Monday, May 22, 2006

Dominy Clements/ Margaret B Simon


'The Painter' (Nemonymous #4) was my first ever entry
as a writer, and as they say here in The Netherlands,
I 'fell with my nose in the butter'. Thus encouraged,
I've had a few minor successes with some other
stories, but having always wanted to have a whole book
to my name, I'm just putting the finishing touches to
a short/long story collection/novel called 'The Light
Rail'. Once finished, I shall of course have to do all
that dreaded phoning around trying to sell the thing,
so I've been resourcefully piling up excuses for not
finishing: getting a new job, writing CD reviews,
being a dad and keeping up a busy
performance/rehearsal schedule as a professional
musician and composer. I only have one story to go,
but as it supposedly answers the questions of life,
the universe and everything it's a bit tricky. Anyone
have a spare desert island?

DOMINY CLEMENTS (flautist/composer) for Duo Hofinger, Salonorkest SOFA,

Homepage @

Des says: I was very proud to be the publisher of Dominy's very first publication in creative fiction. I first 'knew' him on a Classical Music discussion forum where I sneakily advertised 'Nemonymous'! Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that I had accepted a story by Dominy and, in my view, a masterpiece that will long last.
And there have been many other Nemonymous fiction fledglings in the Nemonymous canon who have gone on to bigger and better things.


STRIPED PAJAMAS (Nemonymous Two)

Des says: Margaret B Simon and I had a very enjoyable and fruitful regular correspondence by handwritten letter (do people still write letters?) during most of the nineties between USA and UK...
She is a very successful artist and poet/ prose stylist over many years and I am one of her biggest fans. She wrote the short report below as a result of my recent call for 'items' by previous Nemo writers:

<< Sam's Dot Publishing is doing a collection of my flash fictions, and "Striped Pajamas" is included (Issue #2). It will probably be published late this year or early next year. :) I also sold a piece I'd submitted to Nemo 5, which was on the final cut list, to From the Asylum this year. >>

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