Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Today, I've added two stories to the Weirdmonger Wheel, one old ("The Irreducibles Of Nygremaunce" (Black Moon 1997)) and one new ("The Beer Is Free"). I haven't counted them yet, but there are hundreds and hundreds of my past published stories available for free reading. I've still got a long way to go to re-publish all of them! Please contact me for free web-link to the Wheel, if you're interested.

Last night, Mark Samuels (of 'White Hands' fame) wrote the following on the TTA thread that I mentioned yesterday:
The problem I have is with those pretty dreadful authors (imho) who are nevertheless excellent at self-promotion, and tend to concentrate on that aspect above all else. It seems to me that a lot of genuine talent can be left behind in the commercial rush. Mixing up the two attributes (ie talent and self-promotion) can lead to a sorry state of affairs. I've heard a number of publishers and editors remark that often the pushiest authors are the least talented.

Although I can empathise with what I think he means, the only real answer to this is the 'Nemonymous' approach. Any comments.

I've been reading 'The Brooklyn Follies' by Paul Auster recently. I liked this bit yesterday:
"That's what happens to you when you land in hospital. They take off your clothes, put you in one of those humiliating gowns, and suddenly you stop being yourself. You become the person who inhabits your body, and what you are now is the sum total of that body's failures."

and a bit about Biography Insurance!

Stop Press
Rhys Hughes (of 'Infamy' fame) has just written this to the aforementioned thread:
Des, if you perceived my comments as an 'attack' then you really need to get out more and see what misery and pain exists in the real world.
Well, it was an 'attack' within the context of the thread, unimportant though that thread is in the scheme of things. In fact I do get out, and I never think of Rhys at all when I'm gadding about! ;-)

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