Monday, April 10, 2006

Only Myself To Blame

I only have myself to blame but I feel that, today, exactly seven years since I started constant public interaction on the internet that this has now become counterproductive to my ideas, to my fiction works and to my 'Nemonymous' products. In future, any ideas, information, input etc. from me will appear on this blog. Comments welcome. Any significant DFL news will appear regularly on the main website HERE. -- Meanwhile, gratifyingly, I received in the last few days gorgeous publication-on-reading book editions of 'The Hawler', 'Klaxon City' and 'Agra Aska' for my signature and return to the reader who arranged their production for himself.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I made one mistake:
and I seem to be crucified for it. I was also advertising Nemonymous (and a free copy for potentially hundreds of people for the sake of several authors in the book).
I also advertised my novel for a BFS award as a light-hearted thing (as you will see from link above) -- and because nobody had done something quite like this before (and one may not think it eligible) with it is probably not being self-published at all since the readers are publishing it when they use the raw text, by their own volition, to produce books from it (as they have done).
But as I say - it was mistake for which I apologise.