Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lavie Tidhar / Monica O'Rourke



The Ballerina (Nemo 3)
Grandma's Two Watches (Nemo 5)

My story in Nemonymous #3 was my first proper sale, and it made a big difference. Since then I've sold stories to Sci Fiction (sadly, the last one published before it folded last year) and to two other Ellen Datlow-edited anthologies (look out for my story, "My Travels with Al-Qaeda" in Salon Fantastique – co-edited by Datlow and Terry Windling – towards the end of the year), to Strange Horizons, Postscripts, and a fair number of others. My novella "An Occupation of Angels", was published in paperback in the UK by Pendragon Press, and I was a finalist for Writers of the Future last year. I've also been making a documentary film about SF which is currently in pre-editing – it will take some time to be finished! – and I keep being published semi-regularly in countries such as Greece, China and Poland, with some new French translations coming soon.

My story in Nemonymous #5, "Grandma's Two Watches", has a particular meaning for me, both for being a very personal story, and for being my first Hebrew story to be published in an English translation – I don't write many stories in Hebrew, and I'm delighted that they seem to do as well as the ones written in English – Ellen Datlow is taking another one for a new SF anthology from St. Martin's.

I enjoyed my "Nemonymous Experience", the beautiful production of the books, the high quality of the stories, Des' more-than-occasional ramblings, and the whole debate it sometimes stirred across the Internet. I also loved making up user-names to send Des stories with. CaptainNemo101 and Nemo Nymous and all the rest of the crew. It's been fun! And I'm delighted Des is re-launching Nemo – may it live long, and prosper.



The Rest Of Larry (Nemo 3)
Huntin' Season (Nemo 5)

How Am I Getting On?
Well, Just last month I won the Nobel Prize for my discovery of how malaria enters an organism. I also would have won the National Book Award, but they told me you actually have to have a book published currently for that to happen. Dammit. I studied Mermaids in Calcutta, which wasn't easy, believe me. They were damned hard to find. Other than that, same old, same old.

What difference Nemo made:
What do you mean? Was I in Nemonymous???

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