Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Red Brain

The beginnings of PFJ's Golden Goddess and Bloody Times/ Of Bondlings and Blesh : HERE.

The former is a work on religion/spiritual autobiography and the latter a novel written over the past 20 years but set in the future.

More about these and their author in the future.


STOP PRESS: Mark Samuels now has a website: HERE.

I was one of the first people to note his book WHITE HANDS in June 2003: HERE.


The Weirdmonger rock band was first mentioned in a story from 'Arrows Of Desire' magazine (1994) and you can find it here: THE RAW BRAIN.
It also features Sky-Blue Dog on Stilts.

Other possible names for rock bands:

Klaxon City
The Hawler
The Tenacity Of Feathers
The Angel Megazanthus
The Zeroists
Weirdmonger Wheel
Sky-Blue Dog on Stilts
The Raw Brain

The Red Brain (after Donald Wandrei)

Goldfrapp (oops, think this has been done already!)


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