Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eric Schaller / JaNell Golden



The Assistant to Doctor Jacob (Nemo 2)

Being published in Nemonymous convinced me to return to writing fiction, having taken a happy detour into illustration work for several years with little writing produced during that time. TATDJ had been languishing in a virtual drawer after collecting a few rejections, but I blew the bytes off the story and submitted it to Nemo, hoping that it might fit into Des’s vision for the magazine. When the story was accepted and came out in Nemo #2, it looked so damn good in its final form — a tribute to the professionalism of Nemo — that I almost didn’t care about the story any more just the beauty of words that I had ordered tumbling like acrobats down the page. The on-line discussion of the issue and its anonymous authors was eye-opening, and to me was the true benefit of nemonymity. Then, getting word that TATDJ had been chosen by Ellen Datlow for The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, sealed the deal. I wanted to get more stories out there. Since then I‘ve published stories in Sci Fiction, Polyphony, and Lady’s Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, with one forthcoming in The New Book of Masks.



Gold coin picture on front cover (Nemo 3)

My essay on VIOLENT CASES, "Pay Attention: There May Or May Not Be A Man Behind The Curtain", will be in The Neil Gaiman Reader this fall (it's available for pre-order at Amazon now). If you want to know more
about the book (and get a web scoop on the contents because I rock like that), go to

Let's see, I've been working on my store at CafePress, JaZilla:

I've also been selling microstock photography, raising kids, serving coffee at my favorite coffee shop, and had my appendix burst on my 40th birthday.

JaNell, soon to be the answer to life, the universe, & everything.


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