Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jay Lake / Tamar Yellin



Past Nemo writer Jay Lake ("Apologising to the Concrete", Nemonymous 4) is pleased to report that words continue to flow. Of late he has sold novels to Night Shade Books and Tor, whilst his Nemo story has just been translated into Esperanto. He also reports loose marmosets in the bathroom, but this should probably be discounted.



The Unmiraculous Life Of Jackie Mendoza (Nemo 1)
Genie (Nemo 3)
In The Steam Room (Nemo 3)

My novel 'The Genizah at the House of Shepher' was published last year by The Toby Press and was shortlisted for this year's Wingate Prize. My collection, 'Kafka in Brontëland and other stories' appeared from Toby in April and has been longlisted for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award. Stories have appeared in 'The Nine Muses' (Wheatlands Press) and the journal 'Maggid' and in the forthcoming 'New Book of Masks.'

Appearing in 'Nemo' was an aesthetically satisfying and also a very interesting experience. The contents were more widely and no doubt more honestly reviewed than any other magazine I've been part of (most magazines I've appeared in don't get reviewed at all!). Nemonymous is a unique and landmark publication and in the long term scheme of things, whatever Des says, not a failure in the least. I've no doubt its five+ issues will become collector's items, not to mention Issue Six, which future bibliomaniacs will surely seek endlessly to their own madness.


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