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Andrew Hook / Richard Gavin



Vole Mountain (Nemo 4)
Like A Slow Motion War (a collaboration with Allen Ashley in Nemo 4)

How am I getting on.
This year is looking good with autumn seeing the publication of "Residue", a collection of some of my non-genre stories from HalfCut Publications, and "Slow Motion Wars", a collection of collaborative stories written with Allen Ashley appearing from Bradan Press. I'm still looking for that elusive major novel sale, however, although short stories remain my true love. My web address is

What difference (if any) Nemo made?
The main difference was in my approach to anonymity. When Nemo first arrived it seemed little more than a gimmick, but getting into such a lovely-looking (and even lovelier paying) publication changed my view. It was exciting to know that my work had been chosen without any preconceptions, and interesting to see reviews formed on the same basis. My writing "career" continues to trundle on regardless, however being published in Nemo was rather special and a feeling that I hope to replicate at some point in the not too distant future!

Note from Des: Andrew is also founder of the very successful fiction publisher: Elastic Press.



Berenice's Journal (Nemo 2)

In many ways my 2002 appearance in 'Nemo' marked the beginnings of an upwards trajectory with my writing.

Since then I have had a full-length book of horror tales, CHARNEL WINE, published by Rainfall Books, to much critical acclaim, (even garnering a preliminary recommendation for the British Fantasy Society Award). Another collection, OMENS, is currently poised for release by Mythos Books. I've also written an on-line illustrated narrative, PALACE OF SHADOWS. My short stories have earned Honorable Mentions in THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR series and continue to appear in various anthologies; POE'S PROGENY (Gray Friar Press) and HORRORS BEYOND (Elder Signs Press) among the more recent. I've recently completed a novella of supernatural horror that is under consideration by a U.S. publisher. In addition, I am a frequent contributor of articles and book reviews to 'Rue Morgue' magazine and am currently working on a novel of psychological horror.

Last but not least: in 2004 I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with our noble Nemo Czar, (a.k.a. Des Lewis) on a tale of Lovecraftian musical mutation, 'Variations on the Vile.'*

My appearance in 'Nemonymous' was helpful in the sense that it proved to me that small-press publications can demonstrate the highest artistry, both in production value and content. 'Berenice's Journal' remains a favourite of mine and is thus far the only tale I've written where other authors have, of their own accord, penned a sequel.

*Note from Des: This was published in "Book Of Dark Wisdom"


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