Friday, April 21, 2006

Small Press

Rhys Hughes gave a very interesting slant on a lifetime of being 'published' in the Small Press today here:

I wish him luck now that he is spreading his wings, with the help of an agent. He is a wonderful writer.

For me, the ability to know one's limitations can be a happiness greater than continuously striving with blind ambition. But if those limitations are not yet clear, one must indeed persevere until either success comes (in one's own terms) or any personal limitations do eventually become established.

I am thankful to the Small Press for many writerly joys over the years, allowing me a glimpse at least of being that 'proper writer' in outlets beyond my childhood's wildest perception of any possible achievements that I could manage!

I now self-publish on the internet. This includes my trilogy of novels (just written) and re-printing all 1500 of my previously printed stories (please enquire for weblink to access these). This act of mine seems to be another ratchet beyond (or, rather, behind) the Rhys template in his post. My first novel (at the age of 58) is at least being read and, in some cases, printed as a book by its readers.

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