entirely dried as I squander my time watching Quizmania and thinking about death.

Additional note from Des:
'Determining The Extent' is an all time favourite of mine in or out
of Nemo.



Since my Nemo publications, "Digging for Adults" (Nemo 3) & "The Rorschach Interpreter" (Nemo 4), I have continued to publish short stories regularly; I published a book, "Pseudo-City" (Raw Dog Screaming Press 2005), I have another book coming out, my first novel, "Dr. Identity" (RDSP 2007); my first book, "The Kafka Effekt" (Eraserhead Press 2001), is currently being translated into Spanish by a Mexican publisher; I took over as editor-in-chief of 'The Dream People: A Journal of Bizarro Literature' (; I graduated with my Ph.D. in English from Michigan State University (2005); I have a number of critical literary essays coming out on films such as 'Vanilla Sky', 'Dark City' and 'Army of Darkness'; I may be publishing a book of literary theory, "Technologized Desire", based on my dissertation; I landed a tenure-track position teaching literature and writing at Wright State University-Lake Campus in Ohio; and I got married! That's me in a nutshell over the past 2 years ...


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