Friday, June 02, 2006

Neil Williamson / Brendan Connell



"Well Tempered" (Nemo 5)

How I am getting on:
Things are going well. Those who enjoyed 'Well Tempered' can find it, and others like it, in my collection, "The Ephemera", which was published by Elastic Press on May 1st (and those who weren't so keen on 'Well Tempered' can also find lots of stories that aren't like it at all in the same collection). Currently I'm putting the last coups de grace to a novel that has put up a hell of a fight, but I think I've pretty much got it tamed now.

What difference (if any) Nemo made :
Every story publication makes a difference, I suppose, but what was different about Nemo? I suppose those readers that like playing the game of who wrote what might have guessed that any number of authors wrote 'Well Tempered' (and it'd be interesting to know what their guesses were - although I'm pretty sure none of them would have guessed right!). Perhaps, then, Nemo readers pay more attention to the author names when they are finally revealed?
All that aside though, the whole process was FUN!



Sirens (Nemo 3)
Maledict Michela (Nemo 4)

How am I getting on?
Well, since my last appearance in Nemonymous, I have had a couple of books published: "The Translation of Father Torturo" (Prime), and "Dr. Black and the Guerrillia" (Grafitisk). I have also had a number of short stories published in some good places, including 'McSweeney’s' and 'Adbusters'. Other than that, finishing up a couple of new novels and collections. Also, my story "Maledict Michela", which appeared in Nemo 4, is due to be translated into Portuguese in a magazine called 'Phantastes', and into Greek in a magazine called 'Universe Pathways'.

What difference Nemo made:
I don’t know. Two of my stories were published in the magazine, so surely it has made some difference, for the better. But I will leave it to greater minds than my own to calculate what the difference
has been.

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