Monday, June 05, 2006

Joel Lane / Antony Mann



'The Drowned', Nemonymous 2

What's happened since? Leaving aside some difficult years in my life, there's been:

+ a second novel, The Blue Mask (Serpent's Tail, 2003), in which the protagonist changes his name and identity;

+ a Lane-edited anthology, Beneath the Ground (The Alchemy Press, 2003), featuring a story by the mighty Captain Nemo himself;

+ a new collection of poems, Trouble in the Heartland (Arc Publications, 2004), including a poem lamenting the closure of Andromeda Bookshop;

+ a new collection of supernatural horror stories, The Lost District and other stories (Night Shade Books, 2006), including a de facto denemonised reprint of 'The Drowned'.

What has Nemonymous done for me? Reminded me that, like a love letter on a whitewashed wall, fiction is about getting your message across - not about attaching your name to some words. As Scott Walker said:

Extensions through dimensions
Leave you feeling cold and lame
Boy child mustn't tremble
Because he came without a name



Mighty Fine Days (Nemo 2)

It was great to see Mighty Fine Days appear in Nemonymous - as a story about losing one's identity, it seemed very apt. My short fiction has appeared in other places since - Crimewave, Interzone, Ellery Queen's, Poe's Progeny - and in 2003 Andy Hook of Elastic Press fame very kindly published my first collection, Milo & I. I've been working on drama since then. My short film Billy's Day Out won at Edinburgh in 2004, and last year I was commissioned to write an adaptation of the Peter Grimes story. My current project is a black comedy called Friends Like These, being developed through Screen South's Good Foundations Plus programme.

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