Monday, June 12, 2006

The Core Mythos &c.


I have now reached part 10 of 'publishing' my novel THE VISITOR on the internet: HERE.

This comprises the first embodied set of the then contemporary epistolary comments upon the novel by PF Jeffery (whom I first met in 1966 at Lancaster University after which we have been regularly letter-corresponding to the present date). These comments seem to prove that the novel was written in 1974, not 1973! They also refer to my then 'core mythos' which, in retrospect (I suppose), is central to my brand new trilogy of novels (THE TENACITY OF FEATHERS: The Hawler, Klaxon City & The Angel Megazanthus) which can be read for free from here:

PF Jeffery (inter alia, the Red Brain in the much acclaimed and late-lamented DAGON magazine) is himself in the process of 'publishing' a currently re-written version of his novel THE SLAVE-GIRL OF SURREY (now entitled OF BONDLINGS AND BLESH) which, I feel, develops into a very sensitive and significant literary work of modern times, scandalously little read ... until now:


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