Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wordy Weird

I see myself as an exponent of 'wordy weird' fiction (even though I said earlier on this blog that I did not like the word 'Weird'!). By means of a vexed texture of text or a woven firewall of words, I feel that one can wring a greater degree of (often unexpected) meaning or plot-direction or characterisation-construction than in straightforward or transparent or linear prose. If anyone else wants to employ this 'wordy weird' form of story-telling, I shall probably end up following them, because I generally see myself as a first mover in literary matters, but not as a skilled practitioner.

Here is a picture of Wordy Weird:

Regarding my claim above to be a first mover, this actually comprises seven pointless claims:

(1) DFL wrote the world's most separate short fictions published in the most separate independent print publications (none of which fictions, incidentally, should be read out of context with the others but rather as an entire highly moral accretion of fiction or novel-in-continuous-progress),

(2) he produced, in 2001, 'Nemonymous': the world's very first self-contained multi-authored volume of anonymous fiction stories collected as such (the authors' by-lines being revealed in the subsequent published volume),

(3) he was the very first editor to start considering (and later only to consider) anonymous story submissions for publication until and beyond final acceptance or rejection,

(4) he is the only writer who has ever attempted to post the whole of his back catalogue of fiction to a megazanthine network of freely available websites - a sixties-type 'happening' showing the writing he has done over the years,

(5) he published, in 2002, the world's first blank short story in print (as far as it is known), and

(6) he coined these words and expressions: 'zeroism, egnisomicon, egnisism' in conjunction with PF Jeffery (1967), 'whofage' in conjunction with PF Jeffery (1973), 'agra aska' (1984), 'weirdmonger' (1988), use of 'brainwright' in modern times (1990), 'wordhunger' (1999), 'nemonymous, 'nemonymity', late-labelling, veils-&-piques' (2001), 'denemonise' (2002), 'megazanthus', 'weirdonymous' , 'chasing the noumenon' (2003), 'wordonymous', 'wordominous', 'the-ominous-imagination' (2004), 'a woven fire-wall of words', 'nemoguity', 'vexed texture of text', 'fictipathy', 'nemotion', 'the hawler', 'the angel megazanthus', 'klaxon city', 'horrorism' when used as a word for the philosophy of horror fiction (2005), 'publication-on-reading', 'antipodal angst', 'the tenacity of feathers', 'a writer's mandala', 'fiction as magic', 'wordy weird' (2006).

(7) he is the first DF Lewis to serialise his first novel (THE HAWLER) as freely available on the internet as its first and only publication without having first submitted it for publication elsewhere.

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