Friday, June 16, 2006

The Stygian Dreamhouse &c.


The first in a series of contents lists in landmark Small Press magazines of the eighties and nineties:

In 1988, Mark Samuels edited and published a wonderful magazine entitled: THE STYGIAN DREAMHOUSE.

Its contents were original publications of these stories:
Metempsychosis – Mark Samuels
Connections – DF Lewis
Howls From A Blinding Curve – Simon Clark
The Dirty Picture – Peter F Jeffery
Before God – Steven Samuels

As well as an editorial by Mark, there was some amazing artwork by Desmond Knight and Steven Samuels.

Mark Samuels website: HERE.

The amazing NEMONYMOUS ARK speeches: HERE.

DFL's 1974 novel THE VISITOR is being presented HERE.

PF Jeffery's developmentally sensitive and significant speculative novel OF BONDLINGS AND BLESH (written during the eighties and nineties and now being rewritten in 2006) is presented HERE.


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